Germany vs USA Cultural Differences

hey guys it's Brian and welcome back to my channel since I've done so many language videos as far on my channel I decided that I'm going to do a couple of cultural videos so I can see the difference between countries now today I'm going to be doing some German cultural differences between Germany and America because I have a lot of German viewers so I want them to see the differences or to help me understand the differences between our two countries so let's get started and hopefully you guys can help me out a little bit so number one I know this is mainly in all of Europe but I thought this is really interesting drinks are not served with any ice which is kind of weird because in America everything has ice in it you order water it has ice you or soft drinks and it has ice I don't really like pop soda at all and I don't know how you guys drink it the second thing that I have is that taxes are included Amick grocery items when you're shopping this is also another broadly European type thing but I don't have anything against that because I would love to actually know the price of an item and how much I'm going to spend overall in the store it depends on where you are in America that taxes on sales items or go up in certain increments like here in Louisiana sales tax used to be eight cents or eight percent which is eight cents to the dollar so I don't know how much it is for other places around the u.s. but it's very different I never know how much I'm gonna pay I hope that it's not too much but I never really know so the third item is that the German drinking age is 18 but it's sixteen four be online so you can when you're 18 years old you can have just about anything you want to drink when you're 16 you can have beer and you can have wine um I don't really into that stuff because I think younger kids don't have the ability to understand the drinking policies and especially in America we don't really have a lot of things that teach kids the rights and wrongs about what drinking does mainly parents teach kids how to do that as a rule in America it's always been you have to wait till you're 21 to drink and of course I'm 22 in a most almost 23 I'll be 23 in October October 31st um and so it's not really that different than what I already know I've only been able to drink legally for two years now you know it doesn't really bother me so I don't know if that's a big deal with a lot of other countries but it's not really a big deal in America so my fourth item is that Sunday is a rest day in Germany well it's not really a rest day here in America because people go shopping all week and all weekend and on Sundays they don't really care they'll go out and they will eat and they'll shop and everything but of course like in certain places depending on where you're from like here in Louisiana Sunday's usually regarded as a rest day as well we could church or a lot of people do go to church and they don't actually go out they eat in they with their family and they just chill relax and stuff so it's not everywhere you go that they have this but in I know Germans I think everything shuts down whereas in America nothing really shuts down unless there are certain stores that don't open or abide by the Sunday as a rest day so number five is that in Germany people are addressed by their last name first and their first name last or just address by their last name altogether so in America people will come up to you and say hi my name is Brian but in Germany it's the last name first so why is it so important that the last name is first I'm not really sure I don't really like to say that my last name says Who I am because most people don't know how to say my last name since it's French um and it kind of just doesn't really work with people in America you know you want to be as friendly as possible and get to know someone even if you don't really want to get to know them and I guess it's more formal in Germany where you're like hi my name is last name and they're like oh I know who that family is or oh I know who that name is really important so another thing that I read in Germany which is my sixth one is that they don't eat with their hands they'd use a fork and a knife for almost everything now I don't know if that's really true so you guys let me know if you go don't use your hands for eating I know there's some items but you have to eat with your hands like I'm sure candies eaten with your hands and you don't eat it with a fork and knife but in America we have a lot of different meal options or eating with your hands and it's very largely acceptable to eat in a restaurant with your hands and I don't know how that goes in Germany but you guys can let me know and hopefully if I ever go I don't make the mistake of eating something with my hands just saying though if you guys come to Louisiana and you're from Germany just be prepared to see a lot of people eating with their hands especially if you're on occasions where we have crabs or crawfish or something like Steve food because people always eat with their hands I don't particularly like to get my hands dirty when I eat so I'm kind of like the opposite of everyone here so number seven is another like restaurant type thing that dogs are allowed in restaurants