revolution everybody that says brother Lynette the true seeker coming to you with a few minutes of truth and I promise you just gonna be a few minutes because I stumbled upon some breaking news I'm I believe as breaking news but as reported it is this is all part of speculation but as is reported from internet blogger Larry Reid and I'm gonna add my two cents to this as reported by internet blogger Larry Reid of Larry Reid live Jamal Bryant pastor of empowerment temple in Baltimore will be resigning December 2nd that's according to Larry Reid and his sources that he has gotten that information that he is residing now from information that I've gathered gathered about two weeks ago sources sent to me a job announcement from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia and it was a repost of a job announcement that they posted to a a search web site a job search website in reference to similar to like a headhunting web site I'm not going to disclose that web site because you know not going to do that because you know I'm not gonna give them any pub but anyways headhunting website where they posted and announced before senior pastor they took it down and then they reposted it two weeks ago they posted it early last summer shortly after Stephen Davis resigned and it was up for about two or three weeks and then they took it down I knew when they took it when they put it up and then when I went to go and actually try to do some more feelers on it on they had then took it down but I did see it when they put it up there and then I missed it when they took it down so that's what happened but come to find out they reposted it two weeks ago now typically when companies do this it is because they have offered the position to a particular person but because of equal employment opportunities Commission requirements so that they can see that they have done their due diligence with their job search they may repost or put up in an announcement for that job to let that announcement be for maybe 30 to 60 days before they make the announcement that they have indeed hired someone for that position now coming with the timing of the situation and being that Jamal Bryant now let me say this let me say this first I am speculating on this and the reason why I'm putting this out here now is because of the speculation I'm basically adding one plus one and hopefully equaling two that's what I'm hoping for but you know it may not be but I wanted to put this out here just so that you know of how things happen in churches we do know that during the summer there were a few pastors that from around the nation that we that we've heard that were very seriously interested in the job one being charles Jenkins out of Chicago John Gray out of South Carolina now I don't understand why he was even in it he just got a cushy new job Jamal Bryant and even on a slim chance of Neil Ellis now I'm not reporting this I'm just speculating on this okay just speculating on this I believe that Jamal Bryant had will be leaving Baltimore and moving to Atlanta now a part a speculation at least in his mind it would be a good move for him being that it's Atlanta and it's not Baltimore okay not to say that you know whatever is done in Baltimore is gonna stay in Baltimore I believe that his mess that he did in Baltimore will come down to him in Atlanta and continuing in the line that of mess that has been going on that had gone on in Atlanta will be just as messy as how he as messy as it is in Baltimore you know so I'm just putting this out here so don't be surprised if in the next few weeks or so in the next few days or few weeks that you'll begin to hear that Jamal Bryant is the new pastor a new birth now I could be wrong trust me it ain't the first time I've been wrong on stuff but it just seems that the timeline and how all this stuff is happening that sometime by mid-december um an announcement could be made from the new birth people and even from Jamal Bryan himself so I just want to get out ahead of this you know not to say that I'm you know prophetic or anything like that but when you start to look at one and one plus one will equal 2 that's I'm thinking is going down so just take this as hearsay you don't have to take this as serious gossip or anything like that this is just a point of discussion and speculation all right this is brother Leonard the true seeker coming to you with a few minutes of truth revolution


  1. Trump's Got EVERY Institution in this country in Chaos & Dissension !!! … Rev 13:3 – & ALL THE WORLD WONDERED AFTER THE BEAST !!! …

  2. Why not Jamal, a charismatic “single” preacher for the itching ears of single women looking for a chance- all while giving their hard earn tithes and offerings to keep the “business” I mean church afloat.

  3. What a horrible excuse for a local fellowship claiming Jesus of Nazareth as Saviour. New Burf needs to repent, restructure, and commit to Jesus' Lordship.

  4. I personally as pastor for almost 12 years now have recieved ZERO offerings and have ZERO salary. I worked 27 yrs on the Railroad in Phila PA while also operating a cleaning business. I retired and still operate the business. Im part of a group of pastors in this area who do the same. I personally KNOW abt 50 churches whose pastors have done the same.
    These mega churches are not the norm but small ( 50-75 -100 ) to mid size is the norm.
    Bless you just making it plain.

  5. Dr Bryant had haters before and will definitely have more haters now.. We as black people are the worst and will not forgive and pray for our own.. So sad but it's life. Dr Bryant will continue being blessed whether y'all like him or not

  6. That's right..your gossiping AGAIN…and the bible will hold you accountable to witchcraft…read it…is this really what you want to be doing when Jesus splits the sky???? No…repent and turn before its too late

  7. This Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant cat certainly has 9 church lives. I pray his wayward dick doesn't ruin this redemption opportunity for him.

  8. I wish Dr. Jamal Bryant the best at New Birth MBC.  While he may be flawed like all of us are , he needs our prayers along with New Berth and Empowerment Temple. And this is not to say that we walk in ignorance, it is to say that we should refrain from throwing rocks at someone glass house when we are living one ourselves.

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