Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted – Part 12

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Want- what the? Did I see something over there? No, I think it was just the button, never mind everybody false alarm! Cue the panic later. Uh, welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted. We have two Challenges ahead of us. We've got oh, sorry we've got THREE …challenges ahead of us. We gotta get through, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Night 5, Five Nights at Freddy's 3… …Night 5, and then the dark rooms, so that shouldn't be too bad… I imagine anyway. If it is too bad, then I'm going to be mad. God, I keep thinking that you changed, but you don't change Do you? You wouldn't do that to me would you? So back to Five Night's at Freddy's 2… I don't remember exactly what to do But we're gonna find out, and I'm gonna kick the ass of every single animatronic in this place. Ahh Frick, what the hell? Hi? Oh shit, oh, wait hang on. Umm… Okay, so light, light, light, light, light, light, mask? No, shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! Okay, light, light, light, why is everything weirdly lighted? It's fine, cause I can multitask… …as long as I can multitask… …I'll be good, man okay. Alright, if that guy could just shut up- Okay if that guy could just shut up Oh, hi! That's horrifying! Okay! Yeah, this is easy. All I gotta do, lets keep this wound, keep looking at you, and when you decide to enter in here… Uhhh die! It's as simple as that. Okay, can I please, dear for the love of, jahoovises for the love of, great bIG bAZoNGaS!? Hi! Oh you are un-fun. You are the opposite of fun. Okay… Alright so I just gotta keep… WIND! Dammit, wind, everything's fine… BB: Hello! Why is this not working? Why is this not work- work wind damn it! Wind! HOOOOHHHH!! HOOHHH! Wind. OH SHIT! Okay! Hi. Oh, you're horrible Okay, wind look- AHHH fuck! Hey, how you doing? Okay, look wind, wind ,wind, WIND! Ah fuck! Okay, you go away, okay, you're good, you're good, get IT OFF! Okay, we're fine see this is called, oh fuck I don't know what to do about that, um Fuck, fuck, I don't know what to do about that, huh? Nope, that ain't gonna work. Okay, that ain't gonna cut it. You just got to get flashed, I think. I think? I don't know, is this right? This doesn't feel right. What's happening? What's happening? What's happening? What's happening? Huh, I dunno. I DUNNO. Oh fuck fuck WIND! You're back. Okay you're back that's fine. If you're back that's fine. Wind. Oh my GOD. You stupid sticky fingers! Okay, we're fine. As long as, you don't move. I just gotta be real gentle about it. The problem I'm having is that I'm panicking and if I panic, nothing good is never gonna happen to me? Nothing good is ever gonna happen to me. Can you please okay, that's some flickers Can I please okay. I don't know what that's about. Oh, fuck. Hi. I don't know what what did that do? What happened Wow OH Fuck! Holy shit. Hi. Oh my god. You're the worst. Okay Wind wind ,oh god,wind wind wiind wind WIND! WIND! BB: Hello Oh fuck! fuck off BB: Hi! Did you go did you go Ah! Fuck- Hi. Hello. Mother of God, just leave me alone and WIND! Okay, we're fine. Oh you you you you Clickclick I don't know why that happens or what it does. Flickaflickaflickflickflickfclickclickclick Flicking feels good- Ah! Hi, alright we're good. flick flick. Hi. Hello, flick flick filck. Flick. Flick. Flick flick. Nothing's gonna kill me! WIIND OH MY GOD I'm fine, fine. Flick, flickity, fick flick. Flickity flick Okay, we're fine. I don't know if that's correct, but it sure as shit feels correct. Oh boy, okay. That's what I do for flyah-Foxy. I can only assume for Anti-Foxy that it's-oo shit-that it's just as good, just as effective-you suck! You suck-no take it off – there you wind, WiNd, WIIIIIND Oh, my god wined and dined HEY! What? Fuck OFF No. Yeah. Yeah, you weren't even there. YES EASY, FIRST TRY, I'M THE BEST Easy easy Easy, even though the winder didn't wind too good. Oh Look at you! "Helpy": It's me, Helpy! Mark: Oh, Helpy! or are you FUNTIME FREDBEAR?! "Funtime Fredbear": You got me!! My disguise didn't work! Mark: Oh ya? Well, this is gonna work on you! A-DOONK!! Mark: Omae wa mou shindeiru.
(Trans: You're already dead.) "Funtime Fredbear": Nani?
(Trans: What?) Alright, so now comes… FNAF 3, and this one actually might be a little difficult. I'm gonna try to do the trick where I keep them over in Camera One. But if it's just too bit a little bit or not enough, I think maybe I'm gonna have to try to fiddle the diddles something… something a little different, okay. We're gonna tur-woah, what the hell? Woah! Oh! Oh shit! Oh fuck! BB: Haha! Oh fuck! Oh, oh god! Oh fuck! Oh, oh fuck! Holy shit! um Oh fuck! BB: Hi! Oh where's he? Oh god! Oh shit. Oh, oh, oh f-oh fuck [Jumpscare Warning] God fuck dammit! Fuck! Fuck! Ok just don't look! What? What happened? Where is he, what? Excuse me? What? Pardon me? BB: Hello. HEY! [continues to stutter in shock] WAIT A MINUTE. HOW DID YOU?! HOOOOW DID YOUUUUUUUUUU?! [Jumpscare Warning] [sigh] Alright, so that's a-that was an issue. [attempts to fight the cupcake]
[Jumpscare Warning] I'll fuck you up! Yes, right, that's right, that's right I've rolled. I did. Gonna call you immediately and you're gonna close that immediately. Yes, right, that's right, that's right I've rolled. I did. Gonna call you immediately and you're gonna close that immediately.
