Former Cult Member on How to Deprogram Trumpists

It’s great to welcome to the program today,
Steven Hassan, who is one of the leading authorities on culture and mind control. He’s the founder of the freedom of mind resource
center and also author of the book the cult of Trump, a leading cult expert explains how
the president uses mind control. So first of all, it’s great to have you on. Um, I think maybe a good place to start is
when we talk about mind control in the way you talk about Donald Trump using it. You know, last week we talked to someone who
researched CIA mind control programs. That’s not the same type of mind controlled
that your talking about. Right? So actually in my book I talk about MK ultra
and CIA mind control research when I’m doing a historical like how did we get to where
we are here? Yes. Um, and so it is very relevant also because
the CIA in the early days of this, uh, of this research I should say, the research about
because of communist brainwashing, which the term was coined in the 50s and military intelligence
was sending people to S what are the communists doing to get people to renounce their allegiances,
to turn in their family members and friends. So people like Robert Lifton, Margaret singer,
Edgar Schein, Louis and West are the four big people who when I was first the program
from the Mooney is I read their material and met with them and they said, Holy mackerel,
what you’re describing in the Moonies is so much more sophisticated than what we study
in the fifties. And they were very encouraging me to learn
more and share with them. Get back to your question. Yeah. The MK ultra, a part of what they were studying
along with LSD was hypnosis. And they do have a section in the book about
hypnotic, uh, methods, uh, indirect methods and also the use of language to deliberately
elicits powerful emotional States and vivid visual descriptions in people’s minds. The use of repetition over and over and over
again to enforce a black and white all or nothing good versus evil mindset. Um, and in my book I really tried to cover
the basic ground of, of making the case, uh, that, that Donald Trump acts like a stereotypical
cult leader has the malignant narcissistic characteristics. Does the pathological lying, doesn’t have
the empathy, never takes responsibility. Oh, you know, I go through all of the patterns
as well as cause people are saying, I have friends, I have relatives who are really smart. They’re very educated, but they’re totally
into Trump. They’re totally captivated and think, you
know, that he’s the answer to God or the answer to all the life’s problems. And that’s exactly the mindset I had when
I was in the moon calls in the 70s. Yeah. I mean, given that experience, what do you
see that it is that pulls people that seem very intelligent? They often seem more intelligent than Donald
Trump himself. What is it that is happening? Is it, is it message, is it personality? Is it tactics? Like what? Or is it a combination of [inaudible]? It’s a combination of all of the above. So the first thing is that I want to state
is that my work involves trafficking victims, uh, PO people in political cults, therapy
cults, religious cults, even cults of personality where the person is really subjugated by another
person, afraid to make them upset with them, that they may want to get revenge, harm them. So the, the, the, the point for me with Mike
destructive mind control is you can’t have that applied in a negative way without the
use of deception because no one, no intelligent educated person would say, I want to be deceived. I want to be exploited and harmed. I w I want to, I want to have my critical
analytic mind dismantled. Um, and when it comes to, you know, how I,
how I behave. Um, so it’s, it’s a bi-directional process
between the influencer and the influence E. however, in the United States where we’re
dealing with, uh, digital media, we’re dealing with Breitbart news, Fox news, uh, religious
broadcasting that work, the Trinity broadcasting network. And one universal that I see is that people
who are only listening to one partisan viewpoint and getting all their information that fits
into one of the four components of mind control, which I call information control, especially
if that information is propagandistic doesn’t care about what factual and what’s provable. Uh, and that appeals to emotions, particularly
fear. And I talk about the universal mind control
technique of phobia indoctrination, which in the mind of somebody undermine control. They can’t imagine, you know, criticizing
the leader or leaving the group and being happy and fulfilled. They can only imagine a disastrous world with
this, this deep state cabal that, that that’s filled with traffickers, you know, that, that,
that are going to destroy America as we know it, etc. So that makes a lot of sense. When it comes to some of the just set general
public followers of the president, I’m curious whether when you look at the way that a lot
of the Republican party at least claims to have fallen in line with Donald Trump, are
they, uh, subject to the same sorts of, of influences? Or are they just sort of playing a role because
they’ve decided it’s Polete politically expedient and advantageous and they’re not really falling
for it? So that’s a very good question. And the answer is, I don’t know. We’d have to kind of analyze person by person
and involvement by involvement. But what I did learn when I was researching
this book this year is that there are a very powerful cultic groups that are influencing
Donald Trump. And I believe giving him instructions. It’s these groups that actually have millions
of followers that are his base. These are air quotes that are his base. Um, and that these folks are following their
leadership, who’s saying, we need to follow Trump. And the minute those, those leaders, uh, change
their mind and decide that Donald isn’t following God or isn’t doing, uh, God’s will on earth,
they’re gone. What groups are those? So in my book, I have to start with the obvious,
uh, Putin and, and, uh, the Russian, um, uh, influence is definitely influencing, uh, Donald
Trump in my, in my research as well as all the Russian emigres around the world who are
listening to Russia TV. They’re also S it directly and indirectly
implementing that. But then I get into a secret of cold called
the family or the fellowship. The two bestselling books by Jeffrey Charlotte
were written about this called, it’s been around in the United States for 80 years. It to, was created in the cold war era to
fight godless communism, to create a group for Jesus, except it’s not the traditional
understanding of Jesus. This is an appeal to elitists, people who
are powerful, wealthy, uh, individuals, and they’ve been manipulating, uh, the United
States government policy domestically as well as, as foreign for 80 years. Uh, there’s a wonderful docu docu series that
Jeff Charlotte did for Netflix called Emily that I would highly recommend that. So Michael Pence was recruited into the family
