Feelings Versus Emotions

So today, a topic we haven’t
covered before, at least not directly, but it was requested by one of you folks. And
that is healing, you know, consciousness. And as we heal, we come to know the
difference between, something very important that most people don’t even
think about, there is a difference between feelings and emotions. And as we
heal, we come to know that there is a difference, but for some reason most
people don’t understand that there is a huge, huge difference. They sound the same,
even I you know when I use the the word emotional might say a feeling
such-and-such by its just accident or it flows off of our tongue more easily
sometimes we’re used to it but there’s a very dramatic difference between
emotions and feelings or feelings and emotions feelings are something that are
spiritual both are expressions they’re expressions of where we’re coming from
emotions and feelings but most human beings think they’re the same
the very first book I ever wrote is the seven initiations on the spiritual path
subtitled understanding the purpose to life’s tests and in that I talk about
our lessons for each chakra you know lessons in life related to each Center
because people are not actually having experiences that they think they’re
having they think they’re just having arbitrary experiences all of life’s
experiences are about our developing growing awakening all of them doesn’t
matter if you like the experience you don’t like it somehow our soul is saying
we need to do some work and so each Center when you say I have some physical
things going on you’re working you’re working on your root chakra financial
things root chakra when you say I’m having two relationships you know going
on issues going on you’re working you don’t have in relationships
that’s not how spirit ever sees these things how are you doing all
relationship issues oh you’re kidding those huh you know that’s not how God
sees us God’s gonna be more like all I know is you are fine-tuning yourself
until you ultimately remember who you are so it’s all about this remembering
what seems to be learning and healing which ultimately leads towards you
the remembrance but it’s us working on our centers so when you say I’m having
this go on that what you’re really saying is I’m working on this Center or
that Center that’s all that’s really happening so when I wrote that book and
was describing the emotional center versus the heart center because no the
heart center is not your emotional Center people just think it is that’s
not it your emotional center is your navel
Center some people say oh isn’t the emotional Center the solar plex is too
complicated to get in and explain all that right now but let’s just say
generally speaking the emotional center is your navel Center the belly your
emotions that’s different from the heart so when I wrote that book there was a
part of me that thought I better not go there because it’s not known enough and
maybe not acceptable enough so I thought what the hell you know made man oh my
whatever let’s just get it in there irritate him so I just went ahead and
put it in there and then a couple of other big teachers finally came out and
said yeah there’s a difference and I was really really grateful to see that in
here that because folks need to understand stop confusing a divine a God
feeling with a human feeling human feelings our emotions the word emotion
can be translated in motion which means I’m off center
I’m not centered I’m in motion something is stirring that somebody could
interpret that and go but that’s amazing when we’re in motion well yeah whatever
not really because centered there’s an emotion with center it’s called a
feeling a God feeling but there’s not enough teachers on this topic we have to
make this really well-known like people have made other ridiculous things
well-known that aren’t necessary to make well-known let’s make well-known the
things that are really important such as there are God feelings and there are
human feelings ultimately we as humans should be able to feel God feelings but
we separate the two both God feelings and human feelings I’m using the word
feeling you know in both not to confuse but God feelings and human emotions
let’s say well of them are expressions that’s true both
are expressions of something going on where within us we say you make me angry
it’s not actually possible for another person to make you angry they’re rubbing
up against something that’s triggering the anger but they didn’t actually take
anger mold it slap it on your energetic body and download it to you you didn’t
you can’t make me angry what you’re doing I’m allowing to irritate me
but I still have the buttons have we talked about this a week or two ago in
one of the talks you know just that why are the buttons there so we have to work
on healing and releasing the buttons and then there’s less that people would seem
to be able to do but those emotions those are in me I’m set into motion by
you that’s what it means you make me angry oh you broke my heart you set me
into motion is what that means instead of I was able to maintain my Center and
ultimately that’s where we will be but people are so far from it they can’t
