Fuhu Unveils The World’s Biggest Android Tablet Made For Family Collaboration, Socialization

fugu the company that builds child-focused gadgets unveiled the 20m full HD 24-inch Nabi big tab today to increase collaboration and sharing in the average household both tablets come with a carrying frame that acts as a kickstand as well as a 15-point capacitive touchscreen quad-core and Vidya Tegra 4 processors and 16 gigabytes of memory the tablets run Android 4.4.4 but have Fuu whose Blue Morpho TM operating system over in the tablets dual mode feature allows families to switch between Navi mode and parent mode the Nabi big tab HD 20-inch and the Nabi big tab HD 24-inch will launch in the fall at $449 and $549 respectively at a high price you get a big screen that runs several unoptimized apps 30 minutes unplugged and the average parental controls you can find on most kid-friendly devices

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