by Chuck Colson who was a convicted Watergate felon and he w and Pence was involved with
bringing in the cabinet members. So this is a direct influence as well. Then I get into Opus DEI, which is a Catholic
right wing secret of cult, um, that it appears attorney general William Barr is uh, involved
with and can help explain why he would not be representing honestly the molar report,
the substance of the Mueller report or it is lecture at Notre Dame last school recently
about the need to get more Christianity into, uh, American, uh, ma members’ mind, citizens’
minds. Then I go into one of the scariest groups
and this is a conglomerate of organizations I call the new APIs Dalik reformation or I
should say they call it that. These are groups where the leader says there
are an apostle or a prophet who gets direct revelations from God. They typically speak in tongues, they cast
out demons, they do faith healing, they stay up all night praying and, and fast for long
days. And, and they’re very high tech and there’s
at least 10 million Americans. And when the media talks about Trump’s base
and said, calls them white evangelical Christians in my opinion, I know white evangelical Christians
and their I gassed at what is being promulgated, um, from the white house and their policies
against immigration for example. And this is this, it’s this cultic group that
I’m very concerned about because they’ve been told that Trump is a sinner. Yes. But he’s like a King Cyrus figure and God
is using him to advance the agenda of, of breaking down the separation of church and
state in order to impose, um, what Christian White Christian view on America. And then we get into all rights and we get
into libertarian. Sure. Yeah. Which we’re more familiar with as sort of
a more well known political groups. So, and the somewhat limited time we have
left, you were deprogrammed what is it that works to deprogram people from cult beliefs? Because what we do seem to know is that hammering
them over the head with facts does not seem to work often appeals to values backfire if,
if, uh, or sometimes fail all together. What are the successful sort of characteristics
of deprogramming? Right. So first of all, I, I kind of flinch a little
bit with the term deprogramming cause humans are not computer. Oh, I used it because you had used it. That’s the term the media likes to use. I was truly deprogrammed in 1976 after a near
fatal van crash, they took my crutches away. So I was being held against my will. Um, you know, and I’ve gone on to do voluntary
interventions, but the key is you’re absolutely right. You can’t say anything directly critical against
the leader, the doctrine or the group. Because the triggers thought stopping, which
is one of the mind control techniques makes people defensive. It actually makes them feel persecuted and
more, more deeply embedded. So the best thing to do is to, is to create
a warm relationship with the person. Say, I respect you, you’re intelligent, you’re
educated. Help me understand how you came to have the
beliefs that you have now. When did you first hear about Donald Trump? Did you watch the apprentice where you are
a fan or did you ever hear of him before he started running for the GOP and and and essentially,
and this was happened with me in the moon call is I was sure I wasn’t brainwashed. I was a hundred sure, but I was open to hearing
about Chinese communist brainwashing techniques. So I was open to going through Lifton’s a
criteria. I’ve developed a model called the bite model,
which stands for behavior control, information control, thought control and emotional control. You go through the components about this other
group, not the one you’re in communism or or traffickers, traffickers groom and indoctrinate
people to be sex slaves or labor slaves. And then you, then you ask the you, you tell
them, look, the only way to really reality tests is to actually talk to critics and former
believers and really reflect over your own experience. Are you blocking automatically any critical
thought against the leader, the doctrine or the group or not? And the truth is, in my experience, I’ve been
doing this work for 43 years, is that nobody wants to be a fool. Nobody wants to be conned. Um, and, and when they see, you know what
I believed what I believed based on what I was told, what my experiences was, but now
I have more info. Yeah. I can change my mind and I’m not a bad person
for changing my mind. I can go, yup. You know, Darren moon isn’t the Messiah. You know, I was brainwashed those in the two
and a half years. Yeah. That’s super interesting because it combines
number one, the starting from a point of empathy, which former white supremacists have described
to me as extremely useful with some of the techniques. Um, honestly that, that reminds me of Dale
Carnegie’s how to win friends and influence people, which is let people believe, lead
people to believe they are deciding to change their mind even if you are sort of in some
way participating in opening the door for them to find that truth themselves. It’s an interesting combination of tactics. Yeah. It’s not a Dale Carnegie technique. It really comes from my own experience. Uh, and, and it’s genuine that I really do
believe that people deep down inside want to know the truth, absolutely want to be manipulated
and allied to, they will respond to respect and love and, you know, convinced me. Yeah. And there’s also like an element of what this
guy, I’m Anthony Magna Bosco called street epistemology, which is just having conversations
with people about, uh, getting them to talk about how they came to believe the things
they believe without necessarily challenging any particular belief head on. Right. So the, the key in terms of my methodology
and I’ve written three other books before I wrote the cult of Trump. Um, the, the, the key is really educating
people about what we know about the human mind. That what we’ve learned about social psychology,
how we, for example, are our prime to follow, um, our, that we identify with, even if they’re
saying the wrong size line that we can see with their own eyes. Two thirds of everyone doing the Asch conformity
study starts agreeing with the wrong answer or people following who they think is a legitimate
authority figure might start admitting or administering shocks to the point where they
may electrocute another human being who’s in the room and their hearing screens help
me my heart, but they keep following the authority figure. It’s understanding social psychology that
we’re human beings, that our minds can be influenced and also understanding that your
nap not a bad person if you’ve been in programmed with bad beliefs. We’ve been speaking with Steven Hassan who
is one of the leading authorities on cults and mind control. Make sure to check out the book, the cult Trump, a leading cult expert explains how
the president uses mind-control. Stephen’s such a pleasure having you on today. Yeah, thanks so much David

