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I mean Iowa right now I am headed over to Mitchel Horace farm Mitchell is the co-host for my field work podcast our field work podcast through Minnesota Public Radio I'm headed over to his field day this morning we're gonna discuss a lot of things to do with soil health and water quality and what he's got going on way down here in southeastern Iowa I would say the corn looks beautiful down here it's a lot more even there's a lot more Rolling Hills than I expected down here a lot more that corn is tasseling that's like two weeks at least ahead of ours right now I got you on camera all right I just got here it's definitely 9 a.m. in the morning I did not wait until the end of the day to do this part no so Mitchell is getting ready to have his field day well Punk Mitchell this is your your field day with continuum egg which is you give me your quick speech on what continuum egg is what you have going on today and what you're doing out here continuum AGA's of soil health consulting company I help farmers all over the place quantify to improve soil health and I'm my own guinea pig so there's my farm we're trying to wait wild and crazy stuff so this is a sixty inch row spaced corn so the row that's supposed to be right here is turned off I got some other farmers I'm working with they're trying that I work with companies like the company that was here today and trying you mean it's gonna be here today gonna be here yeah they've learnt yeah I remember it's 9:00 a.m. 9:00 AM and then we got interceded cover crop so just trying new stuff and trying to build soil health and try to figure out can we plant a cover crop really early in the year and see if we can get it to overwinter and change up the timing so Mitchell by the way I will link continuum aook down in the description if anybody's interested Mitchell is my co-host on the field work podcast you can also check us out there everything is at field work talk on what Twitter Facebook Facebook YouTube YouTube that we're on everything yeah nobody really goes on YouTube because I haven't heard a number we did 1,000 downloads well there you go so there's at least didn't know that no I had no idea nobody told us yeah well there's gonna be a season two yeah and it's gonna be even better we need more than a hundred all right so I'm gonna check out the field day that's about to happen here that's definitely not over with and then we're gonna go to Mitchell's farm and take we got to take some headshots some interviews for Minnesota Public Radio prom-prom code let's check this out it's gonna be a fun day this corn is much farther along than ours yes I have confirmed that now for sure what it should be I'm eight hours south of where I farm right next to the promised land this would be no-till this place any these suppose it's gonna be liver and onions for lunch earthworms for lunch organic free-range earthworms that sounds delicious I'm more of a gummy worm type of guy I'm gonna head cut across but I'm not going to change my nutrient rota cause I'm not going to change you know my tillage if at all at all is linked and so you making one little change in one thing and you've got to look at at all up okay I am now pulling into Mitchell's farm after a delicious meal and some good talk about soil health and soil aggregation aggregates egg air soil egg stuff we're gonna take some fun pictures here with MPR for now we got to get some nice head shots of this this ugly mug for the field work podcast I don't know I need a head shot like woo doesn't want to look at this right we're talking about taking our official photos here in the in the wheat patch I think we just do this you can tell I'm a farmer because of the wheat patch the wheat patch in my mouth see that's what we got to do with corn at home yeah you sit on the knees yep you want to explain what happened here Mitchell this is the water hem test there's the one as everybody listens to the field work podcast so it's obvious when you hear his voice yeah that he is indeed the second best radio show host ever to walk the earth yes tell me tomato give me like a no it's not debatable it's not it's not you are the second best hey you got to own that give me your elevator speech on what your farm this is our elevator it's a grain elevator okay 126 foot tall yup big elevator okay we're good corn and soybean farm we're down in Washington County Iowa so southeast Iowa corn soybeans we do a lot of stuff with cover crops we got a little bit of wheat this year I think you have to say it like wheat there's an agent yeah front of the W at W now we're trying to experimenting and we've been farming I'm think I'm a seventh-generation here been farming in this area for J I saw the thing in we're like three or four years away from 150 years okay alright so this is a wheat bin this is is this all of the wheat what are you gonna put in the rest of the bin on Friday so the day after the fourth of July we harvested a wheat maybe we'll go see the field later it's kind of cool because there's also soybeans growing underneath the wheat we have a real a crop so we had wheat growing and we put beans into the wheat and then we harvested the wheat over the top and that's crazy how we spread it all out yep two crops spread it all out because we're gonna replant this week for coming up so then when you come back and harvest the soybeans this fall you'll put them in this bin on top of the wheat we got to do a wardrobe change now so I'm headed off to the hair and makeup trailer which is which is right here I'll put it on my tailgate wait wait wait wait say that again no no no no you said no Mitchell he ran the battery dead on his red tractor I killed it see you guys it can't happen to red tracker that's because I was pulling the gear off of the green precision planting equipment I'm just gonna cut them off in the middle of excuses this is what a real farm looks like so you've got a red planter with some precision gear on it it's all decked out okay this helps us to really plant into the