FIVE holistic ways to combat Yeast Infections

it has been said that four out of five women will struggle with a yeast infection at some point in their life if you guys tuned into our swallowing when you don't want to live stream that we did a few weeks ago you may recall that I was god awfully sick with a stomach virus I puked up all of my insides and I had nothing left not even 48 hours after the stomach virus went away I developed the worst East infection of my life now I had had one other yeast infection before in my life and it's suck this one was awful it was terrible it really sucked but the nerd in me was actually super jazzed because meanwhile I was writing this series all about our yummies and I got to use myself as a test subject I know that our gut health and our vagina health are very closely related so I was not surprised that I got robbed or 'they were ceased infection of my life after I had the worst stomach virus of my life today I am going to be talking about yeast infections and how our vagina health may actually be a reflection of our gut House on top of that I'm gonna give you five holistic tips and tricks to help protect your vagina from any unwanted yeast overgrowth hey guys my name is Sarah I am a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer and I would like to start out this video by saying that if you have ever struggled with a yeast infection or yeast infections are something that you struggle with often that it is nothing to be ashamed about just about every female client that I have ever worked with has struggled with a yeast infection in their life or some sort of candida overgrowth yeast infections are also known as vaginal candidiasis because they are associated with having an unbalanced cocktail of yeast often candida and bacteria these infections are uncomfortable and they are embarrassing and they are a huge mood killer that being said here are my five recommendations to help support a healthy vagina flora number one add in candida fighting foods you can do a lot nutritionally to help combat candida Orlick is a potent antifungal and when consumed raw it can help support a healthy gut microbiome coconut oil coconut oil contains caprylic acid Fralick acid is an antiviral and antibacterial and antifungal that has helped to treat yeast overgrowth olive oil which contains alig acid lake acid guards our body from infection and helps to support a strong immune system keep in mind that we want to consume olive oil raw and when it is heated we lose the integrity of the oil grapefruit grapefruit seed extract is commonly used in any sort of anti-candida protocol because it is a strong antifungal all of these foods that I mentioned are really really easy to add into your every day cooking so give it a try especially if you are worried about any sort of candida overgrowth number two blood sugar management sugar is a carbohydrate and carbohydrates refer to fuel having uncontrolled diabetes or dysregulated blood sugar may in fact be feeding the harmful of that bacteria that live inside your GI tract this may in fact impact the health of your yoni adding complex carbohydrates such as legumes sweet potatoes oats are really great for helping to balance blood sugar and increasing fiber number three support your immune system having a healthy immune system is incredibly important when we're trying to fight off any unwanted infection including a fungal overgrowth our immune systems are trained to silently defend us from any foreign invaders to keep us healthy since the human body is a diverse environment of many different bacteria viruses and fungi supporting our immunity is key for keeping these microorganisms balanced in healthy amounts number four consider antibiotic and birth control use did you tune into our holistic birth control alternatives live stream you may recall us saying that birth control can alter your natural gut flora as do antibiotics we take antibiotics when we want to kill an unwanted pathogen antibiotics will kill the pathogen but it will also disrupt our healthy flora which we need in order to prevent an unwanted overgrowth probiotic should always be considered when prescribed an antibiotic later on in this series I'm gonna be making a whole video on probiotics and your yummy so keep your eyes peeled for that finally number five leaving and using feminine hygiene products on your yoni I know this seems really basic but it is so important keep your yoni clean if I clean I do not mean scrubbing your yoni with perfumed and scented soaps and scrubs actually using scented soaps and scrubs can disrupt your Yanni's natural pH levels and this can lead to an irritation and infection our yo knees are actually self-governing and they can clean themselves that being said cleaning her with some warm water is usually enough top of that make sure your panties are clean I'm pretty sure that goes without saying but please make sure your panties are clean and they are changed daily with that try and change out of your gym clothes ASAP between showers if you want to wash your yoni try getting a cotton cloth get it damp with some warm water and gently pat in and around your yoni I don't know I'm going like this is my hair but roll with it trust me when I say that we take the health of our yoni for granted all of the time it isn't until an infection arises that we really appreciate the impact that a healthy yoni has for us and for our health it is all that I have for you guys today thank you guys so much for watching if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel see you next time and don't forget to eat squat and cup

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  1. Sarah
    You have sexy slimline muscles
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    Sarah you would be a perfect partner to go on naked and afraid!!!😀😀
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  2. If all women learn how to combat and prevent yeast infections, then where the hell am I supposed to get the yeast to bake my bread and brew my beer?

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