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Oi, you – the one on the post-election downer.
Looking out the window, asking: “What country do I live in? Pick yourself up. Dust yourself
off. There’s an old saying: “Don’t waste any
time mourning. Organise!” They’re the words of Joe Hill, an American labour activist in
1915, and that’s just before he was executed. Puts our own plight in perspective, hmm? Blaming the voters is not going to help. Labour
lost this. They destroyed themselves in Scotland, paving the way for fear to be whipped up over
the SNP in England. They allowed the charge of overspending to be pinned to them – spending
the Tories backed pound for pound. They never offered a coherent vision that
could resonate with the voters, offering a mix of chin-strokey academic seminars and
random policies thrown into the ether. Yes, the battles ahead seem more than a little
daunting. Frightening even. Cuts to social security to balance the nation’s books on
the backs of disabled people and the working poor. As for the NHS or the BBC – well, the foxes
are now in charge of the chicken coop. The Tory backbenches are more right-wing than
ever, and given Cameron only has a majority of 12, they’ve got the whip hand. But losing hope means letting down millions
of people who are going to suffer. Instead of giving up, we’ve got to redouble our efforts.
We need a positive message of hope, of optimism, that resonates with people – whether they
voted Labour, SNP, Green or, Ukip. Maybe even the odd Tory voter. Billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is
better spent on schools and hospitals than topping up poverty pay, so let’s fight harder
for a living wage. Instead of subsidising landlords charging
rip-off rents with housing benefit and leaving five million trapped on social housing waiting
lists, let’s demand a radical housing programme. Instead of kicking the working poor and disabled
people, let’s demand that however rich you are, however many accountants you can afford,
you pay every single penny of your taxes. Instead of workers being commodities to be
hired and fired on a whim, let’s demand they have proper rights. If rights are good enough
for European workers, they’re good enough for British workers, as well. Instead of letting the right set the tone
on the whole EU debate, let’s fight for an EU that’s democratic and run for people not
corporations. It’s about basic common sense. It’s about
hope. It’s about a society run in the interests of working people. So let’s get cracking. No more mourning. No
more taking it out on the electorate. Let’s find our hope again, go out and organise,
change minds, and win.

24 thoughts on “General election 2015 got you on a downer? Stop moping and organise – Owen Jones | Comment is Free

  1. Owen, I really wish you would enter political life. Your clear message and authenticity are exactly what Labour lacks right now.

  2. General election 2015 got you on a downer? Stop moping and organise – Owen Jones ►

    Does David Cameron's Conservative victory at the general election fill you with despair? 
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    Mourning will not help, says Owen Jones. And neither will blaming the voters. The battles ahead seem daunting, but losing hope means letting down millions of people who are going to suffer. We need a positive message that resonates with people, however they voted. It's time to redouble our efforts.

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  3. I've a serious mancrush on OJ. I hang on his every utterance and swoon whenever he's on telly. Ah, the ravages of love!

  4. I didn't think it were possible to have a bigger prick in this Country than Russell Brand, but I was wrong, tragically wrong, as Owen Jone takes Brands crown effortlessly.

  5. The Labour party is unelectable below Birmingham…the north-south divide is more obvious that it has ever been in the past.

  6. Saturday 20th June! Our grand kids will call it 20/7 or something clever. They'll be teaching it in schools. Marx said the workers of the world will follow the working men of England. And he was right!

  7. If you repeat a lie enough people believe it. When you say welfare people think work shy scrounger, because that's what the Tories have trained them to think.

    They don't think pensioners who make up the lions share of the welfare budget. They don't think tax credits, which are used by working people. They don't think housing benefit which is used by the employed and unemployed alike.

    Only a small portion of the welfare budget is actually spent on the unemployed. Yet if you ask the average voter you'd think the whole welfare budget was spent on unemployed people, with most of them fraudulently milking the system. Never mind the official fraud rate is 0.06%.

    There is a deficit in truth in politics because the truth doesn't suit political agendas. Even now someone will be reading this and refusing to accept the reality, angrily self reinforcing the propaganda the Tories have fed them.

  8. Owen for a start STOP talking about LEFT, RIGHT OR CENTRE!!  These titles mean NOTHING to the average person; nothing!!  It's DIVISIVE; stop it please.  Talking about RIGHT and WRONG is enough; so enough already.  It's like political parties; obsolete, and so 20thC. Get with the programme please Owen, and stop talking their language.

  9. It's nothing to do with the SNP!
    Scrap Labour completely.
    Start a new party called The Progressive Party, and align WITH the SNP.

  10. "the foxes are now in charge of the chicken coop" 
    Do you mean the beebs bullshit around ukraine and putin?
    If so i haven't heard Labour or you mention that.
    Milliband agreed to destroying Lybia after Labour destroyed Iraq then he has the cheek to complain about it a week before the GE vote.
    Fuck Labour ,Tories and you Owen.

  11. if you are well educated, have a good job and you have left wing egalitarian views, you are automatically a pampered rich kid who doesn't deserve to be where they are. you have been sheltered from the world and are totally lost within your delusional idealism……oh and you live in an ivory tower( ivory towers are always mentioned for some reason its like they all read from the same script)

    if your well educated have a good job and have right wing, pro establishment views however, well done! your success in life is entirely down to your own hard work and determination. your are intelligent and in touch with the world. your a realist who tells it how it is. some people are just better than others and this country needs people like you running the show.

    -this is a common tactic used by those who defend the establishment. its aim is to try and isolate and discredit anyone who speaks out against inequality.the establishment hates educated and articulate individuals who criticize them 😉

    also to sheer amount of ukippers that are desperate to criticize anyone who challenges inequality reveals the true colours of the party. they are shameless thatcherite apologists and proponents of a greedy and corrupt ruling class, trying to pass themselves off as being anti establishment.their job is to distract the working class and misdirect their attention to immigrants instead of class relations and to put pressure on the conservatives to move further to the right by soaking up some of their support.

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