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38 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH : Vijay Devarakonda GENUINE Speech | Dear Comrade Success Meet | Daily Culture

  1. It’s a very good movie. I don’t know it’s getting negative reviews. Vijay you’re the real actor of tollywood now. Vijay and rashmika superb acting. It’s a very good movie by Bharath. It’s a beautiful movie. Don’t bother length of the movie.

  2. Anna..nenu mekuu asaluu fan ye kaduu..Kani nenu movie chusina..chalaa bagundiii..asaluu worry avadu..manchi movies ni always encourage chestaru..second half climax lo koncham slow undee..Kani over all ga very good concept and beautiful acting 👌👍💯 percent worth watching

  3. Highly delicate issue meeda movie teesaru.. So heart touching.. Hero character in this film is a real hero.. Usually guys ego feeling tho girls ni vekkiristuntaru. But esari heartful ga support chesadu.. This is real heroism.. Entha peak time lo ladies meeda movie teyyadam really appreciate cheyali.

  4. Movie is good but bit slow..but slowness is also important for connecting the emotions. People are creating intentionally negative publicity.After watching the movie I like director attitude and his thoughts and Vijay action..it's ultimate.people are saying second half is not good, but see movie with the practically, director gives the importance to nature and that's more important in person life, women related issue he clearly expressed.How they don't express to their problems because of society. Just go and watch.dont believe in negative talk.

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