Former Tango Blast gang member points to larger problem with gang activity

37 thoughts on “Former Tango Blast gang member points to larger problem with gang activity

  1. Where my t's at mafia boi still Smilling where the organization we work so hard to build is time to take control of what's ares no time for games lets get togethers start what needs to be finish and scream TANGO MAFIA!!!!! HAPPYBOI STILL😁😁

  2. when did it become a street gang ? and start requiting out side the walls … earn your respect inside the walls!!! piche chavalas …

  3. We only behave like a "gang" towards other gangs. We are not a gang. We are anti-blood in blood out. We will go worldwide

  4. Get ya shit right.. blast aint no street gang.. trash ass reporters dont know they shit. Esp child sex transpoting.. we aint with that shit.. we smash on niggas who fucc with kids.. get ya facts right..

  5. Fuck all ya young m.f..putting the blast out there.its a unit thang .not Street shitt …stupid mutherfukers..n fuck all ya niggas that go to county n come out blaztin…beto 2 unit 14 flat u young Jack Mack muthetfuckrs .HTB..keep it real to all the homeboys out there..

  6. I remember when I was locked up in texas state, I joined the Tangos. In california, they use to call me "tango blast" but I was in the mexicles chapter set but I guess now only the blast are recognized as a gang.

  7. This sum bullshyt how she join tango blast bitch u got to go to da pen pinche pendeja crakera fuck u pigs with this fake ass news

  8. if your tango blastin and you on the street you fuckin fake plain and simple. gop to prison and tell uis you got down in the world

  9. What they don't tell ya Is they are the biggest snitches in the prison system . They snitched on all the other famas.
    They also quick to fight another mexican but will bow down to them negros

  10. Tango Blast??!! This is super fake people!! Only men are Tango Blast and they have to go to prison to get down. . . She said she was 14 when she joined. . lol lol This is way fake

  11. this is false info stop slamming bullshit on things that arent happening you cant recruit outside the prison walls it stays inside

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