cover crop what yep Delta for Solomon it's got trash rivers on it this is our starter fertilizer it goes down in furrow so in furrow started fertilizer and now we've got two different starter fertilizer tanks on it and two different seed tanks on it so I can run two different hybrids one on each side of the planter and I can switch back and forth to my starboard tanks so like for that trial that's how we did it yeah so we had their seed treatment in one half of it okay as I turned I had 12 rows treated 12 rows untreated and then I would turn got gotcha between one product versus yup to the other product so you can run the same you can either or tank can go to any Rose it's not like a split yeah okay yep but the the plumbing for the seed gotcha so you can't switch that yep right what you can set to and you can no okay this one is treated this one is untreated very different hybrids or whatever so do you put nitrogen on with this yes yeah 32 percent you am so your split applying with that yeah yeah so we're typically like five passes really oh okay we'll see so most anhydrous then ammonium sulfate in the spring a mess yep and then machen going on with the planter and then going on with the herbicide or any other just full of your pass sure so just as a carrier why not so maybe I'll get like 25 units total you're done now though or right or will you go but I would more have a little bit more if we need to and if we need we can put drops on this okay they're not why drop so nothing they'll just dribble it down the middle yep and so we have some options to be able to use it but yeah this in 1990 older than me it's a millennial it's a millennial Heggie is that the Hagee millennial it's gone through a lot but most Millennials have just asked them it's gone through some tough times and it likes to complain uh-huh you know complains it's it's finicky yeah I talk nice to it sure you don't want to hurt its feelings it's not as bad as having a red dragon those are sensitive it's terrifying careful Annie Mitchell you said the dog's name is case case don't break down in there he tries to look tough just pet her Annie I I was doing a pretty good job but then this habit we got all kinds of tests going on but this one's kind of cool this is a real a crop so what we did was we we drilled in wheat last fall yeah it's a cover crop then this spring on April 25th we drilled soybeans into the week and usually then you spray it off and kill it right you know you use it over the winter and then you just spray it off that's cover crop but this one we let it keep on growing in last Friday July 5th we came out here and we harvested over the top of the beans you see we ran some over and that's fine yep ran some over and we had the header the bean platform just our normal platform just high and we on where we have beans underneath we had it extra high because we didn't want to get into the beans but now I've got beans that are grown out here that were planted super early and this ground is super hard so this is where you harvested the wheat from that was in the bottom of the bin which which will be your cover crop seed for this fall and you're still gonna get a soybean crop off of this yeah so look so I've got soybeans out here that are flour and that look awesome and growing right next to wheat yeah growing together and we harvested some of that wheat so this has no herbicides on it no fungicides on it no insecticides no nothing because we're letting the wheat suppress the weeds and it's all free range wheat free range so it rains we free-range soybeans there is extra GMOs in it okay but good next destination to the water the photo of us examining soil near a water source nothing specific just weirdly water oddly specific we thought about just like spraying sprinkler cuz it's really hot out here right and then and we were gonna like kind of frolic in that makes it we're very plain just find water and soil more like make a very awkward very legit photo shoot situation that water wasn't good enough water is not good enough we gotta find some new water around here we need better water photographers man Mitchell has corn that is silking some already corn look at how big that guy's that's gonna be alright it's gonna be alright excited we found our water it's been a day I peed in your field well that certainly was fun and interesting I want to thank Mitchell and his family and MPR for getting us down here today why was he dinging stupid seatbelt laws anyway I had a lot of fun today Mitchell's a great guy I really have a lot of respect for him and his dad and his family for doing all the the testing that they are around here with work on things like no-till and cover crop and real real a crop and 60 inch corn all kinds of fun stuff they got going on they're sharp guys sharp family fun stuff and again I encourage you to check out our fieldwork podcast we're going to start working on season two real soon here and we're actually going to be doing a live event in Morton Minnesota at farm fest under the main tent on August 6th at 3 o'clock in the afternoon so come under the tent watch us record live hopefully we can do some interacting with the audience and we're going to have a lot of fun and thank you for watching guys I appreciate it that's it bye

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  3. Have you herd about E.Coli????? The internet says it is a disease in cows. It also says “the contamination was manure spread on a farmer's field near one of the town's wells.” The water was contaminated from farmers and people are getting killed and seriously injured from it.

  4. So, my question is. Now forgive me cause I know absolutely nothing about farming. I just come here to learn and watch the amazing content you put out. But if he uses wheat and beans as a cover crop, how would he harvest and separate both of them?

  5. It's one thing to flaunt the seat belt laws on video, but to blow a stop sign while on camera (see 13:12) takes it to a whole new level!

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