Fresh Wrap Ep 03: Food as Medicine: NNedPro IANE membership pathway

Monash University we’re proud to announce that our suite
of “Food as Medicine” courses is now recognised as a pathway
for application to the NNedPro Global Centre
for Nutrition and Health’s new
International Academy for Nutrition Educators,
or IANE. So NNedPro has partnered with us
here at Monash University, also SNEB, who are the Society
for Nutrition Education and Behavior, to offer IANE membership
to healthcare professionals and organisations interested
in developing and delivering high quality
nutrition education, and evaluating its impact, particularly on healthcare
practices. Our “Food as Medicine” courses
here at Monash University have been recognised as an entry
pathway to the IANE membership scheme, along with your current CV
or resumé. So consider our suite of “Food
as Medicine” courses. Online learning is such
a great way to share and discuss nutrition
information with experts and colleagues
from all around the world. And perhaps we’ll see
you online.

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