Frat Members Answer Commonly Asked Questions About Fraternities

(sign swings) (cool music) ^- My name’s Eddie Ulm, I went to Arizona State University ^and I was part of Theta Chi fraternity. ^- My name is Andrea Mares, I went to ^University of California Berkeley, Sigma Epsilon Omega. ^- My name is Ryann, I went to school at ^Missouri State University, I’m a Theta Chi. ^- Hi, my name is DJ, I went to Emerson College, ^Sigma Alpha Epsilon. (cool music) – Fraternities actually have paddles to signify the big brother little brother process. These paddles aren’t necessarily tools, they are displays or trophies. – It’s like having a plaque, or like, having something that kind of lets you remember your time in the fraternity. (cool music) – I think that a lot of fraternities do still haze, sadly. Most of it, I think, now, revolves around drinking. – In my experience, the hazing wasn’t that bad. During my sophomore year, my organization SAE abolished pledging. Like, yeah, we had to drink a little bit here and there but it was mostly, you know, memorization, learning, you know, the chapter history. (techno music) – Fraternities are not business, they’re non profits. So they don’t make money in the sense of like, we have this money and now we’re keeping it but I mean, fraternities have dues. – A portion of that due goes towards your chapter. Another portion goes towards your region and your, some goes to like, the national organization. (techno music) – They have the real estate, they have the time, they have the community and when you combine all three of those, you have a party. – My fraternity was actually a social one and the main focus was to connect queer folks and allies so a lot of it involved like, social gatherings. (rock music) – Yes and no. You’re gonna meet a lot, a lot, a lot of interesting people. Those people are your friends for life. – If you are truly being yourself and you’re around guys that like you for you, you’re not just paying for your friends because they’re gonna actually know you and actually care about you and know who you are and like you. Yes, you’re paying to be in the fraternity, but you’re getting something more out of it. – Well, I don’t think I was just paying for friends. I think that I was really giving my money towards building a community that I really felt at home with. (techno music) – I do think fraternities get a bad rap. Some of them are deserved, some are not. Unfortunately, there are chapters that do terrible things and don’t care about being better people and so those chapters get thrown in the news and it makes it seem like everyone’s bad. – As a whole I do think a lot of fraternities a lot of chapters get a bad rap. A lot of kids are really good kids who put an emphasis on community service, giving back to different charities and what not. There’s a big reason why almost every chapter I can think of has some sort of fundraising chair. – I don’t think it should get the rap that maybe people perceive it to get because it does a lot of good for the individual that is fresh out of, you know, their home life, their home experience. (hip hop music) – At my school, there wasn’t a lot of diversity. That is just true in my fraternity. There was definitely a year when I was the only black guy and for me, I didn’t feel unwelcome. There were definitely awkward occurrences and there would be moments when people would say something that was offensive or something that was like, borderline racist, and I would have to call it out. Like, there were definitely, it was a learning experience for both of us because I had never really been in places where I had to check someone for saying something that was racist. It helped me grow as a person, it helped me like, kind of understand my blackness more. – As a gender neutral transgender woman, I would say that my experience at my fraternity was really unique. For folks who think that it’s a super exclusive environment and it’s only built for a certain type of people, I would say that’s another assumption that people have, you know, and so like, really do your research and make friends and, I mean, like, if you’re interested look for the people like you who are in those spaces and of course, you’re gonna have different views on things but differences make us stronger. – As a minority, I felt very welcomed in my chapter. My school was not necessarily the most diverse school. While my chapter was definitely more diverse, the majority of them necessarily weren’t so I think definitely seeing more minorities, having them not be afraid to join, of like, you know, afraid of stereotypes and what not, because you can actually have a really great time and meet some really cool people. (positive music) – It helped me manage different types of people and manage being in spaces that I’m not necessarily familiar with. – Definitely, I would say, the connections and the alumni, alumni network that came with it. I came out to LA, I didn’t know anyone except for the friends that I met in my fraternity in school, and I still am in contact and live next to a bunch of my friends that were my fraternity brothers in college. – I’d say Greek life was one of the most foundational and fun experiences in my life. I value that time, second to none. (positive music) (sign swings)

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  1. Why is there a woman answering questions fraternities are a brotherhood and are mainly for men while sororities are a sisterhood and are for wemon

  2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. if you going to rush a fraternity rush the number 1 that truly only matters Sigma Alpha Epsilon!!

  3. They only have IFC and panhellenic orgs in this video. For those who are not greek those orgs are the predominantly white orgs. It doesn't matter if the people interviewed here are multicultural the organizations are predominantly white. These guys are the exception and at least on my campus these organizations are comprised of majority white people. When we say multicultural orgs we mean organizations that were started by Latin, Asian and other people that are not white. Divine 9 are the historically black orgs. This video is just "answering questions about the white organizations" they don't even know the history of the paddle. That's how you know they're paper.

  4. I’m sorry I remember being in the USA being from the U.K. and these what I can only describe as childish where frat boys lol, they thought they where funny and brilliant lol 😂 I started laughing hysterically they didn’t understand why u was laughing at them I find them ridiculous small and pathetic.

  5. Ok so you pay to enter this cult so you can drink and party. So you're paying to fail basically. It's only a distraction.

  6. These people don't really represent the elitist Anglo Saxon fraternities that are still predominant on American campuses

  7. Wow what a great group and well picked people for a solid represented sample. Glad there is no Pikes or Dekes or actual fraternity guys. Good job buzzfeed, very cool!

  8. “Gender neutral transgender woman” that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. PIKE would never allow these people into our establishment

  9. an unemployed office worker. a locked door that is always open. a racially ambiguous white guy. an A sexual that enjoys intercourse with men. a gender neutral transgender women. which one sounds the most ridiculous.

  10. What do you mean by chapter? Would anyone answer it is for my research purposes and I have never been to States! Thanks in advance.

  11. so these people are just lying about the reality of frats and sororities.
    wonder how much buzzfeed paid em?
    also theres no reason to even have them. how you try that?

  12. I don’t get it tho like what’s the point in a fraternity like if u want a party throw one you don’t have to be in a cult 😂

  13. Listen fraternity is that thing where you just don’t knock it until you tried it. On the outside I can definitely see why people’s perception of frats is so negative but going through the whole experience myself I’m so glad I was able to do it and you grow as a person because of it. It’s hard to explain and understand unless you’ve gone through it.

  14. Why dont we have fraternities here oh wait i am going to christian priest school jesus loves you dont drink dont have sex read the bible live the life for YAHWEH all mighty belive in heaven and beigns above

  15. The best benefit of joining a frat is that youll have a place to sleep anywhere in the nation. Thats how strong the brotherhood is. And yes frats still haze its not surprising. They wont just let anybody join

  16. Greek life is pathetic to me. It's a way for people with no self knowledge to follow others and let them dictate how to act or think. It's also a distraction from your growing debt/student loans. I would never be part of one, I'm too good for that.

  17. All of the worlds corruption converges from the universities at an apex within sororities and fraternities , modeled after the the Sumerian and Phoenician occult Baal worshipers who still practice today . All of the worlds military industrial complex are ran by these secret organizations , all law , currency , academia , medicine , education , and technology is owned and controlled by and within these organizations world wide !

  18. SAE has another nickname, its Sexual Assault Expected. Theyve been banned off of so many college campuses for multiple sexual assault allegations. I would stay away.

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