Field to Fork – Episode 4 "Health and well-being"

so you too what do you think about local food so far I need to go home and tell mom and dad how it's good for the environment and good for our local economy too and usual I think he's well quality Joe you're a genius how he's of great quality and keeps you really well what's the last point I was coming on to Sophie you can now tell your parents exactly where the milk we produce is from yeah look I was in that field Joe you can tell your parents where that egg I gave you came from out of her hands warm backside exactly and when the customer knows where their local food comes from and the fireman knows the customer who's eaten his produce he'll strive to make it the best quality and the most healthy he can manage and because local food don't have to travel he's much fresher it don't need preservatives so that's healthy too okay you two I think your bikes are just about fixed there you go thanks farmer Hartke we'll see you tomorrow and we come back with mom and dad to get some local food our Pelham local food is like riding a bike good for the environment and just like my pedals Nick the wheels go around buying little Nick's and money go around to well just make sure you don't fall off again bye bye you

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