so in America dogs or pets or anything like that are not allowed in restaurants unless their service animals though in Germany you can have your dog in a restaurant which i think is completely awesome because first off why can't dogs be allowed in places if you have your dog with you and you can't bring them anywheres else why not leave them at a restaurant with you so that you can eat and they can you know just be fine right there my little Pomeranian Finn he's a German ah he's a Spitz but yes he would definitely get along with you guys because he loves people he just loves to chill sometimes so number eight is something that I recently learned how to say but I knew it for a while now the Autobahn when you're riding on it there really is no speed limit so I know that there are some things that you can't get in trouble for probably speeding over excess amount there is definite sand that you don't want to do or you know causing just havoc on the road is something that you can also get in trouble for so I know that there is no speed limit on the Autobahn so we actually have very tight scrutinised speed limits so if you're going on the road and it's 70 miles an hour you can go 75 without getting pulled over by a cop if there are any police officers on the road but I wouldn't go anything over that unless you didn't see any police officers then you really wanted to be reckless and just ride on through is you never know what we're going to do on the road now I know in Germany I think now you guys have speed limits on your smaller roads and they're really really slow I'm not really sure but you guys let me know how roads are we also have speed limit signs where we can't go over a certain speed and then it's strictly enforced where you cannot go over a certain speed limit but I'm not really sure how that differs alright guys number nine is another restaurant item thing it is that there are no take home leftovers after you're finished eating something at a restaurant so in America we will take home things in like a doggie bag or you know just to take home carry home case thing that you're like oh yeah just gonna save this for later so in Germany you guys don't do that which is kind of I don't know to me it seems a little wasteful I mean if I didn't eat something and I might want it later I might do that I mean I don't know if it's just disrespectful not to eat everything on your plate when you're at a restaurant in Germany I don't really know like I would definitely eat everything on the plate if somebody's given it to me like I don't skimp on that I'm not like oh I just can't eat it all you know if I don't want to eat it I'm not gonna order it so guys number 10 and my last item is that many Germans are known for being very strict and quiet and very you know about stuff which I don't really know if that's really true because the people I've met so far from Germany have been the most friendly and upbeat people that I have ever encountered and they are so awesome and so amazing I'm really worried that me as an American I'm overly friendly and people are like oh because you know sometimes I don't really know the cross cultural things and you know I don't want to seem like I'm throwing myself out there for everybody I'm really genuinely friendly because that's just the way I guess I was brought up or is just the place where I live because in Louisiana people are just genuinely friendly and do want to get to know you rather than just friendly as in hi how're you want to be your friend and then don't care about you it's just it's really different atmosphere and personality a thing I think Germans are really good bad rap for being very strict and very quiet guys if you can let me know why that is or if you think that that's really a bad stereotype for you guys then let me know alright guys that is the end of my different cross-cultural things that I'm not really sure about so guys please leave in the comments because you know as you hear me talking about this I have no idea what I'm talking about and you guys know if you're German or if you know Germans or if you live in Germany that you can help me figure out all the weird things that I've been talking about and you know just be like oh you don't know anything and write it down because I really I love to learn and this is a great opportunity for me to understand you know what to look forward to if I ever get a chance to go to Germany and actually be there and see the places that I want to see someday so you guys please leave a like definitely comment and if you would not already subscribed please subscribe to my channel and it will be mean a whole lot to me there are tons of other things that you can watch on my channel and I would love it if you guys had any suggestions on what I should do next I do candy videos blog videos review videos anything under the Sun that you guys want me to do I will definitely do it so please comment letting me know hopefully you will share this video with your friends and if you want to share my other videos on my channel so that other people can see the things that I do and be looking out for other videos this week and of course for many weeks to come because I'm still going to be doing this for as long as possible alright guys see you next time bye you

