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I’m Gayle Halliwell. I’m a visual artist
and my studio is in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba along the shores of lovely Lake
Winnipeg. I started as a hobbyist. I joined Gimli Art Club and took every workshop I
could that was available to me without driving all the way to the University of
Manitoba where I’d spent a long time taking courses and finished my master’s
degree and said okay that’s out of the way. Now I can do this.
Frankly, it wasn’t until I took the first Art of Managing Your Career that I
started to get serious. That opportunity to spend time with somebody who was a
professional artist who had spent their life doing that and to then discuss with
others and picture myself doing that… I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t
have taken that course. Certainly. It was the combination with one or the other
might not have done it but the three things were setting goals and and having to go through the process of goal setting which forces a person to
envision themselves doing that in the future, and so that visioning process
which is all about who you are and what’s inside and what you want to say
that’s part of the goal setting and part of the of the Art of Managing
Your Career course, and then the third thing is actually looking at the hard
facts of doing this: the finances, the legal aspects, the budgetary aspects, the
grant writing, or all of those sort of scientific aspects. I think
it’s important that our whole arts industry in Manitoba has a lot of
of access opportunities for people. I think we would be doing a disservice.
There’s that whole law of equal finality. People come to the place in their lives
from many different points. Right? And so,
while the Art of Managing Your Career was a springboard for me, I see it from a visual artists point of view. I’m sure that from all performing
arts and all kinds of other arts point of views they also would agree that that
rich environment is really important. I had no idea about arts business and it
is very different, so courses and programs – the ones that I’ve been connected to that are related specifically to artists, and in those groups it’s not all visual artists. There’s a
whole variety of creative industries that people are
engaged in in different ways. I think it made me a better artist. I think
my work improved as a result of that. That’s different. The majority of my work
speaks to the lake and what the lake can be and
sometimes what it is and in some ways it’s even in its vulnerability, it
is beautiful. Well, I like to say that I have lake water in my blood. I’ve spent a
lifetime either onshore or afloat, on a boat, on the lake, and that’s one of the
things that drives my creative expression. We’d be out on the boat and I
would say to my husband, “wow I wish I could paint that…I wish I could paint
that”, and so here I am now doing that. Why am i passionate about it? For the local
area, the lake itself? I think I can add to that. I think I can make a
difference. I can make a difference to how
people see the lake. I can make a difference to the life in my own
community. This is my time to be able to do this. I just love the
way it’s coming up.

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