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early one will come to HTV today we are going to talk about functionalism imagine a human body it has various organs against liver a gas heart he has kidney citizen brain even those the even though these organs or even though these parts are functionally independent they are organically connected they work together and gives us life okay so each organ has a particular function to do in our body just like that in a society or various institutions politics religion education culture law and order everything has a function to do and because of these functions these collective functions and all these constituent parts do some do the functions of society works in a cohesive and coherent way this is what functionalism is all about it says that all things in our society our institutions in our society has a particular function to do a particular role to play and these functions and roles have a pattern and it should have a pattern for example our our behavior is highly patterned I don't know whether we realize it or not for example we behave with our friends in a very different way then we behave with a t-shirt okay as a son or a daughter we have obligation to your parents we deal with them in a different way manner we deal with the stranger in a different manner that means we have some generalized idea how to deal with strangers how to deal with fans with the fans you'd be more outgoing will be more loving will be more open but with strangers you will be more closed will be more reserved and I'm society taught us this way of behaviors so our social behavior and social relationships all are conditioned by the society so the society do some function ok and and our path our behavior and our character and it's pattern of all conditioned by the society ok so there exists a pattern and each of the institution institutions in the society have a function to do this is the core principles of functionalism and there is an another perspective called positivism we will study it in detail later positivism simply means that we are giving some scientific orientation to the subject sociology the positivism the saw the sociology is to pursue the path of positivism they want to create a science of society means we have physics to deal with the material rule to deal with the chemical world we have chemistry just like that to study the social role and find out way to find out various social laws the positive sociology is like Comte and duck time they believe that there are some social forces there are some social forces just like gravity our physics found out gravity just like that just like the natural science deal with physical world these positivist people this positivist sociology try to find out natural laws in the social world okay the unfunctional ism is actually a subset of this bigger a bigger field of study called positivism our functionalist also believed that there is a general they are believers er there are general rules there are general laws which are applicable to everyone it is this is a head there is a kind of truth in it for example friends all over the world behave in the same way with other friends okay our our behavior with a stranger is very different society taught us this so there are some kind of a social pattern where is it there is some kind of a social current just like we have gravity that's what functionalist sociologists and a positivist believe then comes the idea of structural functionalism it is the kind it is there actually the upgraded version or the newest version of functionalism but in and these form of these structural functionalism was actually bought into the same by socialists like parson but after 1970s the importance or the popularity of these functionalism got reduced because I know when the global is after globalization the social order has seen a great change ok there were a radical change changes are happening in the social sphere with great intensity and great velocity so these functionalist couldn't keep up with that fast changing pace of the society so these the popularity and the impact of these functionalistic principles now the functionalist if you'll also feel is going down day after day but we have but it is important for us because we have to study it for upse so sure the paper one and some criticism on functionalist perspective so studying criticism is very important to write a balance the essay the first composition is the functionalist theory versus social change they believe that each constituent of the society has a function to do so Aimee change in this particular four constituent unit will disturb the cohesive nature of the society for example if if that happens a radical change in the political order of a particular country étude they create disturbance and these and functionalism is all against disturbances they want a kind of stability always so the functionalism resists social change ever the second one is functionally some promotes backwardness and conservative thoughts these functionalist Social Register believe that everything has a function everything means even caste system or any other social evils all other thing all these things have a function to do and they're supporting and they support the whole played by these components even though they are outdated and dysfunctional so in that way it promotes backwardness and this kind of a philosophy is not incompatible with the ultra liberal thought pattern of our 21st century so these are the main criticism against the functionalist there are a lot of criticism too you know in the next in a video it is hard to explain our aspects but this is the basic principle or this is the basic idea of what functionalism is all about so you will be coming back with more sociology video if you liked this video give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel the next day

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