hear this talk very easily because they go this is just too far I’m nowhere near
that so I feel irritated listening to Michael talk about that so I can’t I
don’t want to hear it you see because they seem like it’s it just seems like
it’s too far from their ability to accomplish but it is not we just have to
choose it I’m not going to give you a speech some people will tell you you
know what you need to do you need to just conquer your emotions and have none
no no that’s not my thing at all other people are the opposite are gonna
say you need to embrace your emotions you know that rage just be with it well
then I’ll choke you if I’m just gonna be with it so we don’t really want me to be
with it you’re only telling me that because it sounds kind of new agey why
don’t you just be without emotion so it’s only when it’s convenient people
want to say that because they don’t know any real way of dealing with it I
wouldn’t say to somebody oh you’re you’re you have struggled with an
addiction just be with it indulge go ahead just relax into it get
extra high or whatever it is you know I wouldn’t say the opposite either
I won’t shame them for doing what they do then what’s the answer
it’s neither do nor don’t do I’m sounding non-committal the answer is
somewhere in the middle a center where I will do what I can and accept what I
can’t I will work on that addiction but I do slip you see the the casualness of
that it’s okay the Bible tells you there’s only one purpose for regret and
that is did you learn something not beat yourself up with regret so there are
lots of human emotions and they’re not all negative mind you don’t get I don’t
want to give that impression do you know that happiness is a human emotion it’s
not a divine expression it’s a human expression I’m happy I’m excited see
human emotions even the positive is one of positive ones are related to
stimulation I got something I wanted I feel great
let’s see it’s still based on me getting me wanting it’s still human so we have
this spiritual center and then we have this human self so some emotions come
from the human self and they’re totally not real emotions not real feelings so
there’s three types basically you could say of feelings / emotions one a
complete illusion and is ego based and those can be positive or negative
I could feel great about beating someone out in the deal or a poker game or
whatever people do you know I want you lost when lose is not a divine feeling
it’s a human emotion but it’s a good one because I feel great
not really you not feel great you’re having a stimulated moment there’s all
kinds of drugs that will create stimulations coffee I’ve never had
coffee in my life I never really understood I’ve never even sipped the
stuff but I’ve never really understood that people go ahead my coffee man they
look like they’re the walking dead and then they
have you know this is only my third man I can’t wake up until I get my okay I
mean a no big deal I mean that’s fine do you know do what you want to do but it’s
interesting to me because a human feeling says I actually like being here
I like being alive I don’t need something to wake me up I actually enjoy
me enough to just want to be awake when you have to drugged yourself to be awake
that’s human emotion that’s down that human emotion needs stimulated to be up
as a human emotion I need my human emotions that are now down in the dumps
to be stimulated up and that’s a really good description of any form of
addiction including codependence I’m nothing without you
you know just picture I mean you know there’s either there’s one already made
or there will be one some sort of a commercial based on you know cappuccinos
or yeah that’s a lot of coffee right a cappuccino or espresso or whatever those
things are you know and it’ll be you know just just petting that copier you
know there’s got to be one already made her it’s going to be made I get a
percentage of that commercial if you’re out there making it okay okay yeah so
it’s like it’s it’s just that’s how people are just the I’m in love with
this thing but what are you in love with stimulation why cuz I need it and that’s
why people think they’re in love love with a lowercase L is a human emotion
it’s not a divine expression it’s a human emotion any so there’s positives
and negatives but they’re totally an illusion I said there’s three types of
feeling / emotions one total illusion stimulus I get what I want I really like
that person oh I’m so in love because they make me feel good that’s it that’s
a drug that’s codependence and it could be negatives too you make me angry you
know I’m reacting to you the first category is completely based human
expression the second one is still human expression emotion so the lowest one is
human emotion could be higher low could be happier not you know but it’s coming
from ego the second one is also human emotion but what’s nice about it is
you’re trying to be more real if I say to you you make me sad it’s my tantrum
it’s an ego that’s the first category when I say I really struggle with
sadness it’s starting to become still human emotion but it’s honest it’s I not
you are causing you are giving me happiness but I struggle and so when you
start talking about your core emotions and your struggles and your you know
