Feral Kitten Socialization – Adapt and Overcome

for their feeding this is what I worked out and works the best right now it will evolve they get every two to three hours a half a can of Friskies pate different Ronnie's I was trying to feed them the nature's instinct but right now they need to gain weight which means they need to eat I will work on shifting them over to the better food as soon as I can but they were they weren't eating it and this is what they were eating outside so they get half a can with water and I the chine that plates work the best they if you try to feed them on bowls or anything like that thing just kind of push it all to the sides and then they don't eat the side but this they can kind of step on it they can get in it and they can eat it and they'll lick the plate clean they are a little bit more expensive but they have to be kind of the heavy-duty because I add water to it and the other ones get to flopping right before bed I still have one of these with the milk replacement I have noticed though last night they didn't drink as much they ate all our food and didn't drink as much of the milk so I really think only a couple more days of the milk and they'll be totally on wet food that seems to work the best it's when they eat the mouse and they all three will eat their feeding schedule has hand to me adapting Oh several times it's just it's hard to know and they're weaning off of formula I know I'm giving them a whole can every I would take three hours and they're eating pretty much all of it I mean there's always some like stuck to the play they're pretty much eating a whole can every three hours one of the little um frisky scams I'm still giving them the milk right before bedtime and everyday it's being drink a little less so you know I think they're they're weaning pretty good I haven't put out any dry food yet because I want to talk to do that first I have to put out now I'm decided I have a can on two different plates and I put one and over here and then I put one on this side because I think the gray one was kind of guarding the food and I just I don't want you know that to be a problem is she she may not have been but it just seemed like she was setting by the food a lot and so just to make sure that wasn't a problem I just put two plates out now which seems to work pretty good anyway from here to over here because I got to thinking the most feral cats want news like a covered litter box I think because they don't feel safe a lot of people like those and so I thought will try I put this under here because it's kind of covered and I may actually when they're a little bit farther along get a covered one just so they can get used to going in either one but they're doing pretty good now I do have some mishaps but as you can see they don't cover it very well and I have cleaned this one up there was litter oh it is so funny because they'll be litter like up here and over here but they're getting in there pretty good on this one now I'll show you one of the problems but if you're squeamish don't look okay this is their second litter box area and as you can see I've cleaned out the box itself but I left everything else to show you that's what it looks like now she's playing with the red ball with the litter box under the bed the reason I put it there it's because I used to have it lunge grave blankets and pajama they were going in the blankets in pajamas put a little mark there or you know the problem with that is is that is so shallow that they get the litter all over the floor and then they go to the bathroom in the litter that's on the floor and none of the three have what I would call don't really have diarrhea but it's loose pretty sure that's normal because you know they're switching over to different food so we'll see ask to their personalities Aurora is still the only one that will voluntarily let me hold her now a mouse I can entice out with a toy and kind of just pick them up but it takes about 15 minutes of play and I hold him I think it's my body and talk to them and kind of rock him for a little bit and then when he starts getting fidgety I will wrap him like this in a blanket and play with him with a toy and you've all seen how war is she's crazy she's over there in the shoes meow I'm trying to find mouse he's up here the gray one I'm gonna be honest I have only held the gray one about five times and it's almost been for four whole days she's coming to play I can't I have to like actively chase her to catch her and I don't want her to be traumatized when I do catch her I try to hold her as long as I can without her freaking out but she's just not easy and I play with these two under the bed a lot with that string toy so she can watch and I'm hoping she'll just see these two playing with me he's over here to here you

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  1. Sorry, my comment looks like it went to wrong vid, should be with the one where you took them to the vet back to back, sorry. It must have went to another video before I finished my comment..lol.

  2. My heart also goes out to these babies, and to you too. I know its hard on you as well. But they are in good hands !. Also I hope you don't mind me asking, I know how important your privacy is but I noticed your donation address is Jacksonville, Arkansas and was just thinking if you did live there we are almost neighbors. I live in North Little Rock, Arkansas and just thought how cool that would be. take care.

  3. Hi Community Cats love the kittens. Don't worry about how fast each warms up to you. Give them time don't push. Leave the litter box open. And when they start eating only solid food the poo should get solid also. Love the last part with them playing it was like watching an old silent film. Had a good laugh.

  4. Splash and Simba (and Stella) all ate that same Friskies Pate when they were living outside and they grew up healthy and strong. I would think once they're off the formula their poop would be more solid. The baby monitor footage was priceless! Aurora looks like she's going to be quite the diva…

  5. OMGoodness they are adorable!!! Reminds me of the litter I took care of in 2011. You are doing a fantastic job!! They will get better with the litter box as they get older. I've found most, not all cats like uncovered litter boxes. I don't have covered boxes for my two. I actually had a spare huge hall closet. I installed a cat door and made it a litter closet. It gives them privacy without being confined. Thanks for the update. Keep the videos coming!! I know it's a lot of work but you are doing great and we appreciate you taking care of these babies and hopefully getting them adoptable!!

  6. Re Chinet Plates: After they eat, if you rinse the Chinet Plate under hot water (no soap), any residual food will simply rinse away. Dry with a paper towel right away then let it air dry….You can re-use those plates several times. Cuts down on cost.
    Aurora is ADORABLE. She's going to be absolutely adoptable, should you choose to find her a forever home. Also, with a little more patient work, Mouse will come around & become totally people friendly, I think.
    You're doing a great job! πŸ™‚

  7. I think you are doing a wonderful job. All cats even as kittens have their own unique personalities. I also do not believe in forcing them into situations that may stress them out. Let them make up to you. I have 3 kittens born here last Feb. that didn't use the litter pan in the beginning but as they grew they learned. Just have to have patients. Lol

  8. So cute! Maybe you could block off the bed with gates or something so they can not hide, or even keep them in a bathroom for a little so they can not hide from you. This way the socialization process goes faster and easier. Just a suggestion. You are doing great.

  9. You are doing an amazing job! I heard a cat expert say once not to use covered litter boxes because they contain the odors in that enclosed space and cats may not like going into it because of the strong odors and that it could lead to litter box problems, so I haven't used them since I heard that.

    What is the status on their mom?

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