100 thoughts on “Former Cult Member on How to Deprogram Trumpists

  1. I was only half joking awhile back when I said that "red-pilling" was literal; I meant that it almost appears as if his devotees are on some sort of mind controlling drug. I joked about it being piped into the auditoriums at Trump rallies. Obviously, many people are under this spell who never attended a rally; I'm only stressing that this is true mind-control.

  2. I would suggest frontal lobotomies , but that would involve those morons actually having a brain in the first place.

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  5. Ok I really appreciate people going after any cult, I really do… but as a former jehovah's witness I scoff at most other cults.

    Because the jehovah's witnesses are a cult that understands that for a cult no press is good press.

    Jehovah's witnesses need to be called out as the destructive cult they are. I was molested and used by them and they may be worse than the catholic church when it comes to child abuse. David please have John cedars on your show and expose this cult!

    And btw jehovah's witnesses are anti political and millions of Americans are not voting because a cult tells them they should not.

  6. Really not sold on this guy. Even though conspiracies surely exist, he strikes me as a conspiracy theorist of the wrong kind, and willing not to be too skeptical when it comes to coming up with a grand narrative. And while it was a long time ago, and it must surely help him help other people directly, the fact that he was a cult member himself does little to reassure me, to say the least.
    Also: David starts the interview with such a soft ball, allowing Hassan not to look like a loonie, differentiating between MK Ultra and Trumpism… And Hassan completely misses it. Lol.
    He also prefers his anecdotal evidence with evangelicals he knows over the fact that what, 3/4 of evangelicals are still behind Trump today? And that 81% voted for him in 2016, despite knowing VERY CLEARLY what a monster Trump was, and what he was going to do? Come on man, get serious!

  7. It comes down to lack of character and extreme ignorance/stupidity. To support Trump, you're either extremely stupid or a terrible person…probably both in most cases. It's that simple.

  8. For anyone more interested in the application of the BITE model and cults, check out telltale on youtube, he’s an ex Jehovas witness and his videos are really eye opening about how common cult behavior actually is

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  11. At some point in your life, you will realize Humans are nothing more than Animals with a slightly more evolved brain.
    Stop thinking of yourself as created special. If Humans were special than Heaven would be right here on Earth, rather than Hell and suffering caused by less than special Humans. Understand that evil is NOT external to Humans, special is not a gift you receive… you have to work at holding back your ancient evil nature and to becoming special. Look at History… we are advancing, but still have a long way to go.