yeah I’ve just you know dealt with abuse as a child I was abused and it really
took a toll on my self-esteem even though you’re still talking about human
emotions you’re being real about it and that’s very cool not the highest there’s
a third category but that’s very very cool so at the very least let’s work on
shifting from broken ego based human emotion to healing human emotion I’ve
done talks are DVD sets healing one and healing two they talk about a lot of the
human emotions regret and and betrayal and all these kinds of it’s great to
just delve in if you’re a counselor or a healer or just any human being delve
into those DVDs so you can study a bit more about human emotions you know and
get to know yourself but going into those topics you get into that second
category you get into this is what I’m feeling inside and that leads you to the
third eventually you can’t just jump from ego based emotions to divine
feelings in between those two you have to become more real you have to heal
that’s where you’re doing in that second group you’re doing a bit more like your
step work in the 12-step programs you know you’re doing step work you’re
looking at yourself what makes you tick what’s going on here self inventory but
the third group that’s more of a divine feeling and they they’re two positives
you know you’re looking at love like the positives like love there’s a human love
but it’s not the same lowercase L oh hell whenever I do paperwork or when
I’m writing things that I’m supposed to write for unity of Sedona in our
paperwork or whatever almost always I capitalized love peace joy abundance
capitalize them and some people you know there’s always the the editor which is
you know like a funny expression of the human ego no you don’t capitalize those
I do so why capitalize them because I’m
saying they are synonymous with God so remember they’re called God feelings
love peace joy abundance oneness bliss their God feelings technically if you
could only say one word affiliated with God associated with God synonymous with
God any of them are wisdom as well wholeness they’re all synonymous with
God but if I could only use a needed to you only use one I would choose the word
bliss because when God is not doing anything this is human interpretation
not really but when God is not you know expressing love and joy in and through
us as us God just still God just is it still is something and it is love and it
is peace and joy but the best word is really bliss because bliss we can
understand is sitting in it it’s just sitting in bliss it’s not even a thing
it’s doing love can sound like it’s an action bliss is just being so it’s a
great word but as soon as as soon as God expresses in and through this and that’s
just more of a side note but as soon as it expresses in and through it becomes
joy and love and everything else but there are God feelings and if anybody
anybody has heard me speak more than once you can immediately start picking
up that Michaels consistent about that he teaches that God is the same God is
synonymous with love peace joy abundance got that and there those are therefore
God feelings one is not superior to another because in God all is the same
now humans even spiritual teachers they’re going to say God is all things
there for God is also love and hate happiness
and sadness no those are simply unev teachers that do not sadly they do not
understand that it is possible for something to just be good just to be
perfect all the time no God has to have bad days
no no God’s got no PMS God’s got no job loss God’s got no hormonal stuff nothing
had this none of this has to do anything you know to do with God God is I am and
we are as well but we forgot to get back to it we remind ourselves God is a
Course in Miracles tells us you are love light peace and joy you are those things
first of all because God is than I am and we are that can’t be changed thank
God oh no no I’m having a bad day no it
doesn’t matter how bad your day is doesn’t matter what’s been done to you
and it doesn’t matter what you’ve done ever in history and some of us have done
some of the grossest things you can imagine or had done to us
however there is a part in us a perfect spark of God so perfect so pure it’s so
strong its strong in its innocence no people took my innocence people can only
stimulate a human reaction there’s something so deep inside nothing can
harm it not just because it’s hidden so deep inside we’re using the metaphor
it’s so hidden deep inside as a metaphor of their layers around it that made me
you know you know he made it easier for me to forget Who I am
there is this core of God presence nobody has ever harmed it or affected it
in ever in any way and the more we learn to access that part which is a a process
described in different teachings in you know different ways
really really good like Mahayana you know Yoga and Buddhism
a certain conforms of Buddhism will will teach some of these ideas like they’ll
say you know a train your mind well your you know what are you doing right now
you know who are you well I’m Michael no now go deeper then
what well I’m made up of of history and up deeper than that deeper than and you