BB: Haha! Yes, right, that's right, that's right I've rolled. I did. Gonna call you immediately and you're gonna close that immediately. You're gonna shut up immediately. You're gonna be that immediately. I don't know why I did that ahead of time. There…she goes again. I don't know why. I don't know where he is, I don't know why he is and I don't know where he went! How. How?! How are you there? How are you there? How are you there? Oh my gosh. How are you there? Come on, come on, come on, come on! HOOOOOOOOOOOO Get back! Get back! All you gotta do is get back back! Get back back! Get back uhhh. BB: Hello. HoH fuck, okay, that's no good… Um, okay, alright he's coming there. [Jumpscare Warning] I ain't looking at you! x3 Oh shit, audio error. That's the opposite of what we want. Oh shit. x7 [in a singing voice] Don't go through that one there! [in a singing voice] Don't go through that one there!
BB: Haha! [in a singing voice] Don't go through that one there! Okay, can I please-where is he-oh shit of fuck he's already moved on! Oh fuck… Oh fuck! Where's he? BB: Hi! Kay come on, back there, yeah! [Jumpscare Warning] Okay, there we go! That's what I didn't want. Okay, there's Foxy over there! Holy shit! BB: Haha! Okay, we're gonna move him over here. He's gonna move. He's gonna m-I know he is! I know he is! x2 'Cause I got the flickiest wrist in the West!
BB: Hello. 'Cause I got the flickiest wrist in the West!
[Jumpscare Warning] The flickiest-OH fucking…WHY? BB: Hi! Oh shit, where's he? Oh fuck, okay, well I'm DOOMED. BB: Hello. DOOMED. DOOMED. Oh fuck, I'm doomed! I don't know where he is and I don't know where he's went. Idunno. [Jumpscare Warning] shit!
[Jumpscare Warning] Ah! Okay, there he is, he's over there.
[Another Jumpscare Warning] WOOAHWOOO WOOAHWOOO Okay, well, we're doomed. We're DOomed. We're DOOmed! DOOMED. I'm doomed, nevermind. Am I-am I not doomed? Am I not the doomed? Am I not doomed? I'm doomed, aren't I?
BB: Hello. I don't know where he is. HOOOOO BB: Haha! H-WAAAAAAAY Oh he's in the vent, isn't he?
[Jumpscare Warning] Really? x4 Oh fuck I'm dead, aren't I? Oh fuck, oh yeah I'm dead. Oh fuck, oh yeah I'm dead.
BB: Hello. Oh fuck, oh yeah I'm dead. Okay. This is all I can do. BB: Haha! I'm DJ Boopsalot! 'Cause all I do is boop! Oh fiddlelady, oh fiddleadum, fiddleladoo! Here comes the boop a loo! Oh shit. Where is he? I've-I've no clue… Where the fuck did he go. H-He's gone. Did he bugged out or something? I don't know where he is. I think he's in a vent somewhere, but honestly, I can't see him anywhere. So… BB: Haha! Just gonna keep do fiddlelidy, fiddledoo Got a lot of thing(s) to do! Hobidoo [continues to sing?] HOOOOBOY We're still alive! Don't know how, gotta survive! Nelly Got a big ol' bowl of jelly Where the frick did he go? Okay, I don't know what's happening. I don't know why is happening. He's gone! But uh…maybe I should just count my blessings! 'Cause for some reason I think I'm keeping them in like purgatory for some reason. I don't know why. But uh [what?] Oh, what the fuck? Oh that's just the- I thought that those were eyes! [returns to singing] I don't know where he is, I don't know what he do! Oh shit, there I go! Can't see-oh shit that's the wrong one. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die. I'm dying! x2 I really really am dying! Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh god! Oh… Piss! What the fuck is happening? Am I crazy? Am I crazy or maybe I sent him into the dark zone just by spamming this button so hard and heavy and fast. He can't take these! He can't take my level of fiddle! His diddle can't handle fiddling of this magnitude! I'm alone on a Thursday night, that's all I do. You like some of that? Well, what if I hit you with my finishing move? Aw yeah, you can't handle none of this! Yeah yeah, you close? You close? Yeah yeah get some of that! Get some of this! And this! And take some of that too! And one of these and-YEAH! Eat my dong! I'm pretty sure..I'm pretty sure I bugged that out. Mark: I've already had a conversation with you. "Plushtoy Chica": My big sister is goi- Mark: Your big sister is not going to do nothing. I'm in nightmare mode. I'm going to come after all y'all. "Plushtoy Chica": No, not like this. Mark: Oh exactly like this. But you know what? I'm not going to hurt you. "Plushtoy Chica": Oh thank you! Mark: No, it's not favor. I'm gonna make you watch as I destroy everything you've ever loved. "Plushtoy Chica": No! No, don't do that! Mark: It's too late! I'm coming for you guys. I'm coming for all of y'all. "Plushtoy Chica": Nooooo! Man I got a problem. I should probably be worried about that. Should I be worried about that? It's that a no? I don't know what this means Okay Whoo-whee hi buddy. So, what that leaves is just… the dark rooms. These-the dark rooms here, and then whatever the hell that is. That's what's left. So, we're gonna pick that up in the next episode. Thank you everybody so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed this It's good to know that I've still got bugs and exploits to beat this shit into the ground, on my side. So thank you again. There's more five nights at Freddy's stuff in the description below and as always I will see you in the next video Buh Bye! Subtitlers Note: Hope you enjoyed the captions, please let us know as well what we can improve on in the future videos. Thank you for watching! Goodbye!