31 thoughts on “Germany vs USA Cultural Differences

  1. Germany is a small cold country with very little to do. Lived there for 3 1/2 years and couldn't wait to return to America to Sunny, California.

  2. The idea behind the different drinking age is this: It is very difficult to drink yourself to death with beer and wine. You probably start to vomit before you die. Diference is the " hard stuff"

  3. in germany u get teached in the primaryschool, that its important allwys knowing the price by urself if u show at the grocerystore , for that i got teached allways to round the sum up .
    if u wanne offend ur german teacher call him by his first name ^^ do it twice and u get suspended -_- , ok my teachers mostly allowed me the ´´YOU´´ after i invited them to a beer xD
    the restaurant thing depents on were u are , if its kfc noone will care but if u are at a high price restaurant u can get thrown out if u dont know to behave yourself but the golden rules are long written:

  4. i like how u marked ur forehead on the videocover with the bloodyred Vs sign , its gives a hint of selfcritism 😛

  5. the thing about the US taxes, dont you get the feeling capitalism is cheating at you? theres no transparence. This cant be possible in Germany. You will always know how many taxes you are paying by any buy. its your right. You Americans dont care too much about your money system or are unaware of it. Only if you are educated in this kind of thing is that you know your rights and where your money is going.

  6. doggy bags are very popular here too, you just have to ask for it. Every restaurant would package your food if you wanna take it home. You have to ask for it.

  7. Both in the U.K. and Ireland they thought it was strange I wanted ice tea in November but I hear it's more acceptable now. I was there 1991 and 93.

  8. a quick comment on the 'tax included in price' issue. The other side of the issue is that while it might be convenient or 'practical' to include the tax it does tend to hide the tax so one may not be as aware of how much the tax really is. From the American viewpoint we prefer individual control vs. government control and being aware of the exact amount of tax lets us (at least theoretically) keep a closer eye on the government. It is quite important to us to know to the quarter percent what the tax rate is. A small but important cultural difference perhaps.

  9. Finger food is like a special exotic party idea over here in Germany.
    Speedlimits at the autobahn exist, at the on-ramps, so people can get on or off the Autobahn. And some parts that were build in a stupid way get speedlimits enforced.

  10. The culture of taking home our food isn´t spreded wide in Germany because our portion of food is three times smaller than in the US.

  11. So in the US you are mature enough to receive the death penalty when you are 18 but not old enough to drink alcohol? Strange.

  12. European teenagers are more mature than the average american teen. Sexual
    education and control of alcoholic drinks is basic stuff here. Our
    school system is better as is our health care system and our behavior
    regarding abortions. I can understand why you think "kids" can't handle such things but here in Europe those "kids" aren't "kids" anymore. That's why we in Europe think Americans must be really dumb if they need to write warnings everywhere and only allow alcohol for people over 21.

  13. we do have the option to take stuff home from restaurants I think Germans are just a little more worried about how others think of them and don't want to seem like they need the leftovers you know? I know it's stupid and unnecessary but I guess that's just how we work

  14. It's not illegal here in America to speed if you don't get caught! 😀 LOL! Thanks for the video. This will help me when I plan on visiting Germany.

  15. no we don't eat with our hands lol😂 when I lived in America everyone made fun of me for eating with a fork and a knife😂

  16. # 6 There is a general rule: If you sit down to eat, you can eat with your hands whenever you don´t have to wash them afterwards. Chicken therefor is served along with a bowl of water with lemon and a napkin to clean your hands right at the table.
    Take- away- food you eat with your hands.
    # 7 You can not 'have' your dog in a restaurant. They won´t cook it for you. You can bring you dog with you. (and hopefully take it with you when you leave, even if you were in a chinese restaurant)

  17. I never got a warm drink 😂 I think they don't put ice in if u don't ask for it because they have to fill ur glass to the lines on the glass to make sure u pay for what u ordered and not 80% soda and 20% ice so they fill it up to that line and than add ice

  18. first of all we have speedlimits on our autobahns in certain places
    secondly your american opinion on the drinking age is so stereotypical well … here in germany we grow up with alcohol as a normal part of the every day life and we get to see the negative parts as well whereas it seems to me that americans treat alcohol as the devil
    and lastly germans think americans are too friendly and it appears to be fake

  19. hi brian,

    there are MANY places where are all kinds of speed limits exist. Also, sometimes diverse speed limits bounce up and down from 120 km/hour down to 80 km/h for 10 km, then up to 100km/h for 20 km/h, then down to 80 km/h for another 15 km, and then maybe up to 120 km/h again etc.etc.

    So, " NO SPEED LIMIT on the AUTOBAHN " is an OLD MYTH! I do not have any idea who invented this myth! 😀

    hugs kris

    p.s. I am originally from munich and live now in california – sfo… also lived in nova scotia for 1.5 years [two winters] 😉

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