French Honor Society Induction

– This is a night to celebrate language, culture and academic achievement. We applaud you for your accomplishments and we congratulate you. We’re very, very proud of you. We have 94 students in our French classes, 19 of you getting inducted
tonight, congratulations. I’m grateful for Dawn
Zobro and her commitment to our French program. Madame is a master teacher
and she loves teaching French. – So this group of students have shown, not have shown, not only have shown but also have proven the deep interest in the French language as well as the French culture. French Honor Society was founded by our two president, Rachel Scorca and Yasmine McCarty and our
secretary Alessandro Di Mare. This is what we teach
for, for this moments to see everyone here and to appreciate the contribution
of our amazing students. – We are honored as your
presidents to induct the first set of members to (in foreign language). Our society is the first of its kind for the French language program. But learning and
mastering another language isn’t just about being smarter
or getting a better job, it’s about being able
to understand the world and it’s people better. Multilingualism connects the human family and in today’s world, we
need it more than ever. – (in foreign language) – And that means, I light this candle for those of goodwill
spread across the world. May the governments of
strong and powerful countries heed their calling and guide
evil towards eternal (mumbles). – These candles signify
the parts of your life. May your life be like these candles, always lit and shining. May these candles signify for all of us, the inspiration to continue
our study of foreign languages. New inductees please rise to
repeat the oath to the society. – [Male leader] (in foreign language) – [Inductees] (in foreign language) – [Male leader] (in foreign language) – [Inductees] (in foreign language) – Thank you to and
congratulation to our inductees. First set of inductees
(mumbles), French Honor Society. (crowd claps) (crowd mumbles) – Congrats inductees on being inducted to the
National French Honor Society.

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