39 thoughts on “Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted – Part 12

  1. I swear that bunny thingy virus looks like Candy from five nights at Candies
    (It is a really good fangame)

  2. Mark: spams button whole game



  3. Every like this comment gets I'll restrain one day from death <3 ( I'll also add a piggy snoot, like this: 🐽 )

    Starting point for snoots –
    🐽 🐽

  4. Button doesn't wind

  5. He beats night 5 on FNAF 2 first try.

    He fucked with springtrap so much he quit his job.

    He truly is the king of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

  6. Mark:*Spams button*
    Springtrap:"Oh my god, If he DOES NOT STOP. WITH THAT BU-"
    Mark:Keeps spamming then yells*
    Springtrap:"OH GODDAMN IT THAT'S IT!"
    Also Springtrap:*Crawls through the vent jerkly*

  7. Mark Quotes:

    – But you don't change, do you?
    – And I'm gonna kick the ass of every animatronic in this place- awe frick- what the HELL?
    – Shut up- SHUT UP- SHUT UP!
    – For the love of.. Jahoobazas. For the love of great- BIG BAZONGAS!
    – Wind! WINE-D!
    – Flick Flick Flick Flick Flick. FlIcKiNg FeElS gOoD
    A N T I – F O X Y
    – Even though the WINDER didn't WIND too good…
    – Gonna call you immediately and you're gonna close that- immediately. You're gonna shut up immediately and you're gonna do that immediately. I don't know why I did that ahead of time-
    spams buttons
    I'm dying! I'm dying! I'm really really 'm dying! Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh God! Oh… P i s s !- WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING
    – EAT MY D O N G !

  8. Couldn't figure out why everyone was talking about wind, then I realized they were talking about wind and it all made sense

  9. Mark, plays with dolls, and aggressively hits, and talks to them “Man I got a problem, I should probably be worried about that.” – Markiplier 2019

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