FULL Pre-Community Shield Press Conference – Jurgen Klopp

raining outside okay sorry sorry that's the best sound system we ever had section to this everybody's at the back I'll make that very clear but we'll kick off obviously the first part is completely massively important looking forward to it absolutely got the news information a couple of seconds ago that everybody's fine boy is coming and everybody's coming in time got their flights and everything so from this afternoon on Chuck Nabby Bobby Moore and Alison will be in training which is great and so we have that game on Wednesday but obesity we have to try to learn in this preseason that we play the games very much always been in the wrong moment because but we had to play them anyway so it was just another training session but of course you would like to get bit more from training sessions and because for example yesterday apart from have you feel very useful informations and so playing Wednesday the game from the all but we have to see how we do that they did it be organized months back when we thought ok they come back they can maybe play 10 20 30 minutes whatever 30 probably and the boys are coming back didn't know in that moment that it will be important for Shaka Nabi as well so I'm apart from that we have to prepare and still the season and not only the game on Sunday but of course the game on Sunday is the first the first proper game of the of the new season and so we try to be as good for prepared as possible um a lot more than we saw yesterday of course remembering them that's will be play against Manchester City and whatever we saw so so foul it could see so far get over in Japan but um sting apart from Google pretty much all all inner so means this a different situation but good last year will be good this year it's the most difficult game to play during a season we didn't defend counter text well yesterday he does a ball in the wrong moments when I protected and stuff like if that would happen against City yeah and you don't have a chance but we know each other good enough and long enough now that we know it will be different next Sunday but for this we have to to talk a few talks and to try and we need a few training sessions for sure it's all about intensity anymore we have to we had to do intense sessions in the first three weeks what do you want to do it if not now so then we played the games in different typical circumstances America and now we are here and how cells go into a vo it was always clear will be the most important week of the preseason but after City live another five days to prepare Norwich which is exactly as important as as a city game and then Chelsea so it's a different start to other seasons but it's our start and so we take it so good we didn't feel in control last year no it's not like this it's always a preseason as always you have to do your best in and you have still don't know exactly where where you are before you start and I don't even know what was the last game last year home game against yeah oh yeah so where's Emily Emily a couple of new players obviously you must not that they not ready for us so we were in a different situation that time but the preseason will come I like this meanwhile baby we we plan already pre-seasoned for next year what you have to do pretty early and went with the puppets or two tournaments 15 players of my Scott will not be in the preseason because of kapa and European chairmanship but we start again so early I don't know exactly how that will work in the future but it's it's like it is we have one week together and a do it comes in next week and so that's the situation we kind of talked an hour about it but it makes no sense because nobody obviously will change it so why we should it's only waste of time no didn't feel as in control but of course good result in a pre-season helped to to to gain confidence but that's not the most important thing the most important thing really is that you that you become the physical skills for the for a long long season because during the season we have to be prepared pretty much only games there's not a lot of time to train so you have to do what you have to do it but it feels not too cool if you don't play these these strong opponents of golf course and yes so the game is easy to explain every loss about balls in the wrong moment point one point two then have right offers offensively couldn't keep the ball there our pressing was not too good as so many things 80% of the things we've asked yesterday not good bit in the preseason brilliantly in all the sessions so that's not a way it was not only not there because any specific things in a game to feel right and to have the right timing and rhythm so we have time to improve that and that's what we'll do I don't know I have to say should maybe make sense that I see them first sorry this is is it a pre-season friendly that's how we see it in this country or what I only need to know that nobody told me that so far is it after all I said it would not be too cool if you know I don't think that we can that we can expect to play our best game next Sunday best game of the season so that's how it is but the preseason we had but we have a long season after that so but that's not about that it's about winning a football game that's what we'll try so there are different ways to do that and we hopefully we find fun that's all I don't know exactly why people play this competition when it means nothing to be honest why we don't cancel it then because in Germany up on it five times nobody mentions that but we played every year it's like I was using you do yeah it's a Super Cup you win it nobody cares you lose it some care so I will ask him exactly how I know it how it is for the club how about it will mean in the history of the club so it's a game you play against city and it's that small homicides the most difficult game of the season in every season so you have to be ready it's a good test for the things which are there in that moment and we have to I would say we have to make sure that we defend a pretty good way because if you don't defend well against City then it could get a you could get a proper knock and that's not the idea of that wrong point of view he's close but it's about for him the preseason was the first for I think it was the first first team preseason find me if I'm right yeah it was so after long injury it's all intense started really well then the preseason knocked him down and and you really feel your legs and all that stuff and then you remember Europe somebody remembers you and that's a different kind of football obviously patties yes super positive about him but no no pressure is not hopefully he does make himself pressure no reason for that just play as good football as you can and with the talents he has an attitude he has everything will be fine when it will happen I don't know but in a lot of lot of moments of the preseason it looked really promising or really good but of course he had some tired moments as well thank God he didn't get an injury no muscle nothing hopefully can stay like this then he can build all the things you need and then yeah the future is bright how can rain can be a general one I don't know it was completely Nvidia complete individual but it's not the outcome going like five six times alone or whatever it's just a myth there must be a sensible number of perspective and everything you cannot take it's not general answer possible states about it's about the player video player and for Ryan it's like it is and no we will see what happens I don't know in the mount I don't know it's okay because the transfer window pretty early but there's still time and we will see I can't imagine it especially in scauldron it's a it's a big thing but we have to will I still cannot answered we have to see and all the things I said I don't want to find excuses before we play them but behind two completely different places we will play a prison without six spies even our city and said that it must be the statement for us I would be completely mad so we have to be as good as possible that day I cannot change it I don't can lie to the people and there no problem making a prison without six players yeah you have to do it you have to do it we have to travel we have to play in America different circumstances all these typical circumstances that's how it is but that we are had the best preseason of our lives I cannot say that and you see that in the results but you had to the sessions were good really good the games then for from a freshness point of view came in the wrong moment but we couldn't we cannot change that we have to do what we have to do the only problem is we do all the games in public so means everybody sees what we are doing and some people get concerned some people don't that's how it is it's it's all okay we have to prove ourselves during the season not in one game and be feel if I would say this must be the statement for the season and it would be really a bit mad I had nothing to do nothing to do for me with the rest of the season it's a game and even if we if we play only eight players available for example I would like to try to win it it's a it's a final first time that I realized that nobody sees it like that we're honest right the race is unbelievable so I think constantly about the game and how can we prepare it and then everybody looks do they really play and that's not too cool but it's not this we cannot change that as well so we try to be as ready as possible that's what I can say and then if we win it good has influence on the season I don't think so if you lose it not good has it influence on the season it's not allowed so then we have another five days but we cannot risk players or whatever we have to see who we can line up and who will train and who will play but of course we have to make sure that we have a lineup that gives us the opportunity to win the game and that's what we try they will be have now pay players coming back and so we decided that they don't train with us yeah that's it we've caused number of players we have we don't need the number of players they can have now the preseason with u23 s having games and and session so we but we have I think 23 or 24 plus goalies in in Avion would mean these three plus Ryan Ken involved would be 28 29 that's unnecessary so we don't need that big number and that's why we decided that

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