peel off layers and then as soon as you get to I’m this perfect light no beyond
that because you’re still talking the layers oh that I’m gonna let go of the
talker you’re still talking and you work this as an exercise until suddenly it
hits see while you’re still thinking of doing it you’re still thinking therefore
it’s not done it’ll it but it happens and I always describe it as this if you
ever took a koi or or any form of fish you took it and you held it in the water
right it out after being outside you drop it slowly into the water like so
and it starts moving a little bit but you you let it go and there’s this that
it does the initial splat and then you know splash and then it starts to it’s
all of a sudden where is it it did is it is it really in the water or has it
become part of the water it’s not splashing the water with its fins its
navigating the water with its fins it’s in the water it’s as the water and
that’s what happens when we work on letting go of the layers of the false
self who am i today I’m happy the more you are going off of human emotions the
sooner they’ll be gone unfortunately the ones that are the most negative human
emotions stick the longest and I’ve explained that before their
understanding and medical science now that the brain actually treats negative
emotions like velcro those stick sooner and more tenaciously than positive
emotions well that’s bloody unfair you know how come how come positive ones
don’t stick as much because we didn’t create it that way we
created what we think we see of ourselves there’s this perfect
expression of God then there’s layer upon layer of our opinions I was this
perfect beautiful innocence and now I’ve I’m winded it doesn’t matter what you do
to try to protect your version of yourself this human world has a way of
breaking it down breaking us down you know we come to this world you can beam
in just perfectly as spirit you can just beam in and it just taken be a matter of
time it’ll take a toll you could beam in perfectly glowing you know you can come
in and go to high school glowing be you know like the movie powder you know this
being with all these unique skills but it’s just a matter of time bullies are
gonna be all over you male or female why are you glowing you’re weird you
think you’re better than us you know this is what they do so it and it takes
a toll it really does because we’re still identifying with being human
beings if I’m a human being human hurts are going to take a toll on me aging
process and everything else takes a toll the more we identify with spiritual
being the less they take a toll but it’s interesting to me the less we identify
with one we finally get to allow the spiritual self to come forward when you
do you start to fill because it’s like a karmic payoff I start to feel more
divine feelings and the more I own divine feelings the more I’ll feel more
divine feelings but it is something we have to nurture you can’t sit around and
say oh I you know I I go to unity of Sedona I don’t understand why don’t I
have just a constant divine feelings because you have to breathe this in you
have to integrate whatever whether it’s here or anywhere else you listen study
meditate pray wherever you go you still have to own it you have to integrate
these things you have to become them you can’t just go I’m still listening with
one ear and then out the other it goes you have to start to just really breathe
it in the same as I do that’s what I work to do every day how can I
read this in more you know if I were to to go and do a talk here and it’s
broadcast all over the world and just think to myself all these minions
they’re just never gonna get it I then would lower in consciousness when I’m
sharing I leave high on I arrive I come high like there’s a vibe I breathe it in
and I do my best to take it with me the hardest part in my opinion at least for
me and I think it’s true for a lot of people is to be in that high and then
deal with the mundane world because you can leave going I’m just like
practically ascending today’s talk the meditation
the songs that we were all just in such a deep process you know and then go to a
grocery store in this town or whatever and something irritating can happen you
go oh I lost it now I gotta wait till next Sunday you know just because people
say and do just such ridiculous things and I mean they could be just such just
just such ridiculous things you sometimes I’m just amazed at how silly
and ridiculous they can be but it’s still a test everything is about
learning and healing so it’s still a test you can’t go oh at the grocery
store the gas station wherever you go you know had it not been for that one
comment I might have been able to maintain my Sunday high at least till
Monday afternoon and it’s tempting to do that I mean it is for any of us it’s
tempting you know I mean I can leave here going you know just feeling great
feeling high singing Aquarius you know to myself or whatever but if one of you
was driving through the parking lot and you ran over my foot I probably wouldn’t
be singing Aquarius you know I mean wow I mean you know it’s something that that
hurts we were building a the brick wall the
big rock wall out there next to the labyrinth eight years ago and it just
