FreshDirect achieves a single, holistic view of the customer

I'm Dave Garrincha director of marketing operations at Fresh Direct a Fresh Direct launched in 2002 servicing residential grocery deliveries only starting in 2005 we've offered corporate services but Fresh Direct our promise is food from a source I trust simple to get and simply customized for me so our emphasis is really in quality convenience and customization and we think where we really win is on fresh what we're trying to get to that Fresh Direct is a real holistic single view of the customer so we're trying to kind of bridge all the data gaps purchase behavior on the website mobile behavior on our mobile apps survey response data third-party data integrating that all in a consolidated environment where it's available to campaign and can be factored into campaign intelligence it's a great thing with campaign and with digital analytics getting all of our contact history from campaign into our data warehouse where it's available for reporting and analytics so we can really analyze the effectiveness of those channels where we're seeing a return on investment so we can optimize the communication strategy for customers once they come in the door so Direct Mail might prove the best channel for customer acquisition email for existing customers more and more we're seeing the value of communicating on mobile devices through SMS and providing important delivery notifications to customers it really helps us know where to make our investments in terms of developing technologies looking down the road we really were extremely limited in the way that we could communicate with our customers we weren't able to perform any kind of meaningful segmentation we weren't really able to recognize who people were or how to factor their past purchase behavior into their current marketing communications now we're able to communicate in a more personalized more relevant manner because we factor all that information into our communications we recognize who you are what you're looking for what your dietary restrictions might be what your dietary preferences might be being able to factor that into marketing communications so that you feel recognized that's important to us Thanksgiving is really our biggest holiday we offer the full meal package with turkey assortment of sides and if you're lucky enough to actually live in New York State we can deliver booze to you we did a fun campaign in August which we called our lobster party we really decided to kind of make this a fun kind of summertime of event so not only lobsters but bibs and mallets and the whole assortment of items that you would need for a real lobster feast we did educational videos with the chef Anne Burrell giving them all sorts of tips and tricks to kind of make it a real special event one thing that differentiates Fresh Direct in terms of customer communications is our ability to notify customers with product recalls we recognize who has bought products that have been recalled and we can identify those customers and push communications out to them that is something that is definitely unique to us

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  1. What a great case study to share with prospects and customers on the quantitative benefits of using Unica Campaign software as a tool in IBM Experience Omni-Channel Marketing solution suite to produce a qualitative effect for their customers and helps them cater to their customers in a way that shows they care and are in tune with them.

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