Future Risks: Cybersecurity

So much of our lives our economies and our governments depend on data these days. That means we are more vulnerable than ever to cyber-attackers. Today, a successful cyber-attack can have huge economic consequences. Companies consumers financial systems and critical infrastructure like power grids and water supplies are all vulnerable. What’s more the rivalry between the United States and China may soon divide the world into two competing technology spheres. As cyberspace becomes more dangerous and fragmented how can we protect ourselves intelligently? Cybersecurity is a tremendous challenge and politics is making it worse. Hackers and cyber-criminals are getting more capable because they now have the backing of national governments. And there’s no global agreement on rules for cyber-conflict or what the consequences of breaking them should be. If we look ahead to new vulnerabilities from artificial intelligence and the advent of 5G the challenge of cybersecurity is only going to get more urgent. Cybersecurity risk managers have gotten more sophisticated when it comes to managing these threats but there is still a long way to go. At AXA, we have strong expertise to help our clients anticipate, prevent, and mitigate these threatening cyber risks. As the digital transformation continues we ensure that our clients can benefit from new opportunities for innovation while also keeping their systems and users safe.

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