Flat Earth, Beer and Women

previously on Heavy Metal Relics Siki
Spacek of the legendary band BLACK DEATH got controversial angry sentimental and
now the Iron Messiah returns so what’s your favorite beer I like a good German lager really I do any preference something it comes in a brown bottle with yellow labels I know what you’re talking about is that a wheat beer yeah okay yeah I love that and also I like Heineken but the most greatest beer in the world you could ever drink not this one notice I don’t show no labels I told you I’d get around your loopholes St. Pauli Girls really wow yes good German beer of course that other shit is better you only go around once right yeah so Dave said
you uh like you believe in the Flat Earth theory elaborate on that for us well it’s as
plain as the nose on your face love you can believe your own two eyes and your own senses or you believe all this indoctrinated illuminati clap Masonic claptrap they’d have been
teaching us it seems kind of suspicious to me that this heliocentric magical
balls zipping through space twenty four thousand something miles an hour
what is rotating you two thousand miles an hour yeah dodging all these objects
revolve around the Sun balderdash bullshit and bollocks
yeah that’s for the English fans there bollocks when I said it’s like a flat surface like this no not at
all the United Nations flag is the map of the Flat Earth they show this
shit right in our faces they’d never been to the moon look at
them on the moon walking on when I remember seeing it when it first
happened in 1968 on TV and he’s getting off the ladder anyone to take us for a few
steps I’m saying what about the footprints over there like whose were those? oh and when the thing is taking off from the moon yeah you see the cameras
panning is going up now they need all of these big solid fuel rocket deals right
and you’re gonna tell me that when it was time for them to get back to the ship up there they just disconnected a little modular
part and then little flame and it was enough to send them up there in outer
space yeah even though the moon only has em
how much one whatever Earth’s gravity I don’t know I have no idea right evolution and science and mathematical crap cuz all
the sciences that our beliefs are based on are nothing more than theories theory of
evolution theory of relativity the theory of this the theory of that look
with your eyes you can see the earth is flat look at the horizon you see a ship going on a lake
and he goes down put the binoculars on it pops back up there is no curve Jesus
Christ the windows in the airplanes and not to mention the fisheye lenses that
they use on these GoPro cameras whatever gives that curved effect okay but there was
a gentleman by the name of August something Picard who in 1930s went
up there in a balloon in this battle sphere thing hmm he and his associate
and he described the Earth they’ve got up over 30 something thousand feet whatever he
described earth as a disk with upturn edges that’s crazy
cuz in the core description says above us is supposed to be water really he
separated the firmament created to separate the waters above the earth from
the waters below the earth because remember earth originally was nothing but
water women you like them thin or you like them with some meat on their bones I
like them real you like them real real curvy no real here okay good that’s all that matters no actually size or whatever you know I don’t have the preferences when you hold an office such as I do such an esteemed office as the Iron
Messiah yeah beam of light hit me pretend a beam of light hittin me angelic chorus in the
background okay yeah I have the flock in the congregations there is no certain
preference so women just throw themselves at you I’ve had I’ve been approached approached on quite a few occasions about
that but that’s not my doing that’s not why I’m here
my my mission is some music to spread swift metal justice as it can only be
spread by a Cleveland metal band and especially BLACK DEATH RESURRECTED
I understand that I’m a a good catch I’m the type of guy that every woman would
like to have in their guy no not money but that helps but even more important than
money being faithful yeah if the sync all of us to a fault mm-hmm
so that helps me too you know no matter how tempting those moments may be so far she’s in Alabama I live in Cleveland is her boyfriend gonna see this? alright thank you for being on this has been awesome and you’re honestly my favorite guest so far
so it’s been great oh sorry sorry Dave

35 thoughts on “Flat Earth, Beer and Women

  1. Always like the BLACK DEATH vinyl and single but this guy is not funny at all, or maybe i dont have a sence of humor, i dont know. 7 minuts was more then enough, and i think for you too lol. Anyway, have a great weekend and stay metalllllllllllll !!!!!

  2. I disagree. and lost you, Siki.  but the Earth Is round my Friend, and the Theories you speak of make a hell of a lot more sense than these RHP books that were written and re – written several Times throughout History. (BTW: Greatest news of the WK was the Death of that Fucktard Billy Graham! )

  3. Love the Black Death record and all respect to Siki, but these videos are a chore. Like listening to someone's crazy uncle who thinks he is way more entertaining than he is. Looking forward to getting back to the usual format.

  4. Dude should start his own channel. The flat earthers get a lot of views. He'd likely be the most INTENSE flat earther on Youtube.

  5. Excellent, more truth than most of the sheeple can handle, their cognitive dissonance will automatically attack the messenger instead of discussing the message, 5*.

  6. The earth is flat and motionless just as it appears… There are tens of millions of flat-earthers, and there are going to be hundreds of millions more to come, simply because we have done our research… Try reading some books on real science… If you can read, then these books prove that the earth to be flat and motionless just as it appears… Do yourself a huge favor and research this subject matter at hand before criticizing what you do not understand. Here is a list of books about the real world in which we live in. We do not live on a spinning ball that's flying through space… All the science and evidence we have, prove the earth to be flat and motionless just as it appears.

    Zetetic Astronomy – by Samuel Rowbotham, aka "Parallax"

    Zetetic Cosmogony – by Thomas Winship, aka "Rectangle"

    Terra Firma: Earth Not a Planet, Proved from Scripture, Reason, and Fact – by David Wardlaw Scott

    Kings Dethroned – by Gerrard Hickson

    “Is The Bible From Heaven? Is The World A Globe?” – Alexander Gleason

    The Atlantean Conspiracy – Eric Dubay

    Heaven and Earth – Gabrielle Henriet

    One hundred proofs that the earth is not a globe – William Carpenter

    Does the Earth Rotate? NO! – William Westfield

    The Shape of the Earth – Arthur White

    "Chart and Compass, Sextant and Sun-Dial, Latitude and Longitude, Plumbline and Pendulum, Globe or Plane?" – The London Zetetic Society's 1887 booklet

    The Earth a Plane – John E. Quinlan

    Shape of the earth- A.e Skellam

    The Terrestrial Plane – Frederick Cook

    Is Earth a Globe Whirling in Space? – Karl Smith

    The Sea-Earth Globe and Its Monstrous Hypothetical Motions – Albert Smith

    The Enlightenment of the World – John Abizaid's

  7. here is a link to VCLT's Metal Theologian's Top 10….#1 is a surprise…..check it.

  8. If you like Black Death – buy their music here:







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