French Federal Leaders’ Debate 2019 (English translation) Part 2

48 thoughts on “French Federal Leaders’ Debate 2019 (English translation) Part 2

  1. If you support Bernier don't forget to downvote CBC, they're garbage just as the rest of the mainstream corporate hacks.

  2. Maxime Bernier killed it. Scheer has been exposed. Don't buy the "Conservative" title. Scheer is a globalist and only liberals will be voting for him

  3. Max Bernier a complètement anéanti la concurrence dans ce debate, Je vote PPC. Max Bernier completely destroyed everyone In this debate, I'm voting PPC

  4. I love how these leaders never regard the lack of jobs in Alberta as any kind of simply doesn't register to them. New sustainable energy and the tech that goes with it is simply some utopian achievement we will reach in the nether future…people on Alberta have nothing seems they've all done the math and 150,000 frustrated voters won't outweigh Ontario and Quebec – so why bother with them?

  5. Maxime Bernier est le véritable leader du Canada. Que Dieu bénisse le Canada! 🇨🇦🇨🇦👍👍🙂🙂

  6. Wow Jagmeet refused to answer questions from one journalist. Regardless of if you like rebel media or not because they like to expose the truth, what he did is completely biased and is the definition of a bigot. I hope the Canadian people see that this is not a man who is open to equality and freedoms of others.

  7. Bernier crushed this debate and has the only sane position on climate alarmism. He is the only authentic candidate. You can't trust anyone else Canada.

  8. VOTE PPC!! The 2% in the polls IS A LIE. Just like what happened with Trump in the 2016 US election.
    (He probably won’t win this election, but his party is growing & growing) One day he will win.

  9. Is Mr Singh a serious man? On one hand you refuse to answer a question by a journalist for whatever reason you've made up in your head, and in the next breath you say you are someone who fights hate with love? Well, at least people can see you for who you are.

  10. Singh is just as much a destroyer of Canada as Trudeau is! What the hell does he think he is going to heat Canada with when there is no replacement that has the ability to sufficiently heat Canada except Expensive Electricity?

  11. Watch out what you vote for with these Climate dreamers – we could end up in a cold country without sufficient heating fuel for our homes and businesses – these people are totally void of reasonably!

  12. the more I hear what Max has to say, the more I like him. PPC has my vote, and seems to have way more support than the polls suggest

  13. Coward Singh refuses to answer question about Alberta oil sands!! He is against free press AND free speech, the basis of a free society!! What happens when YOUR speech gets censored?!

  14. Elizabeth May has no room to laugh at anybody on top of that she doesn't know the first thing about any alternative energy system that really works! She has nothing to offer but hot air!

  15. Singh refusing to answer valid questions is not how democracy works, he's the "Monty Hall" of politics, everyone gets "free" stuff

  16. Go Singh! Although I don’t support your policies on oil but I like you personally and your personality! I wont vote for you this time though because of oil

  17. Sheer stealing lines from Max. AGAIN!
    He's a con for sure. A con artist. He's no leader, he doesn't have original ideas or solutions. He's a controlled opposition. He just want power & wealth. Canada, beware of Globalists. What happened in Europe could happen to you.

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