  12. this is nothing new for the republican party. these people are already brainwashed with religion, it's no wonder they love the perfect caricature of a republican president

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  16. I'm glad he brought up the New Apostolic Reformation. I was part of it at one time until I figured out it was BS over time.

  17. There were a lot of prophetic words being released when Trump was running. As a Christian, I believe in the prophetic but I think they were being misinterpreted. A common one was that all evil will be exposed when he’s president – that was believed to mean by many, in regards to him “draining the swamp”. I felt however, it was exposing the evil in the church: which is now happening. Many well-regarded American evangelicals have been exposed for toxic, hate filled mindsets … some are even being exposed for sexual abuse etc. The point is, when prophets are saying God has chosen Trump, many Christians don’t want to go against that. I have come across a few Christians heralding Trump as God’s chosen one that’s going to save the world, in my church life, and I’m not even in America (I’m Australian)! Happy to report that I also know many Christians who are not falling for the lies and hatred 👍

  18. Its like you need to be able to get inside of their house in order to turn on the lights and point out the things they have brought into their home without realizing it. You have to talk to them so that they do not put their guard up and shut the door before you can get in. It doesn't matter if you try to tell them what they have brought into their homes, they wont listen because they believe you are just one of the enemy trying to trick them. You have to be able to get inside and shine a light on it to expose the truth.

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  25. I'm 72 years old and my parents have been gone several years, but I'm reminded of how that generation always seemed to think in terms of black and white. There was no in between, you were either a good person or a bad person. Their religion was always good without question. I was well into being a young adult before I came to the realization that it's just not that simple. I agree with this gentleman that Trumpsters are not necessarily bonded to Trump so much as to the leaders of their churches. They are like lemmings being led to their own destruction, they have too much pride to admit they are wrong, and they are taking us with them.

  26. I KNEW IT! I’m not the only person who sees the correlation between Trump & cult behavior. Trump instills fear in his rhetoric stoking the fire of ppls weaknesses, ppl thus devote themselves mind, body & soul to Trump & pledge allegiance not to America or this country but to cult leader Trump. Because hearing his “supporters” still supporting him after his glaring thug like behavior illustrates brainwashing. You can’t claim truth as “fake news” because you have a problem with facts, no you want to live w/your head in the sand & to be ruled over-being told who your enemies are & that any questioning of your leader is un-American isn’t what makes a person an American, that’s what separates the weak from the brave.

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  32. 15:15 Examples of David’s reference to Street Epistemology can be found on my YouTube channel. There are also many others who are helping to promote SE and regularly use the method to help people take an honest and critical look at their deeply-held political or religious views. Hassan does good work and I’m looking forward to listening to his new book.

  33. How do de-program a Trump supporter: Somehow, you have to convince them that..
    1. Jobs are bad.
    2. Communism is good.
    3. Free Speech is over-rated.
    4. The state will always protect you and your loved ones and your personal property against criminals, 100% of the time
    5. bacteria on Mars would be heralded as 'Life!', while on this planet, a 9 month old kid about to be born is not.
    6. It was Hillary's Turn.
    7. America is inherently racist in spite of being one of the most diverse societies on the planet.
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    13. marriage is out of fashion unless it is a same sex couple
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    15. abortion is no more of a moral dilemma than a trip to the dentist.
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    18. CNN is perfectly honest and unbiased and an example of excellent journalism.
    19. Fox News and conservative websites are evil Nazis and should be censored.
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    That's a start, anyway. Of course, to de-program a leftist, you'd just do the opposite. Good luck!

  34. David, I hope you invite this man back for a long-form in-depth interview because this is a very relevant subject that most if not all of us have seen around us, i.e. people in our orbit that have fallen into this cult. This may be one of the most important books to come out regarding trump thus far.

  35. Did it ever occur to you that some people may simply like him?
    Just because you dont doesnt mean that those who do are brainwashed…wow that's such a narrow minded simplistic thought….accept it, not everyone follows the majority….not everyone likes or dislikes in accordance to what the MOST agree with….look, I'm dreadfully sorry for you but…yes, some people like Trump & dont follow the kardashians… or think they're cool


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  39. I listened to my daughter's in laws discussing Trump. They are supporters yet they said things like, "I just wish he'd shut up sometimes." and " I wish he's stop with the crazy tweets." things like, "he needs to stop talking and get too work." These are intelligent people, college educated, and religious. They are strangely delusional.

