Fyre Festival investigation sparks conversation about power of influencers

38 thoughts on “Fyre Festival investigation sparks conversation about power of influencers

  1. That Bitch Bella Hadid and all those supermodels are to be held accountable for this fraud as much money as they make they should be sued as well

  2. So it's interesting….I watched the Fyre documentary last night on Netflix. To me….it had that same feel as Spinal Tap…like what I was watching wasn't real. What if Billy McFarland's goal wasn't to have a festival and it failed (what they want us to think)….what if the goal was to make a documentary about a festival that failed… Remember, 50 years ago, the organizers of Woodstock were bankrupt after the event…but they made it all back with the documentary about the festival the next year. It felt more like Blair Witch Project…than an actual documentary. Fake Festival… Fake Documentary….

  3. "Social influencer"?
    Social media has become the modern religion and social influencers are the clergy of this religion, so of course they are getting rich.


  5. I forgot who said it. But he said on the Netflix documentary about the Frye Festival. "If you're paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to see Blink 182. You deserve to be conned out of your money. It's natural selection."

  6. been in the bizz in miami florida for over 25 year i seen some shit how the so call elite get treated with comps the worst they dont even tip so fuck them if you play fool you got to pay bitch karma is a bitch and am her pimp ( copy right)

  7. Anyone stupid enough to even have an "influencer" on their friends list, let alone spend $1000's because they told you to…got exactly what they had coming.
    Those supermodels are NOT going to kiss you.
    NOT going to flash a boob
    NOT going to give a private message saying "out of my 1 million nameless faceless social media monkeys, you're my very favorite. Come have sex with me."
    Anyone who even gives them the time of day is just an attention-starved masturbator, in all of its definitions.

  8. Influencers DO NOTHING for the growth of the economy. They only DISTRIBUTE wealth from corporations and thus take wealth from individuals.
    1. They DO NOT create wealth as they DO NOT create useful content
    2. They DO NOT employ a significant number of individuals who would, in theory, achieve wealth and thus invest into the economy
    3. They DO NOT find methods of looking for new resources that would induce the growth of the economy
    Influencers are therefore, ENTIRELY USELESS and should thus be taxed by the government SIGNIFICANTLY so that wealth could be spent for the people.

  9. I'm throwing the EyrthWynd/and/Fyre Festival. 2 all expenses paid, luxurious weekends in Compton, CA. Only $200,000 per person. Don't worry will have some fake botox lip girl make up fliers so… it's totally legit! PM me for details (*servers down*).

  10. At what point do consumers have some responsibility. Both docs pointed out that counter voices were screaming fraud. There were pictures posted of the actual unfinished site. The feeds were blowing up with complaints. Not one person turned back. They were willing to take the chance just to have bragging rights that they were there.

  11. Not everything that you see on social media is real? Nothing is real ! It's just the best sides of people, the best news or events of someone's life. It's a drug, a fantasy world…

  12. When the headliner is Blink 182, shouldn't that have been a red flag that this "music festival" was smoke and mirrors. I mean really, Blink 182???

  13. The two documentaries on Fyre Festival should be studied in Business Ethics courses. The documentaries showcase how unethical of their business practices.

  14. Kids today are just a bunch of snowflakes. This is why we will never have another Woodstock festival. Kids are just too soft

  15. "Fyre Festival investigation sparks conversation about breeds of morons who worship celebrities"…..Fixed the headline for you!

  16. Influencers must take responsibility and be made responsible too. Influencers must do their due diligence and research and not blindly push and promote.

    They are not without consequences or above the law of social media or law of the land.

  17. Seems to be a trend lately festivals fucking people to sell a documentary. Scandals sell, magazines, newspapers everything.

  18. Look they didn’t know they were promoting a scam. But I do think it’s disgusting when Kendall got ask “how was Fyre Festival?” And she laughed saying “Oh I didn’t go”. That was truly upsetting to see.

  19. Influencers….who are they influencing…..what a fucking joke….these people think that their shit doesn't stink…umm well it does stink….social media has invented some of the stupidest crap ever…

  20. It’s not solely Influencers, really. It’s the kind people who are so sick in the head that they’re willing to exploit naive people, or in this case, over thousands. The guy who orchestrated this whole Fyre festival scam literally exhibited psychopathic behavior. The lengths they went to to ‘maintain their image’. Any psychological expert can tell you that this whole thing was pure, psychopathic behavior. You don’t have to kill someone to be a psychopath. It’s not about murder, it’s about control and manipulation. And no, don’t take my word for it- do the research yourself.

  21. Kids with too much money on their hands getting scammed. I'm glad the Bahamian caterer, MaryAnn was able to recoup her losses from a GoFundMe campaign. I hope they do the same for the Bahamian laborers who were not paid either.

  22. If you life advise about what to wear, what to eat, where to eat, where to party etc..etc..etc.. come from people posting pictures on an App, well you deserve every bit of sht you got

  23. I don't think that the models should be held accountable for anything to do with the Fyre failure.
    They had no control over the event, and at the time they did their video shoot they would have assumed the event was going to be successful.
    It is natural to be mad and seek financial restoration, but that has to be directed at the main organizer.
    It is too bad something like this happened, it always sucks when people lose time and money for an event that failed.

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