happened to where one of the big boulders we were guiding it into place
and then they dropped it but my hand was in it so it pulverized
my fingers the bones inside now when that happened we were all high like this
is just great we’re building the labret well we were excited and high in one
rock and another excited as we’re building this because it’s such an
amazing inspired experience but that’s not what came out of my mouth when they
dropped the rock hey I had a mantra but it wasn’t love peace joy it wasn’t I
swear I never had a problem with anybody involved and you should’ve done it
that’s what you don’t need to do that but for the moment oh you know and I
knew don’t look don’t look you know cuz it’s just you know everything it just
split it open it everything just shot out every direction so it’s like wow and
it and it hurt hey I guess that was obvious but but it hurt but I just said
I’m gonna sit down because I could feel the temptation of the body to go into
shock you know so I just I observe so when you’re having physical or emotional
experience as a human being try to remember to become the observer I’m not
the pain I’m not the rejection I’m not the betrayal of you this is what’s
happening to test me and it’s testing me to go one of two directions always one
of two directions choose whom he will serve God or mana reality or illusion
choose who you’re going to serve so whether it’s this thing or visit you
know emotional struggle or your relationships struggle what are you
gonna do with it I have two options can I perceive this from just human emotion
that’s automatic that kicks in automatically just like it seems unfair
that our negative emotions lock in like velcro positives or they say in medical
science are like Teflon positive emotions and beliefs and thoughts in the
brain the human brain move through the brain like everything’s made of Teflon
positives are not made to adhere or remain that doesn’t make any sense but
that’s how we manufacture the world we live in the ego based world that’s why
we hear there is your world and there’s a world that
God created you tried to build your world around heaven and then experience
life outside that wall the Great Wall so to speak you built a wall around heaven
there’s bliss and happiness in here and you all live outside like an exile so of
course it’s survival of the fittest so of course the emotions you’re going to
feel our emotions of hurt and hate and fear and lack but there’s still a way to
access that inner how do I get to that place it’s nowhere you go it’s already
here that’s the first thing to remember I don’t have to do anything I kind of do
but first I’m going to say I don’t have to do anything to earn it
it’s actually already here so what’s the work I would need to do take down the
walls and then I would find it I don’t have to pray enough to earn God’s love
to shine some light down upon me from up somewhere in heaven it’s right here left
within me in this altar in my heart I need to access higher spiritual feelings
no better way then to start developing God feelings when you do talk when you
talk about I’m so happy I’m so sad whenever you talk do your best to think
about the words I’m not trying to make you overly you know hyper language
conscious but just to some degree think about the wording you’re using and say
to yourself like if you say I’m happy remember if I’m happy
behind happiness is joy of God I’m feeling relaxed behind relaxed the peace
that surpasses understanding behind every human emotion hidden behind them
even positives is a divine feeling I want more of those divine feelings
that’s what I’m heading for that’s what I’m looking for how do I get to that
place first by recognizing when you’re having negative human emotions and
taking responsibility for those second recognize of course also happy the
positive human emotions and then ask yourself even when you say
I’m so happy didn’t just go ahead and ask yourself would we like to stay we
want to keep it at just happy yes anything beyond that’s gonna be a bit
too much for me I think some people can say that but when you’re ready you can
say you know what I’m gonna go for it I’m gonna go all the way with this numb
not only do I feel happy I’m gonna now allow this to be turned into joy I feel
kind of calm and relaxed I’m gonna shoot for tranquility any word that you
believe you’re feeling positive or negative for that matter ask if you’re
ready for it to turn into something sublime and what it does is it all of a
sudden it deepens you know one is a little more stimulus even to my nervous
system like a stimulus like I’m excited see excitation and stimulation are
related to human positive emotions the same is true for the negative human
emotions but they’re they’re not stimulating me into an up sometimes it
down human emotions but there’s something beyond so remember anytime
you’ve ever thought you felt a positive human emotion it was still a limited
version of an emotion because a feeling is waiting just think anytime you know
recently you might have felt a pretty positive you know experience it’s not
too late even if you remember God I remember I was I was so happy back in
1989 and this was happening that you can actually reflect back to a past
