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blooped alone any psychiatric you know to video to slow fashion and yes a French intro because it is part two of snacking French girls style but a slow fashion way so there was such a great response from last week's video I will link it up here and in the description box below if you missed it but there was so much to cover so I thought today I could do a little bit of a combo since it is the second Sunday of the month well I will talk about the wardrobe essentials that I found were really the repeated foundations as I was doing my research for my last French girl style video and of course these were confirmed by my wonderful collaborator on this event of ik a wonderful viewer then I've got a short list of ethical Bryn's who really emulate that French chic style I will finish it off with a list of instagramers and youtubers that I follow who again continue to inspire and give me a lot of great outfit ideas and to finish it off I will do one outfit Envy recreation so that's where I take an inspirational look and I recreate it by shopping my own closet and using what I already have and of course it is a French girl chic appropriate look so there's a lot to cover and oh my gosh hello and welcome for those of you who are new every week I talk about slow fashion with a heavy focus on the principles of minimalism so using and loving what you already have and making smart shopping decisions so that you can create a closet full of pieces that you actually love and wear so if that sounds like your gym it subscribed a little I post every Sunday and for those of you who are coming back big hello to you and thank you so so much for coming back and watching let's jump on in to part 2 a French girl style and I think there will be a part three because I'd like to touch also on the whole natural makeup and hair and nails so I think part three is necessary but anyway you let me know what you think in the comments below let's as with all essentials videos I don't think I would ever say that you absolutely need these pieces in your closet but these are the pieces that I found were always on repeat when I was researching iconic French women's styles so here they are the first is a well tailored blazer and I think this is a given because a blazer is a piece that instantly adds polish and really elevates a look a classic button-down shirt my absolute favorite is also another piece on the list of French women essentials if you're not a fan of the button-down shirt because of the fit I totally get it it can be a little bit more tricky however I always like to invest in men's wear button-downs or shirts like my power of my people shirt that way I have a little bit more room I think the tailoring is so important and the fit and I think this is another tenet of slow fashion and French girls style is that they appreciate a quality fit and fabric a tailored trouser and I should also say this could be the equivalent of a tailored skirt like a pencil skirt if trousers aren't your thing the whole point around this piece though is that it's clean sleek classic and adds a little bit of structure to a non denim look I added a silk shirt to really emphasize the importance French women place on quality fabrics silk drapes really beautifully it's a natural fiber so it also looks a little bit luxe and this is a piece that can be totally dependent on you and your personal style so it doesn't necessarily have to be a silk button down it could just be a silk Caviezel like a lot of these pieces this one incredibly versatile and can really be tailored and suited to your personal tastes and your body type that Maggie knows I included the classic French striped sweater because if you think about it the classic stripe is one of the few patterns that French women will sport and I think this makes total sense because it's classic it's clean nice sleek visual and yet it does still add a little bit of personality actually I lie second or maybe first to my favorite button-down is denim I love that French girls love their denim because I do too a lot of the lists online that I was looking at as I was researching said that it had to be a skinny or a straight leg but really I mean I think a lot of French girls style is just about being confident and comfortable than what you're wearing so wear what suits you and rock it the keys that you're wearing denim in a very effortless and casual chic way beautiful pair of flats a toe that is not too pointy not too round there is a really nice structure to it you'll often find French women no matter kind of what ensemble they're wearing their shoes will usually be on point and good quality in line with the footwear is a beautiful handbag and I thought this was so interesting when you gonna take my wonderful viewer and collaborator on this she said that oftentimes women in France will look at the bag and the shoes before the rest of the outfit so in terms of a bag that suits French girl style I don't think it's about logos it's not about being on trend but it is about a high quality fabric and our material and design Benedict suggested this