FNAF VR: Nightmarionne's SCARY Bedroom! (Help Wanted #5)

No oh this this doesn't get any less terrifying hey Here I am welcome back to five nights at Freddy's if we are one of my favorite games at the moment I think it's one of yours as well so so far we have almost completed by – Freddy's 1 we skipped these two but we now have the option of dark rooms a specific VR minigame for this game and also which one is it night terrors now I think night terrors is to do with five nights at Freddy's I would have say four by not hundred percent sure because it's got the whole like the the shutters going on which was to do with the cupboards I think but I put it down to a pole in the last video between these two dark rooms and night terrors and you guys went the night terrors yay both involve darkness boku both the nights funtime Freddy is that great let's meet funtime Freddy shall we we've met normal actually have we met the normal Freddy I don't think we have in the normal games but we have last time where we were repairing the animatronics which was six so closed doors and grab and release with the trigger okay flashlight is pressing hold the pad teleports and surviving – oh dude okay this one could be a little bit terrifying this is like an actual game of five nights at Freddy's because the last ones were kind of like mini games I'm not sure I'm ready oh dude no no no I can't be doing this wait to the right no that wasn't even it that wasn't even it no I'm not doing this no I'm not doing this I don't know how to teleport what those folks see right there was definitely foxy oh geez how do i I just run between them okay why are you running around with that you're pink but you're not funny it's about blinds I mean I've no idea that was remember Jeremy who's Jeremy is this you are you Jerry remember I don't like you so I know I have to go left them right okay but what else no no no it throws me straight in we just need to get rid of these guys they go kind of left the right was there some in there I think it's someone then I don't know where the blue one comes from I have no idea where that blue one comes from is it behind see I remember this is five nights at Freddy's fall kind of liking minigames of that what I didn't do anything I didn't do anything so I can close the door by God to the no no I don't want to I don't want to you go away as well I can't figure out what blue pony is where's the blue guy Oh Desmond's I'm Freddy you ran you ran somewhere where's the blue one she gets me every time I don't know where the blue one is okay I think I've got this down I think I've got this it's just the blue one and I don't know where it is come out come out wherever you are I kind of someone like website is ready now right there's the pink one no no I'm not gonna come on out there's no audio cues Freddy it's there just the blue one just come up no matter what's cuz it's it's so bad to stay right think that wait ready ready you ain't so fun time right now okay yeah you disappeared it's good ones gonna come up hot me awesome thing moved oh it was here wait wait I think I got the 4:00 a.m. so you can appear in the middle as well be sure to visit our sister location I've done this before it's not a it's not a nice place to visit okay Wow fun times pretty is difficult journey where we Brenda's you can't get over them I think you can only get over there at like 3:00 a.m. you're not the mind where is the blue one oh I'm gonna get you oh he's gonna do it see we don't know whether that one yeah okay Freddy Freddy you have a really shrill voice is anyone told you that does that anyone told you that nothing good bye I think the blue one just comes up but I'm not 100% sure wait close it close it right okay close the door Oh through this one has so many jump scares in it it's horrible yeah be gone be gone you I think the blue one is the door need to listen for their left and rights and look at the pink one wherever it comes that's left right that's less I think that's left that wasn't left the pink one is gone well there it is get away from me I don't like you I finally saw the blue one oh yeah you can go as well oh you're going no no I don't want you to go I don't want you to be that so how do I get rid of you from that one time Freddie fun as you like I don't really want to move oh I have to close the door don't I retain aspects these are completely fictitious scenarios they don't feel like it I'm learning and I'm dangerous when I'm learning I think I figured out the doors so he's there wah wah wah wah wah what someone's inside no no no pink pink pink it properly fell on that one Cory distracted me oh go away go away I like you and you don't like me what it actually was and then he goes to the left okay I think I got this I think I figured out you know what thank you get out of it you keep this back to me I think this is the only way to get rid of you I'm shining it right in your irises it's not good for your health and that's why I'm doing it especially to you I think it's pretty nice here I knew it I knew it at least the pink one can go I have never been so tense playing a video game in my life why are we there how do I get rid of you it's 2:00 a.m. and I haven't seen Freddie anywhere why is he why is he avoiding me so easy this time every time where are you where are you I feel comfortable as I've seen you know if she's gonna jump me to do him she's gonna open the thing close the door I think that's the only way to get rid of the blue guy but then there's also Freddie to worry about yes gotcha no go away go away blue guys in there she's got to it's 4:00 a.m. you should open it okay let's go let's go clothes things and then do one just move away ah ah ah he's over there I can see the blue I'm gonna get jumpscared but prepare yourself for am where's the pink one I've closed it in the closet just like Monsters Inc so I'm gonna be fine yeah yeah me no you don't know you don't I'm gonna beat this 5 a.m. 5 a.m. I don't even care if anyone gets me can't change yet you go away close the door go over to here I think that's how it works yes get out of here Punk well yeah buddy 6 a.m. don't scare me don't you do it I put a very terrible flashlight I complete it I can't ha this is my favorite no no no no this used to be my favourite bit and the last time I jump scared me so just prepare yourselves while I prepare myself crank the thing crank the thing game I didn't even get a price out of it I don't even want to speak to you today I like you wait I just realized there's more to do marionettes night Merion nightmare yarn is next um not looking forward to this at all these are hard though closed doors grab my release to the trigger so I know how to do that the flashlight is obvious teleport is obvious dude this is tricky I'm finding this one hard if you didn't already know all dude is already way I already have that open I can teleport to it though so that's good this box there's a box somewhere where is the box where is the water all right underneath off the top no no I can't be doing this I definitely could not be doing this one the flashlights running out huh I'm too scared I'm frozen to the spot I'm gonna die that one's horrible Doh night