Food Action Board Member Judith Morrishow

I went with Hunger Free America Filomena and to all the members Two years ago. I was honored when I was asked selected to represent Hunger Free It was like I was exposed to so much so many different people and it’s like we were all advocating for the same thing. At the meetings I benefit from each workshop that they had. I benefit, and I didn’t realize that hunger was so… a big state like New York that hunger was out there. It’s when I got there this is what I’m really exposed to. I will continue, as long as there is a program I want to continue advocating for hunger. I can’t imagine where I live in the South Bronx where the minimum wage people are just barely struggling they can’t afford to buy food. Imagine you can’t tell your daughter or your son we don’t have no milk because I don’t have any money. You can’t do that because they don’t understand that. Hunger is something, Hey, we all have to deal with it sometime but some people have more than some. And if I, if my time is well spent My retirement anytime that I’m involved in Hunger Free I get some fulfillment. While I was doing the program where we were with the SNAP where I was one of the volunteers giving the food out when the people come to collect the food. CSA program, I was part of it When I was distributing the food to the people that come in and just to see the smile on their face “Oh, wow” “we got cabbage, we got lettuce” “we got spinach!” They were ecstatic, they were happy And I wish that program will start again. Unfortunately, the program is no longer around well we all miss it. Oh, I receive so many certificates I kind of lost count how many I got. Because I’m always anytime she call me Filomena I’m always available. I receive from the mail my grandson ask me, “Grandma, where are you getting all these certificates from?” I said, well I work, I deserve it I do things. I’m involved. I mean I really appreciated all the certificates and all the places that I get to go you know it’s It’s something like an adventure to me but an adventure that I can enjoy because I know I’m helping people who are less fortunate than I am. I’m so happy that I get to attend all these workshops I have a grandson who is a diabetic. Lives with me and through the workshops that was given by Hunger Free/CSA I can help him to eat healthy. Because he was a growing kid, and just would eat everything he could get his hands on. those workshops has taught me so much I have high blood pressure, I’m not a diabetic, but I like to eat the wrong things I like a lot of fried food, greasy foods stuff like that. And from these workshops I find myself doing things differently now. Having a bowl of oatmeal you know, and a lot of vegetables vegetables, vegetables is good because it fill you up that’s part of the hunger you eat a lot of vegetables you don’t feel as hungry. And my grandson has come a long way from, you know, he’s twenty two now he’s a diabetic since he was twelve. So when I got into the program that was correct timing because I was able to what I learned from this program I was able to pass it on to him and also, at the same time, help him I enjoy the program, going to the meetings once a month City Council member, Vanessa Gibson give us the privilege of using her space where we all, you know, group of us members get together and we talk and then people that come in and share things with us share things with us we can do different things I’ve been rally, I’m thankful that I have a good pair of feet. Because I walk. And that is the truth I love the rallies just getting it out there. People are hungry. They’re insecure because they don’t know if they get up tomorrow morning they’re gonna have something to eat. All this all fits in together. They’re hungry, they need programs. I mean going to the school, you know there’s, anybody who’s out there and I see, I always walk around with a couple cards in my pocket where I can give it somebody by the subway, you know in the subway sometimes people say they’re hungry they ask you got an orange or something you give them a card and then there’s numbers in the books where they can call and get help.

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