next one and it's a watch and not just any watch but a higher end or higher quality watch that French woman will wear throughout scenario and any occasion even during more formal events in the evening and I thought this was so cool because a watch is something incredibly personal and can provide such a nice statement every single day when it comes to dresses French women tend to gravitate towards the wrap dress and I would definitely say it's an essential in their closet this makes so much sense to me because a wrap dress is universally flattering and so so incredibly versatile I mean you can wear it dressed up with a heel and some beautiful jewelry or you can wear with a pair of I spend a fee on the weekend which probably should be another essential all right moving right along to our little list of French ethical brands I'm going to link to all of their websites below so that you can easily find them none of these brands have sponsored or paid for me to mention them I just discovered some of them recently or you know because I do like the aesthetic of a French style and I actually haven't tried any of these so you know proceed with caution and if you've had any experience with any of these brands then please share in the comments below but from where I'm sitting and from the research that I did they do look really spot-on in terms of their conscious values and their beautiful French style ethic so okay sorry I lied now we can get it okay first brand is Bozak and they are very similar in aesthetic to season a very beautiful soft touch inspired feminine pieces but they actually show the breakdown of where their clothes are made and the majority I think over 98% is produced in the European Union they also use sustainable materials and they try and reuse their deadstock which I think are all great qualities for building a sustainable brand now that is up next and this is a company that focuses on knitwear a little bit more on the casual side as well but I think their pieces are very classic now vibe focuses on very slow production so they don't over manufacture their collections are very small they're actually doing a collaboration with a canadian-based company called the garment and the garment is actually an incredible opportunity for you to connect with ethical brands and their sizing is always very inclusive so I'll link to the government below actually as well because I think it's just such a great concept for discovering new ethical brands up next is least suit live which I think was actually a recommendation from one of you so thank you so much for that I have absolutely fallen in love with this brand they have jewelry Footwear handbags as well as garment their pieces are super timeless everything seems to have a very flattering and thoughtful quality about it a lot of their materials including for their jewelry are made out of recycled materials and get this they offer almost carbon neutral shipping I didn't even know that was a thing that's like that's pretty amazing and on top of that I checked out some of their sizing and it does seem to be pretty inclusive which is awesome APEC fit is another I just it's incredibly curated vintage and I feel like I'm starting to use the word curated a little bit too much it definitely has a more hip chic feel but I do think these items could be incorporated into a French wardrobe of course because it's vintage you're really looking at promoting a circular economy okay who to follow I would be probably laughed off of youtube if I did not mention she's seen in a cult who is I'm sure all of you watch her and if you don't I would definitely recommend visiting her channel ASAP because it is full of incredible wisdom she is French and in fact on top of that she's a designer so she goes really in-depth with clothing construction and fit and making smart shopping decisions she just has that wonderful French Sensibility and she is an absolute pleasure to watch you'll love Audrey coin if you love French style and that beautiful elegance that comes with it Audrey's channel is full of style and lifestyle tips to really I find enjoy life in a very elegant and beautiful way she is so easy to listen to and she brings out such a warmth and grace that I think is really hard to find in a youtube channel when it comes to Instagram I really like Lena Jose she's based in Paris but has a very interesting twist on typical French style so she takes classic pieces but incorporates a lot of color really cool accessorizing with belts and and playing with silhouettes so she is not exactly your quintessential French girl style but I love her take on it I also love the account French girl daily and this is because it's just a compilation of whatever French girl style is out there so this is a really fun way to discover French girl style instagramers even if they don't have a huge following last Fez is another very typical French girl she's got a little bit more edge to her outfits and although she wears a lot of just basic classic pieces the way she styled them really adds a little bit of kind of daring that French women have finally L born Doris is a Korean expat