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54 thoughts on “‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast Members Share Emotional Reactions In New Documentary | TODAY

  1. Ok let me get this off my chest
    “A song of Fire and Ice” isn’t about the love between Jon Snow and Daenerys – It’s JUST about Jon Snow he IS fire AND ice. His mother was a Stark and his father was a Targeryen. He tamed a Dire Wolf AND a Dragon. He is the most important game of thrones character by far and “Bran had the best story.” I mean he DIED and came back to life. The Writers COMPLETELY overlooked this character like seriously and then send him to the nights watch? You have the biggest plot twist in TV history when he finds out he is Aegon Targeryen but then finishes his story by sending him back to the nights watch to live out his life there? His story is LEGENDARY but y’all end it like that. That was the BIGGEST disappointment in the finale. I mean a “Song of Fire and Ice” literally is Jon Snow and they completely overlooked that or misinterpreted it. I really hope the book gives Jon Snow justice as this series completely destroyed the character.

  2. Disappointing our beloved character winds up doing awful things. Although she’s doing exactly what probably Genghis Khan would do, and did do. By slaughtering and being merciless unto one village sent out the message of what the next village could expect if they did not fully surrender. And it worked, he might’ve saved more lives in the long run since fewer people probably resisted him out of fear of losing in combat. Since he let them live peacefully if they otherwise made him the ruler. And I’m sure she figured those people were loyal to Cersei, and if they were going to drop their loyalty to her and surrender at the first sign of combat losses what good are they as her servants I would probably just fold as easily quickly when the next one comes along. Such is the thinking of every tyrant.

  3. This is what happened to these other characters?????

  4. You people still are acting like game of thrones was a good ahow, it once was, not anymore after season 6

  5. Someone plz explain to me Why were the characters of Jon Snow & Aegon Targaryen blended into ONE character in the TV series?
    The book series has TWO different characters with different stories! Argh!

  6. Game of thrones was good now it's just a wasted pile of trash. Please stop trying to milk the final season when your already ruined it

    Winter never came. Your story has more plot holes than the writers brain synapses…

  7. So when Hodor was still on the show do you think the actor who played him had to come in to read his lines?

  8. stop stop stop trying to further polish this gigantic turd. GOT S8 failed miserably in every aspect thanks to Dumb and Dumber, who cared more about Star Wars then completing the story correctly. Stop giving them a pass!

  9. Shame on all the fans who petitioned to remake the last season….this show will go down in history as one of the most iconic television experiences.Fans of the show need to celebrate this show and it's artists.This show is brilliant,enjoy the experience.

  10. I can't believe how young everyone looking at this first table reading and how hot Emilia looked back in the day…..I had to check to see if that was her for sure. Yikes.

  11. There is a petition with somewhere over 1.5 million signatures last I recall demanding a re-write of the last season. Find it and sign it, if for no other reason than to bring the show back.

  12. I know theyre upset and my god theyve all given so much but they are actors not doctors or teachers, given how atrociously difficult it is to find a job on tv and in film – let alone on a tv show that lasts this long and MAKES YOU A STAR I would just be one MOOD – GRATEFUL, thats me

  13. I saw Ned and Catelyn Starks. Is this going to be the same ending like Superman Movie? Maybe 3 dragons will fly really fast around the earth like 1,000 times and reverse everything back to Season 1, Episode 1.

  14. We don't wonder Kit need a timeout for himself. He lived and loved his role, grows up for years with GoT. That's true emotions, stay healthy and enjoy the little things in real life. We wish you the best and believe in you Kit Harington. Chris

  15. How many fake blond dye head female journalists does it take to raise and report on the important issues of concern this election season? I don’t know; how many have you got? A whole stable full, and not to worry if we run out, we can make more…

  16. Emilia’s face was like yeah … awkward. Kit was like nope they are not going to this. Where’s the real script lol.

  17. Lena "cercei" is a vampire… Litterally the same person at both table reads lmao an awesome actress

  18. They subverted expectations… over and over until everyone was jaded and didn't care anymore. Next story to ruin… Star Wars!

  19. Never seen the show. Could care less. And I am tired of hearing about it. Let's talk about crimes against humanity

  20. Be grateful you have a job – There are over 120k actors in the SAG and like 200 that work – they could write your character onto Mars- who cares its a paycheck in an impossible field.

  21. Zero interest in watching any of these actors in anything after GOT, except Heady, Coster-Waldau and Dinklage.

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