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Well, let me just throw out a number to you, four hundred thousand. One kitten, in it’s lifetime can produce four hundred thousand kittens. Most people do not understand that. But one kitten having seven kittens and none of them are fixed. Then seven kittens on that seven kittens seven kittens on that seven kittens and it’s a constant thing. So when we don’t have any
government funding and there’s four hundred thousand kittens out there to that one
kitten. We have to make sure that we’re going and doing as much fundraising as
possible Whether it be people bringing in
donations of money or food or beds or whatever the case may be that is how we survive without the
generosity of the people around, we’d have nothing.
That building wouldn’t stand and we wouldn’t be there it takes about five hundred thousand
dollars per year just to keep the doors open. and that is not including any sort of
major veterinarian bills that we could incur
throughout the course of the year That is just basic everyday needs and that’s a lot of
fundraising That’s a lot of donations and people
just don’t understand we are – we would like to be able to
try to get a new facility our facility is very old and we’ve been
in that facility since the seventies so needless to say it it has a lot of work needs to be done to
it. Because it’s falling apart. So we need to get a new one and thats I couldn’t speculate the cost at that that’s gonna be a lot
of money, let me put it that way so we need not to not only raised five hundred thousand dollars but we now need to raise above and beyond that to get a new building. You know
the biggest thing is probably we don’t have any government
funding as I said it is what the public brings to us without them we have nothing, and our
doors close so if we want to keep our doors open we
want to keep these animals fed happy and cared for the donations have
to continue if they’re not there our doors close and
there’s nobody we have another dog that was brought in
by animal control We called him Goldman. Goldman has a grade four heart murmur now if you don’t know
what that is its basically a hole in your heart were the blood can’t pump properly and now so the dog has a cough and we can’t
have him fixed because if we put him under anaesthetic he probably won’t
wake up he’s basically needs to find a place to
live out the rest of his life he likes other dogs cats he likes everybody
and he just needs a home to about the rest of his life. He’s 13-ish there’s nothing wrong with him. Besides
his heart murmur of course was a serious problem for the couple more years that he’s really going
to be around you just didn’t want to deal with them that’s awful I-I cant even, I-I don’t
understand that. These dogs and cats don’t ask to be
born they’re all, anything wrong with an
animal is because of what the human has done to
it. They’re born because we allowed it. They have issues if they’re not fed
properly it’s because we didn’t feed them properly,
if they are sick because of diseases it’s because we didn’t bring them to the vet. they didn’t ask for any this whatever’s
wrong with them is because a human has done it to them and that it to me is, if you’ve done it fix it keep it proper.
And if you can’t do that, stay away.

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