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JANICE STEWART: How do we talk
about gender and sexuality in a way that fosters respect and understanding
and that gives us better tools to improve major systems of knowledge
that affect us all, like health? Terms like gender identity
are flooding the media. But with this increased visibility
of diversity in gender and sexuality comes the danger of misrepresentations
by misinformed or biased groups. If you’ve had little
exposure to these issues, this can be extremely
difficult to navigate. Perhaps the MeToo
movement is the first time you’ve considered injustices
against marginalized communities and you want to better
understand these perspectives. In truth, we all need to better
understand these perspectives. It’s a social imperative. This course will teach you to
better understand and apply knowledge about gender and sexuality
through an intersectional approach of key topics. You will learn to think critically and
creatively about gender and sexuality as they pertain to identity, knowledge,
communication, and community. This is a critical first step
in addressing social, economic, and cultural inequalities,
and will transform the way in which you interact with the world. All individuals and institutions
are responsible for understanding these issues. But how does one access this knowledge? Exclusionary elitism,
academic gatekeeping are real and significant
barriers to understanding. By contrast, this course
is designed to make this material accessible to all willing
to join the critical conversation. Are you ready? Join us today. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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