Fusion Fest: Dance & Music Workshop Fun! [Cultural Celebration] 2019

[Laughter] [Applause] here let me just say a few words general about the context of why we're doing this and what we're about fusion Fest is about honoring all of our Heritage's so we all have a heritage and it's whatever we say it is when we bring something here from our past and now we're here in this very diverse community currently George Connie is about sixty percent non-white english-speaking heritage folks so it's about 60 percent diverse I've heard someone recently in a meeting say that by 2030 we may be the most diverse major city in the world so in the world and throughout history people tend to keep with their clan and are afraid of people who are different and fear causes clashes of division and hate and we have a lot of that in our world but we feel that we're in a place in time and in history when we can help show the world how people with different Heritage's different ethnicities different lifestyles can live together in a respectful way in a loving way we've got people the world over visiting here 75 million people last year visited here more than any other place in the world maybe except for Beijing we have people from all kinds of Heritage's here 160 different languages are spoken or in our public schools and especially since Paul's to the last three years people who won't over have been looking to us to see how we respond to acts of hate so Fusion Fest is about our celebrating how we're now influencing each other and taking elements of our past and creating a Central Florida identity together we're here we're in such a Florida we think it's a pretty fabulous place and it can be more fabulous as we're inspired by each other and I mean having it or who an electric bass I don't know how those fit together but this is an experiment so and it's partly because we have these fusion contests at fusion fest which is Thanksgiving weekend Saturday and Sunday we have two tracks the heritage track so we want to have African music and Chinese music and Panama Panamanian music and dancing etc but we also want to encourage people and so we've got a thousand dollar prize for the best fusion music if you will take instruments rhythms harmonic structures whatever from more than one of the ten regions of the world that we divided it and create something that's new and unique in fusion there's thousands of dollar prize for what the judges think is the best one of those we also do that with dance last year it was an Irish dance group that fused hip hop with their Irish dancing we we do with fashion design designers we do with food this year we also have a visual art contest we have a film pavilion and if you know anyone that likes to make little films please have them sign up because on August 23rd we want to have 30 filmmakers meet 30 people who will be the subject of a three to five minute documentary the big title over the films is my gracious migration my hydration so it's people stories which includes how they or their parents or ancestors came to be Central Floridians the deadline for signing up for the a musician on one of the stages or a dancer or a filmmaker or a subject is August first it's not so we're doing this in July and we encourage you go diffusion path org join us and as a musician but you might also want to sign up to be a subject of a film you're interesting people and you all have a story and you put it in then the month of August our curators like Leo's our music curator we have Teresa's they've just left she's out there it's our dance curator and they'll take all the people that are interested that have signed up August 1st and they'll curate our stages so we've got a wide representation so just want to give you a little background about that we've got flyers for the different contests that you can take and put up somewhere if you got them but please have people who have a story or our film makers especially pushing on those to go and sign up also if you know people that have a great costume to be in our heritage fashion show sign up so right now is our join us campaign person everybody to get their interest in so our curators know what they have to work with but thank you and I'm really really I think this is an amazing eclectic jam to see how it works I mean accordion could / or the bass or could overpower quieter instruments like a guru so figuring out how we can make that work and I think it's really cool and I'm very thankful for Keith who's a ward winning composer for being here and helping especially helping with the soundness of and Leo who's taking control of all this one more thing I'm just full of stuff we also have a remix contest so last year we had created for us an anthem called I can be meet here it's a song and if you want to take the music and the melody and turn it into a Hawaiian song or Chinese song or Panamanian song and remix it up to five groups we get to have three hours in the recording studio at the Metro Center where Leo works at the library so you get a professional recording of that and I think there's a cash prize for that two hundred dollars something like that for the top five groups so we're interested in taking our anthem I can be me here just based on something that Ali once said when she came here as a before she was never good so there you go thank you for being here you know my name is Katie a : in Shannon I'm representing the Polynesian islands our dancers here today will represent a dance from Tahiti Sadie the greeting word is Yoda the dance they do is about the tea a tea a pizza he which talks about a very rare flowers it only had spike this is ebony I don't I don't think Terry mentioned that but you know vision fax is a grassroots movement and we it sucks right we and he was one of the first also founding members who was there at the very first meeting like three years ago was Eve with me honey and a couple of other people and we just sat and said okay what do we wanted to and how can we celebrate our heritage and also being here part of this community how how does it look like to come all together celebrating our heritage and also collaborating and being more innovative when we tap on other cultures so I just wanted to say that and say that I started as a volunteer three years ago so I have been out to be working full-time for fusion fast and making this happen so also want to thank Eve for being so awesome he's always and this is and thank you for being you okay guys what else do you want to do maybe did you want to leave

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