who lives in Paris she also has her own line of clothing so I just love her style but she also incorporates a lot of trousers and non Dems oh my gosh are you still here who did shop your closet time I feel like this is probably gonna be one of my longest videos ever shop your closet I took a look from L burn Doris I just I loved this outfit I thought it didn't think or break denim I know a lot of you had asked especially with the summer months coming a more summer inspired look so if you've been watching for a while you know that when I see an outfit I like I break it down and reverse engineered into elements that I can actually control the first one being the style of it since we are already in the realm of French effortless chic we've already gone over that and I'm going to jump right into the silhouette and proportion which is the second large factor that I look and really trying to break down so here if we're looking at this outfit she's got a really nice mix of silhouettes she's got a nice boxy blazer paired with a nice flowy feminine skirt so she's got two very distinct and different silhouettes happening but the reason why they work is that they're so well balanced and this is a big part of proportion and something that I mentioned in my last video that I think French girls style is always very well balanced in some way shape or form next I look at the styling hacks and this has everything to do with how someone's wearing something and not necessarily what it is they're wearing the styling hack that is providing the most impactful statement with this outfit here is the juxtaposition of a beautiful cream monochrome base with the pop of contrasting black as the blazer next she's wearing her blazer as a cape and not a coat and although this seems like the tiniest silliest detail it does make a big difference I think would you've just thrown on a blazer it kind of makes your whole look feel a little bit more effortless the other thing that she's doing here is really playing with texture and that's something else that I found was really important in kind of replicating that french girl style no matter what your outfit is because if you're always wearing neutrals then really you've got to use that texture to create a more interesting outfit now that we've gone and broken down that outfit I'm gonna shop my closet for this look and see what I can come up with all right so here I have my base outfit that I put together I've got just a simple cotton t-shirt this is from Mott and bow now hers and the inspiration is a crewneck and I think that does probably suit the outfit a little bit better it's a little bit more boyish a bit more gamine which is very French style chic but the only crew neck t-shirt I have has a big red heart on the bottom and I just didn't think that would suit the look and also I Phoenix sue a little bit better then my beautiful vintage cream skirt no these don't exactly match and no that's not important it'll be fine it's all in the same kind of monochrome palette and once you put the blazer on I think you'll see that the distinction between the two doesn't really like it doesn't throw off the look the way she's tied the scarf seems pretty basic I'm just I just turned mine into a triangle her scarf has a little bit more of a contrast than mine but mine is still in the beige family and while I would like it to have a little bit more of a contrast to pull in the Blazer this is literally the only scarf I have that is the right size for this look so I'm gonna go with it pop this huh okay so here is my interpretation of Elle born Doris's French look I added my little metallic silver loafers they have a little bit more of a heel than her but I think they still give that kind of menswear but feminine vibe because they're in a lighter color and even though they're metallic they do still work with my palette because it is kind of a muted silver like they're not dark I think that was what was key and important I added my blazer my purse is actually a metallic gold leather and I think it actually still works really well it's not cream but it still blends in really nicely with the monochrome material and when you look at the outfit as a whole even with the two metallics fairly close together it really doesn't have a huge impact I I think this is actually a really beautiful look and I can definitely see myself wearing this in the summer except you know wearing the Blazer like a normal human because I don't know how anyone gets anything done wearing a blazer like this really so that is what I have for you today I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you are still here I know that was a long letter um if you learn something new give this video a thumbs up hit subscribe if you haven't already and if you have any suggestions or anything you'd like to see in part 3 let me know in the comments below I will be so happy to start researching and working on that for you in the meantime I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week a wonderful rest of your Sunday and I will be back with another slow fashion video thank you so much for watching Oh mwah Vizu

