Fully Fashioned Stocking Review: Chinese Copy vs The Real Deal

Hi. I’m Katie from What Katie Did and today
I’m going to review a pair of fully fashioned stockings that are made in China and sold
on AliExpress and eBay. I’ve done quite a few videos about fully fashioned stockings
over the last few months and it’s a bit annoying because whenever I do this, I always have
someone piping up on our Facebook feed saying you can get these on AliExpress far cheaper,
made in China. I keep saying, “Well you can’t, but they’re not the same because you can’t
actually make… Fully fashioned stockings have to be made on vintage Reading machines.
If you’ve seen any of my videos before, you’ll know in full detail exactly how they’re made
and why they have to be made this way. So in the end I thought to try and quieten this
person, I’ll order some and see what happens. So I ordered some and I was expecting to do
a video saying saying how awful they were. And it’s kind of … with karma, it’s kind
of come and bit me on the bum because when it comes down to it, they’re not that bad.
So these fully fashion stockings made in China, they retail … I’ve got my notes here, they
retail for about $4 in the US and just over £3 in the UK. For the money you pay, for
$4 and £3, they are definitely worth that amount of money. The important thing is they’re
not fully fashioned, but they are totally wearable. As a seamed stocking, they’re fine.
There are some resellers selling them on eBay and I’ve looked on English eBay, I haven’t
looked on the US eBay yet, and they’re selling them for £6.50 which to me is a bit high. I see these nylons as being worth about £5,
as I said, they’re totally wearable as long as you fit into a certain size brackets but
I wouldn’t like to pay more than £5 or $6 for them but as a basic seamed stalking, they’re
fine. So this is how the package arrived, there’s no branding and I actually did some
research work into this and I didn’t expect to be able to find who actually made these
stockings, but it was actually from a big hosiery and sportswear brands who also make
for for Nike and Hanes so you can be assured that the factory is totally above board and
adheres to all regulations so you don’t have to worry about things being made in a sweatshop
or anything like that. These nylons are made in a good factory. So just there, they’re presented with no branding.
I’ll just open this pair up to show you. There are some things I really, really like these
nylons and there’s some things I’m not so keen about. When you look at them, the welt
is one of the things I really like about them, it is like a vintage stocking welt, it’s very
sheer, it’s almost like a fully fashion stocking welt and it stretches nicely. It fits my thigh
fine. It doesn’t have the detailing at the top of the welts that a genuine, fully fashioned
does. As you can see with a genuinely fully fashioned, you’ve got like a tuck detail at
the top, all the way along the top. With the reproduction one, the welt is just folded.
The thing I don’t like about it is the finishing loop, which is this loop here, which is a
bit … It’s very heavy handed. A fully fashioned stocking is a very, very
elegant garment and you can see the finishing loop here is very delicate and the seam goes
all the way through and it’s finished very delicately. It’s the raw edge, it’s just the
way the nylon is finished on the edge of the finishing loop. Whereas this reproduction
one, they know that the finishing loop is a very important part of having a fully fashioned
stocking, but what they’ve done is they’ve used a very heavy loop and they’ve overlooked
around the outside and there is actually a gap between the finishing loop and the seam.
So I mean that gives the game away that these aren’t fully fashioned stockings. With a genuine, fully fashioned stocking,
you can see the finishing loop. It doesn’t have the overlocking around it at all. It
is literally the selvage edge of the nylon and you can see the seam goes all the way
up through the welts. These nylons are actually made on a circular knit machine, so they’re
made using a modern seam stocking machines. So people, if you’re buy our Glamour Seams,
which are made on a circular knit machine, these ones, they’re made in exactly the same
way as these fakes fully fashioned ones. The leg is knitted and the seam is added for decoration
afterwards. They have a Cuban heel, which is a bit iffy. It doesn’t fit the foot as
well as it should do but the thing that really bugs me about these stockings is that they
have a hairy seam. I’ve used this … I’m sure no one understands
what I’m talking about, but with the factory I used to work with before, I always complained
about hairy seams because the seam is kind of chopped off and you can see, I’ll try and
show you more detail, but it’s not a smooth finish. So when you wear that next to your
skin, it kind of looks fluffy. You don’t get a nice sharp line, you get the fluffy. Here
we have the genuine fully fashioned stocking, you can see that the seam goes all the way
along as under the foot and through the heal and all the way up the leg, all in a continuous
line. Also the finish here on the Cuban heel is totally smooth. There’s no jagged edges
there at all. These nylons do contain Lycra, so they’ll
stretch, unlike fully fashioneds, but they are a nice stocking. I said in another video,
that if you’re not obsessed with fully fashioned stockings and fully fashioned stockings, they
do tend to be geared towards people who have a stocking fetish, or people who are totally
obsessed with vintage fashion and really like everything to be authentic. If you’re not
one of those people, then these will do the job. They’re fine for the price you can get
them for, they’re fine and they do the job. Really the main issue I have with these reproduction
stockings is they’re being sold as fully fashioned stockings and they are most certainly not.
So when it comes to issues I have with them, they’re … the stockings are fine but they
are 100% not fully fashioned. The other issue that could be a possible issue
is they are one size and I am five foot five and I were a UK dress size 12 or US dress
size eight and they just about fit me. I could do with them being just a tiny bit longer
but I could wear them if I really wanted to. So they are one size and they are not fully
fashioned. So if you are under a US size eight, UK size 12 and under five foot five, you could
get away with wearing these. But if you are any taller or any bigger than me, then they’re
going to potentially be too short for you. So unfortunately you miss out with that. So
now I’m going to try them on and I will show you how they look. I have a few mosquito bites, so you’ll have
to excuse the lumps and bumps I’m afraid. So here we all, they’re just about long enough
for me. So I’d be fine to wear them with a girdle but if I was any any bigger or had
any longer legs, they wouldn’t really work. The finishing loop is very big. You can tell
by looking at it, it doesn’t look like an authentic finishing loop on the fully fashioned
stockings. The other thing is the Cuban heel does come up very, very high. I have actually
adjusted this to pull it down, but when I first put them on the Cuban heel cane all
the way up here, so if you do get these, you do have to be careful with that. Also the
detail under the foot isn’t very elegant. It’s quite a clumsy cutaway but apart from
that, I mean, as I said earlier, for the price you pay, these stockings are perfectly wearable
and they’re definitely worth the money. If you do have any questions about fully fashioned
stockings, or any of the other garments we make, please get in touch and in the meantime,
take care and I’ll catch up with you soon.

11 thoughts on “Fully Fashioned Stocking Review: Chinese Copy vs The Real Deal

  1. £3 ? That's the realms of fancy dress to be worn once at a party and not expect them to last beyond that.

  2. Wow, I'm amazed they involved any stitching – I assumed it was a woven in pattern to get it down to that price!

  3. At 7:38 the editing has been messed up a little – there’s two audio tracks playing at the same time where she’s saying different things. The second one seems to be from her trying it on, which the video does then switch to.

  4. Obsessed with fully fashioned or into fetish is not the only reason to prefer fully fashioned. They are vastly more elegant. To me it is a question of quality.

  5. Love your review on stockings it's very nice to no this thank you for all this information I really appreciate it and I really love all your videos and you too

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