they just moved 15 gates away guys we've got a run to make this flight you're wearing the shirt everyone on vacation shirt really we're going on vacation this is a little bit different today because you don't normally have like time in the morning on a vacation tell me whether it's a road trip or a flight so early we usually get up like 5:00 in the morning sometimes much earlier we're rushing to the airport we're getting kids out the door to hit the road early but today it's like a 20 we don't have to leave for another hour no big deal in fact we're gonna make a stop on the way exchange assuming suicide we got time guys we are ready to go we're heading to Puerto Rico today it is a full day of travel we leave our flight leaves at about 1:00 in the afternoon here locally and we will arrive at 1:00 in the morning but it's a full day of travel and if we haven't mentioned this or if you didn't know we will be flying with Dan and shel we are all together to take up one entire prosy plus a little row in front of us so we have all of us together it's gonna be so fun we do have so stay tuned for this is gonna be fun adventure have a very tight turn around in our connecting flight there isn't even a 10 minute delay on today's flight we probably won't make the connecting flight that should be a fun thing to stick around and see what happens gonna be an adventure we're gonna pack up grab our bags get them loaded head off get to the airport and get this vacation started okay okay so that Mattie's suitcase moment of truth will it done some reorganization here we've got them lined across the bottom from a DS at the top and if you cut to right here this is how we got a roll when seven of us are leaving for 11 days and that doesn't include massive carry-on it's like that we're just like fingers crossed let's try and shut this back door all I can hear it crunching I can hear crunching we can make it work we got it all the fish all the bags and all the kids are in the van we're gonna make it the reason we did this we were gonna have the onion show maybe take Maddy or a bag or something but then we realized we're coming home after them so if we can't get to the airport with everything we're not gonna able to get home so we needed to make sure it all fits so we got all the bags in all the kids in the house is empty we're not we're not in do you want to go on a cruise let's go let's go Jesco Puerto Rico where the old Rico this is the lineup we got all our bags we got all our people we're at the airport we're in plenty of time we're actually super early guys look at this here we go one two three four five six bags seven carry on seven humans eleven days here we come Southern Caribbean ABC islands I don't know what his accent is my mom locked the car seat in like a couple weeks this is so amazing looking all of these bags this is incredible I love the sight of us traveling I love the way this looks cavalcade it's not a word I got to look that up of bags and people I'm carry-ons backpacks kids just ready for adventure I love this vibe I love this look I love this family and we love you guys city you got your book they successfully made it through security and a like bishop tsa PreCheck is one of the best things that we have done this year for all of our I know it has been so easy we skip the line every time everyone's super friendly you don't think anything your bag you don't take your shoes off no but this time he goes are you guys like a YouTube family he's like I saw the camera and all the gear check us out this is how having them subscribe down below now it's a party who's ready to go cruising I know I got a purpose there's not my total random chance it's freaking party time right now let's go about to board the plane it is time to get on right now I'm gonna say this you guys know that we traditionally fly Delta that's almost like exclusive oh we fly way back up the sky miles they've got a lot of convenient destinations from here in Salt Lake City but today we did JetBlue and guys we have been so impressed with their service Tammy at JetBlue you know who you are you're amazing she remembered us we were going to do any land without mom it's like welcome back binghams how was Disneyland I'm like how do you remember that it was unreal lighting great customer service we're about to Florida JetBlue flight to JFK just found out were gonna get in Timnath other than anticipated so lucky so we should make the flight to San Juan getting in tonight at 1:00 a.m. join us for the journey everybody's got their seating assignments ever knows where they're sitting and we just found out they have complimentary drinks a little sample size everyone's fighting over by Dan and she'll me and Mom I give this advice we're gonna sit by on the airplane did you just make that basket oh yeah first time use the ABC you guys you want to see everything that we're doing on our cruise between us and the Madison's here it's hash tag ABC yeah 2019 this is the hash tag you can search that and find everything we're doing on this cruise but also check our Instagram at this is how we they go one two three four five six seven thank you thank you ABC yeah I've told you how I always travel with white I wish you could see just