  40. The first commandment of Trumpist deprogramming, then, is to not mock or criticize Trump directly. The second is developing a warm relationship with the Trumpist. I don't hold a lot of hope that this is going to be widely applied.

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  44. I jave been a member of the Unification Church(so-called 'Moonies') since 1976. I was actually kicked out of church twice. There is no 'brainwashing'. The issue is between intellect, reason, and heart, or emotion. The problem is that Western culture has embraced reason over faith. Somehow faith 'in things not seen' has become stygmatized as irrational, and therefore not real or valid. Hence the rise of atheism. I am very intellectual and well educated. I am also a person of faith. It is not a mutually exclusive situation. I was a registered Republican since I was 18. My first time voting was for Reagan. I have friend who voted for Trump, also a member of Unification Church. However, I left the Republican party when Trump won the primary to become the Republican nominee. I did not understand how any truly Christian person could vote for such a slimeball as Trump! Remember Barbara Bush saying the same thing! By the way, I also hate 'reality shows' and never watched Trumps Apprentice tv show. But then, as a woman who has been sexually assaulted more than once, I am not someone who trusts charming men, ever. Why did people vote for, and elect Clinton? He was another very charming man who was also a slimeball. The whole idea of mind control and brainwashing is an excuse to absolve one of responsibility. We all have free will and make, sometimes, really bad decisions. We want to lay blame on someone else for the crappy lives we have. Anyone who has a smidgen of ability to self-reflect can see that we are all responsible for our own choices. Sometimes they are crappy choices. We cannot blame others for that. And also by the way, 'deprogramming' so-called 'cult' members is illegal and violates our human and constitutional rights. I am a liberal conservative, or a conservative liberal. We need to be very careful about stepping on religious freedoms. Because real mind control starts with denying our freedom of thought. Shame on you for bringing this guy onto your show. Take real responsibility and just accept that some, many, people just want someone to tell them its ok to blame others for their crappy life.

  45. Sounds like your typical System of Racism/WS to me. It does this exact same thing. Get Rid of this System and then, and only then, you can lose these other deceptive terms.

  46. This is hilarious, Mr Hassan while focusing on Trump unwittingly describes the far left. Not saying he’s wrong about Trump but the dissonance to not realise he also simultaneously describes the other side too is astounding.

    Brainwashing is it – what do you think the progressive media is doing to you? That’s the single biggest brainwash out there lads and ladies. Again not saying the conservative media isn’t doing it too but look in a mirror sometime.

    Oh and not forgetting many many many Trump supporters (such as every one I’ve spoken to) don’t actually like Trumps character but still vote for him. Why? The other side is even worse.Might want to give that some thought while you’re pleasuring yourself over how progressive you are.

  47. Bro! I was raised in the Moonie cult, my parents are still in it. I've seen this guy before, I love that he got out of the cult and has been working to help people understand cults, I think it's really inspiring. I got myself out of the cult by just thinking a lot and talking to other people about their beliefs too, it wasnt a simple process and actually it took years for me to finally stop believing. I'm really interested in what he said about these big cults that are involved in the Trump Administration and Im gonna go watch the documentary he recommended, the one about the family. Seriously, America has sooo many cults, I didnt realize until I left, but like cults are so common in the US in a way that i haven't seen in the rest of the world. I guess that's what you get when half the people who founded your country were religious extremists 🤷‍♀️

  48. But trump cultists are first and foremost scared of finding information for themselves no? This has a huge implication on the future of democracy.. they're not ready or maybe capable to be fully functioning citizens.

  49. There's a bunch of talks about how narcissists control conversations and their families by using word salad to confuse and open up the mind to contain their garbage messaging

  50. I so not agree with this guy. His analysis seems to be very unscientific and subjective based on his own experience. Sure information can prevent cult-ish behaviour .. but only if the individual has the mental capacity to process information by reflecting on it, by applying critical thinking .. or by using its brain to begin with. Information is out there to be gained .. laziness and self delusion make people reject such offers.
    People do not want to know more … people want to be comforted in their own believes. Preferring to be CHALLENGED by multiple angles of a subjects point of view is education – and too many people do not want it. They do enjoy the bubble they are in – it is easy, it is simple … and hence – populism from the right wing has it so easy .. because populism can simplify things.

    Too many nuances? .. make everything black and white. Dont like the information? Its "fake news"/"project fear" etc.

  51. Sadly my elderly religious parents are in the cult of trump. The way I see it is that if you were duped by the whole god and Jesus thing you’ll be relatively easy to dupe again at some point. It breaks my heart and it has changed our relationship. I’m sure I’m not alone.

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