marionette you kidding me I thought I was done after the fredbear one bring fredbear back in his blue friend I can't set up war over there that's weird so I need to figure out how I get rid of the the jukebox do music books how do I get rid of it no no see I don't know I don't know I don't have to do it it goes under the place and then it comes out the ceiling and out of there how does the how does the music box come so I don't know how the music box comes into this tell me the secrets if i caress your icy pink egg will you tell me please please tell me the secrets no you're not telling me the secrets are you thanks appreciate it so I definitely can't go over there the SI unit is busted I don't think that's coming from anywhere in particular so let me try no no I'm I'm baffled I'm straight backward I'm gonna stay in the middle I'm gonna stay in the middle and see what happens – I feel like it's coming to the door maybe and that's what I'm doing wrong but let's see there's nobody friends here now and I kind of feel like I actually would have reminded them right now you know wait wait did I just hear one of the bunnies I did are we doing wrong what what did you say what did you say death cannot save me I'll pay you I'll pay you to leave me alone this room is confusing real confusing there's nothing over there so let's head all the way to the other side this what I can hear I can hear the tentacles but I don't see anything I'm closing the door I'm closing the door see what happens it's no close the door is closed whoa I can't do this when I've got no flashlight you can hit me I haven't died on any other one as much as I have died on this one there's nothing down there you mean to close your door you know what it is that's what you want me to do whoa whoa okay okay they come here come on the tentacles whoa is it when the I think that's it when the flashlight goes out it's not it I don't think that's it I'm dead I'm dead what do I did it I'm doing it I think it's the flashlight when the flashlight goes I need to switch to the other side Claud on it and get the tentacles gasps and the other side close it tentacle tentacle tentacle tentacle test was haha you stupid squid what do you say what are you saying what are you saying dude I think Oh No I don't know where I am I have no idea oh wait you know wait you guys three to me wait touching me get away from me you plug I don't know how I've done this oh he's gone other side other side get out of it well he you make him oh jeez no he was right there why can't I use my flashlight bro he was in the middle get those get those nasties out of him he said he's that he's right there it's okay it's fine I would have thought this the music books would have come out the side that he's at but apparently not do that I don't think he's that other side other side other side other side here we go theories up what where is he there yes okay I can't lose this one now I'm at 3 a.m. I don't know it was saying broke but I like what you're saying to me oh geez you wanna let me use my flashlight it's the only gift I got for Christmas that's literally it look who's right that you see yeah yeah yeah my mom's gonna kill me you've got a hole in the roof he's not that next one next one quick can we stop there either all right get the technicals everywhere do that get away get away get away why you probably use my flashlight anymore come on get away from me get away from me that you've gone okay next next go away can I make it a make it away you're not that other side other side let's do this oh right 30 stories ghoulish legs you just go away please it's always it's a missed exam just go let me have it let me have this you just go that yes oh oh oh that was so stressful I don't even know at the beginning there were no eyes but now there's ice oh man this better give me a gift or I'm going to be so so upset here we go let's do this oh thank goodness after all that with night Mariano whatever stupid name is give me a duplicate but way way way that might not be a duplicate I'm sorry sorry for Brian you let me check though I'm pretty sure I've seen you before using proprietary technology developed by fazbear entertainment our VR development teams were able to use vintage control boards almost like plug and play gradually recreating performances and personalities from the past in an instant I mean I would like it if they did a show every now and then it would make everything everything worth while price Kappa let's do this okay what do I get another one I did there's two oh hold up a second I'm having ripped all this is the metal one let's compare let's put one here order the next ones do they look the same they do not look the same baby you got weird oh this one's like a withered version hmm one's got blue in their hair I respect that Oh one's got a one's got a bionic arm as well and more material on their dress on here whether arms are touching okay you guys do look different how do I get that over there I want it go baby go that's not what I wanted you to do hey at least you've got something other than food today right what about the meat bikes I think I'm gonna hit this but I can't quite get it give me this come on what boss the boy in the world I'm gonna try and grab it okay you're suck you really suck ah yes okay that didn't work did it um hello could you pass me that baby if you pass me that please not fine fine I'm out of here goodbye yeah and now he's gone that makes me uneasy you know we haven't done as well we haven't found these we found three so far and I'm pretty sure we found almost all of them at the beginning in this level and maybe one in the parts and services oh my goodness circus babies up next guys I'm gonna have to leave it here for today I'm sorry I'm for it out of time but circus baby is up next if you're excited if you're terrified if you looking forward to me pooping my pants a little bit well because this work is terrifying I say that every time but it keeps on ramping up levels last time we're about here now we're about up here they'll even like they were greatly appreciative even like if you enjoyed it as well subscribe if you are brand new to join team DNA for daily videos and to catch up on the rest of five nights at Freddy's VR but for now I'm out like this past week wagon candle canvas of a full rubber band

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  1. jermey is you cause your the tech guys in fnaf vr and there and so you die in circuses babh thing cause rememeber they tech guys died rememember

  2. the glichy guy in the doorway is glich trap so you better not collect the tapes or you will have to do the HARDEST BIT IN THE GAME

  3. Dan I know you just did this for us cuz your so nice really funny and the best youtuber ever I hope you get whatever you want

  4. If you collect the tapes (voice recorder) there 16 of them and more you collect them the more Glitchtrap appears

  5. FT Freddy: Laughs

    Dan: That's Foxy, That was definitely Foxy.

    Me: (Bro)

    edit: oh and here's some more nonsense-

    Dan: Freddy~ Oh Freddy~!

    FT Freddy: ???

    Dan: you're not feeling so Funtime right now~

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