Final NSBE Tiger Giving Day 2019

We are a student-led organization and we
seek to help maintain our mission which is to increase the number of culturally
responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and
positively impact our community. We are a strong support group. We support you
academically, we help you get to where you need to be professionally, we review
resumes, we do peer reviews, we do tutoring. There were just over all here
to support our fellow minority engineers and help them succeed along the way on
their college journey. Ultimately those funds will help send 30
plus students to Detroit, Michigan. We have our annual convention every year
and that really helps our members obtain job offers, grad school opportunities,
internships, mentorships, and opportunities that you know we just
don’t see every day. The support of the Auburn family means everything. I
think it is really motivational, the fact that they still believe in us even
though they’re gone and it really just represents like that person that’s patting
you on the back saying keep going we support you, and then we believe in you,
so do your best and make it worthwhile. Thank you for the support of the Auburn
chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers on this Tiger Giving Day.

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