Fighting Animal Testing: Hilary Jones, LUSH Ethical Director

so my name's Hillary I've worked for lush since probably the first month that they opened I think I was about a month in I've done lots and lots of different jobs over the years at the moment my title apparently is ethics director I work more on talking about company values and about explaining the things that we feel very strongly about within the company to staff to customers to the outside world the people that owned lush and started it are the kind of people who it's not good enough for them to have personal ethics in their in their private lives and then run a business that's somehow different and all too often companies do that so from the very start the company obviously hasn't ever animal tested that's a really strong issue but it always had a stance about packaging it always had a stance about recycling and all sorts of things organic Fairtrade we've been doing those things right from the very start of lush we need to tell people why they need to think about what's in their cosmetics how it got there how did it get grown who's been trading you those ingredients what animals have been involved in testing it all of those things that are involved in cosmetics ingredients someone somewhere has to be speaking out about that and if it wasn't someone else then it had to be on hey so Reach is a new piece of chemical legislation passed by the European Parliament it stands for vegetation evaluation and authorization of chemicals and it covers any chemical being brought into Europe or manufactured in Europe in quantities over one ton and it mandates a new set of safety data for those ingredients unfortunately some of the data that they're demanding is going to require animal testing we think in this day and age that's unacceptable we at lush one safe ingredients it's nice to know that our environment and our country and the whole of Europe is having a strong look at the safety of chemicals being brought in but if there means that animals are going to have to die in their Millions then something's wrong and we all want safe chemicals we all want safety data we just don't want it done on animals you know this is archaic it's old-fashioned it's not a very effective way to test for safety so if you're bringing in new legislation let's have new ways let's look to the new ways of safety testing not back to Victorian methods of dribbling it into animals eyes and force-feeding rats until they die to find out data that's relevant to humans let's have modern safe effective data so we decided to put a quarter of a million pound a year as a prize fund and it goes to the individual who makes the major breakthrough for animals that year if there's no major breakthrough then we will split that money every year into five and we will award fifty thousand pounds to five people for making medium-sized breakthroughs for animals in five different areas and that's young scientists its scientific award it's a training award it's an Education Award so we've done that sort of thing where we break it up and say okay there hasn't been a major breakthrough this year but we can see the people that are working really hard and are striving out to do these things in all these areas that can make such a massive difference to animals and the amount of animals that are dying every year there is talk in North America of bringing in similar legislation to reach there's also talk I think in Korea of bringing in legislation similar to reach so it's certainly not something that's totally unique to Europe other countries look to it and wonder whether they need that kind of safety retrospective safety date testing for their ingredients and their chemicals being imported so people do need to stay vigilant people need to keep an eye on what legislation is coming in they need to make it clear to politicians that are writing these bits of legislation that it's unacceptable to have new legislation that involves animal testing and that if they're going to bring in legislation they need to bring it in so that it only involves non animal testing methods you

4 thoughts on “Fighting Animal Testing: Hilary Jones, LUSH Ethical Director

  1. Those clips of the animals made me so upset. Been cruelty free for a while now, I can't believe people can do that to animals

  2. I wish the rest of the world would be as committed to not testing on animals as LUSH. Hats off to you! I love your products.

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