GEOX NEBULA™: Unique technology for holistic comfort

5 thoughts on “GEOX NEBULA™: Unique technology for holistic comfort

  1. Okay for every new salesperson got introduced here, let me give you some keywords you need in your daily work.
    1. "Nebula" is the name of sort of brand or trademark, literally meaning galaxy or what. Gotta remember that.
    2. Features (commonly used ones) are as listed below:
    – "Lightweight", you can feel that as soon as you hold it in your own hands;
    – "Dynamic fit", not quite sure what they are trying to refer to, whether it is to say how suitable and comfortable to wear or it somehow produces extra powers when moving (physically saying, dynamic);
    – "Breathable" due to "Net Breathing System" which consists of "waterproof and breathable membrane", "protective layer", and "perforated sole" (outsole) as you can see at 0:26, have to say that this is Geox's core tech.
    – "Flexibility", soft and pliable for some types of shoes (e.g. some sporty sneakers).
    – "Inner breathing system", remember to mention that such a system is concealed on the inner side (make sure you are introducing the shoes that actually have this system by asking your supervisors..). Check 0:38.
    – "3D Performance Unit" on the outsole which provides "Stability" (firmness) and "Grip" (keep a firm hold of the ground).
    – "Cushioning" which is to say that the shoes provide support/protection against impacts when walking (or at the moment your feet hit the ground); could be explained by saying the the outsole somehow creates an effect of rebounding that cushions the impact.

    Please leave a note if anything's wrong and missed. My first day tomorrow and also my first day as a salesman. Hope this scripts can help me get up enough nerve. lol cheers

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