36 thoughts on “French Girl Style Closet Essentials & Ethical French Style Brands | Shop Your Closet

  1. Older women (or anyone interested in French style fashion) can check out Marie-Anne Lecoeur’s YouTube videos. The classic, quality over quantity character of French style transcends age. Also, wanted to mention that the word denim derives from the word serge de Nîmes. Levi Strauss imported the fabric from Nîmes (de Nîmes).

  2. You re charming but totally a copy cat, not one original idea, not one real tip, nothing but tired cliches.

  3. If Sarah Linh Tran had an Instagram account, she would be my French-style icon. I've never seen anyone both French and exotic like her. Another Instagram figure I like is @violette_fr. She's so modern and colorful.

  4. "Wear this blazer like a human". Haha brilliant! I live in London in the UK, and here it is so windy, my blazer would fly away if I wore it like that! Lovely video, thank you so much Alyssa. Love that outfit on you, tres chic! x

  5. French style is based on their government's policy of keeping "junk fashion" from sweat shops,
    out of their country. Clothes are expensive. The government makes sure clothes are made by French workers who have good wages, safe working conditions, and benefits. American fashions are made by slave labor.

  6. I love L'Envers because I'm not looking at only 20 something models! It's hard to envision how something will look on your late 40s self when you are looking at ladies in late teens to 20s. Love Love Love!

  7. If you're keen on carbon neutral shipping check out Will's Vegan Store! Formerly just shoes, they've recently branched into knits, and they make 100% vegan, ethical, sustainable and stylish pieces designed to LAST that AREN'T crazy expensive – it's my holy grail brand!!

  8. Yes please to part three. I am a spa therapist and we use the gorgeous Caudalie products at our spa. Mathilde Thomas is a very inspiring women in business and environmental concerns and has excellent taste so love her products. I have gravitated French girl style for at lease twenty five years and sometimes indulge in fast fashion ( indulge is really the wrong word for this!) but always regret it, so watching these videos really help me keep on track.

  9. OMG love love love this video!! You always make me feel better about creating stylish looks in a realistic way and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! I'm trying to remember if you have a video already on choosing a blazer? I find it very hard to find those traditional tailored blazers that suit me (I am a petite pear shaped gal and nothing seems to work). I'll go look through your videos but if you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them! Can't wait to watch the next French video (and to rewatch the first two!). 😘😘😘 Bisous!

  10. Of course I loved this! Great research as well as style beauty!!! I learn so much from you about being classy yet simple!

  11. Salut Alyssa,

    Je suis tout à fait d'accord à propos des chaussures et du sac. C'est d'ailleurs ce que j'ai remarqué lors de mes voyages en France : les françaises accordent très tôt une attention particulière à ces détails. Je voyais des jeunes femmes de 16-17 ans, dans le métro ou dans le bus, avec de très jolis sacs tout simples (un Longchamp par exemple).

    Et OUI, il faut absolument une 3e partie qui couvre le maquillage et la coiffure 🙂 !

    J'aime beaucoup te regarder 🙂 Beau travail !

  12. I’m a minimalist and love the French style which is very far from the culture I grew up with. I’m still developing my capsule wardrobe. Getting a lot of inspiration from you and #justineleconte So glad you mentioned her on your video.

  13. Omg how could you forget to mention the best French instagramers! Jean Dumas, ardenoah and Sabina socol!

  14. Love this. Keep them coming please! Especially the last portion where you show how you shopped you closet to make the look happen. Thanks!

  15. This video was super informative! I would say two youtubers to follow in addition to the ones you mentioned are useless and mademoisellejaime one is based in denmark and one is austrailian both have super chic style both are into sustainability in different ways and both have great content! I love stripes and I am on the hunt for some vintage blazers! I like what you said about wearing your items with confidence and not feeling like you need to have something flashy to have great style – I completely agree!

  16. I first started following Justine and then your site was suggested. She is THE BEST. Audrey is also wonderful and incredibly down to earth and practical while being tres chic

  17. Wearing the blazer like a normal human being… ha ha ha!!! I have to agree. it looks nice thrown over the shoulders, but I think it would fall off! So glad I discovered your channel!

  18. The previous video of yours was the first video I saw of you and I genuinely thought you were french before even watching it. Pretty much nailed your research!

  19. The Daily Connoisseur @dailyconnoisseur is another channel that embraces the French lifestyle. Really enjoy Justine and Audrey so much as well. Also, will you please list the brand of the shirt you’re wearing in this video?

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