how gross this tray table is and this is not a knock on any particular knowledge every table we've ever seen opens up like this there are how often these get washed but I don't think it's very often we're on the plane we got our seats the seating arrangements have been figured out we got mom by the window jay-z's next to me in the middle oh yeah oh I love you so much oh my goodness same sucks that we actually in all of our flights I don't know if I've sat by hazy I'm always by the boys so this is a very fun flight for me to be with my girls this is awesome and I love you and over here guys let me show you what we got we got Michelle we got Maddie breakfast special request was to be right by and his sister his ladies and we got crew Daniel and reigai here on the love up there we're just commenting on the excessive legroom and these JetBlue flights look at this like I feel like the seat should be like right there yeah all this actually like this is crazy this is possible we just landed here we are in JFK landed in New York came into this gorgeous fiery sunset with the New York skyline couldn't get a great shot of it but it was Hicks res and gorgeous we just had though a late last minute gate change you guys know this was a tight turnaround a very tight flight turnaround we had to really hustle to our next gate so they just moved it 15 gates away guys we've got to run to make this flight no it's ten more gates come on come on come on [Applause] maybe come on that flight couldn't have gone better that JetBlue flight was incredible the service was incredible Blake's ours is amazing we're hoping for the same thing we have almost the same length of flight a few minutes longer actually on this one take it down to Puerto Rico JetBlue again same seating arrangements they did change the gate on us ten gates down little bit of hustle involved mom's cobble they're boarding now already they're closing the gates in 15 minutes so we are going to make you guys huge miracle huge blessing but that has been so far the perfect flight kids were great really everyone was really good hazy slept for half of it it really was I don't want to jinx it it was the perfect flight hoping for a repeat of that on our second flight as we head into Puerto Rico right now next stop great news you got here and they haven't even started boarding yet they're still doing their like like free check security things now we're just waiting on them which is funny that we I had to follow over here we've made it or on the flight we are loaded the section that can upgrade it's significantly upgraded plane yeah really even these holders waiting very ready to get on the plane shut the door and we're off to San Juan Puerto Rico we'll be in at about one o'clock this morning I said that a few times just keeping track as they make this announcement in Spanish I was just telling me and Michelle how cool it is when you go and look for the departing flight and you're looking on the board and that's like folksy where it is a former tow Rico there it is it's very exciting very fun because the fletcher back to back and had to hurry one to the other we have not had a chance to eat a meal today we've only had in-flight snack that's it and a something you saw in our carry-on as a result gotta order meals here on the plane the kids actually love doing that it's not something that we do all the time but it's all the way we could have dinner tonight so when everybody's ordering something so it turns out in these after-hours fight that actually don't have meals so we're stuck with snack packs again still no meals but guys are about to eat for like nine days straight on a cruise so I think broken probably better everybody else and more importantly Colorado versus oppressive elemental una idiocy CNN purchase a vehicle for preparing sunsets our photo since the ruling of Rochelle competent of violence and l-leucine thoroughness single we are open to super realistic of Hetal solar power cells around the boy alone made it to our room in Puerto Rico it's actually a fantastic room this is like the living room area back there you've got two beds in a toilet several a total of her mom's made the brilliant observations they're gonna start serving breakfast in three and a half hours here breakfast starts at 6:00 a.m. it's 2:30 in the morning you guys we've gotta find this vlog off we got to get these kids into bed we've got to get as much sleep as we can we don't wreck the first day of the group the idea for tomorrow is we're able to get onto the cruise ship at 12:30 I think it just pretty early doesn't leave until I seven eyes we might get on early give like a full tour of the ship but the kids kind of see what a cruise boats all about all stuff that's on there come back tomorrow make sure you're joining this adventure it's going to be amazing and it's just beginning and guys should we give them our first ABCA one two three hey you guys we're in such good luck we got here they haven't even started boarding why are you laughing in a very last late no late minute late a late last-minute gate change just heading in flight snacks that's all we had I'm staring right here if they're right here

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