experience and trust me your nervous system and the neurons in your brain
hold a memory of that happy moment and the emotions with it you follow because
emotions are still part of a chemistry in the body because they’re still
limited to chemistry and molecules and so on divine feelings are like waves of
quantum energy rather than particles they’re just waves that’s why it’s
called the peace that surpasses understanding it’s not you know you know
Jesus or anyone else speaking of in terms of there is a peace that can be
put in a box and looked at on a shelf it’s
way beyond what humans can encapsulate or understand so some are like little
you know objects that can be framed that’s my happiness day and that this is
when I was pretty excited this is you know that’s me at graduation day you
know and take the Hat and they throw you know you know happiness and excitement
that’s my wedding day you know and and look how happy I was and I was going to
get married for the first time and so on there are people who have gotten married
a few times but but a lot of them that third one down the line they felt closer
to joy than they did then they didn’t the first time around the first time
around in their immaturity it was excitement it was stimulation and
excitement oh my god I’m getting married you know that sort of thing it’s it’s
just a different vibe the other one is almost like more mature now having said
that children no children can know just by experience they may not articulate it
but they know internally what a divine feeling is and we gradually lose that
and replace them with stimulation called human emotions to get by you know
if you could check in you could go WOW you know when I was one or three months
older but I remember just wow the world if you could remember to be like wow
right and then something happened between then and now now I don’t even
want to open my eyes each day you know but a coffee will do it so we find we
find ways to supplement so that we don’t become suspicious that we’ve lost
something so human emotions are a form of ego
distraction so that you feel something at all
and not become suspicious how empty you actually feel because the human emotions
that human beings feel are not real they’re they’re completely synthetic so
when you’re feeling them you’re actually pretending to feel something so that you
don’t realize how dead you are without God so instead of just getting by going
while I’m doing pretty good with my life I’m a
courageous I’m a confident person confident there another human emotion
you’re not you’re not in the knowingness of god you’re just humanly confident
yeah but I’m also happy yeah you’re not in the joy of God you’re stimulating ly
happy kind of excited oh that’s me excited see it’s still you’re
compensating and you’re making up for things and if you’re gonna have human
emotions god bless you if they’re positive ones cuz that’s a little better
than how you doing today mostly lonely rejected and betrayed thanks for asking
you know those are a drag they are but but I would rather be able to say I
don’t know what it is but I’m really feeling a lot of old rejection stuff
coming up rather than oh I’m happy if it’s not real remember I said positive
or negative emotions can either be completely fabricated from our ego or
they can become more real heartfelt I don’t mean heart literally like heart
chakra but I’m saying they’re heartfelt where we say I’m feeling sad today and I
don’t know what it’s about but I’m going to look at it that you know that’s more
advanced or evolved a heartfelt real look at abandonment is better than a
false human happiness does that make sense
now clearly a heartfelt happiness is even better but remember the completely
ego fabricated practicing through those whether it’s in any form of addiction
relationship or whatever else for me if I were saying like let’s say today I won
the lottery by Nature we’re gonna feel happier more stimulated because you’ve
got something you’re more stimulated than you would have been if you had lost
your home today you dropped what do you feeling today I’m feeling is
just devastated how are you feeling hi I won the lottery technically we’re not
supposed to be vulnerable to human stimulus like that we are capable of
being in the center where I am joyous and at peace all the time
there’s going to be in that Center there’s still a little movement you
could say a little bit of Moo because you’re here and even Jesus wept when
Mary Magdalene came to him and said you know my brother’s died and she was
devastated and on her behalf he cried for her and Martha he cried for them
because he felt how sad they felt it’s not I mean think about it he knows he’s
gonna bring the guy back to life I mean he’s at least a little psychic so he
knows oh I’m gonna bring him back to life but did he say that to them no he
the Bible tells us he became disturbed emotionally disturbed it means he choked
up why because that’s what’s happening in the moment so even a centered sublime
wonderful being a being is still going to feel some of this on earth and when
you do because to remain the witness feel it but remain the witness you know
I’ve done talks here I think maybe three or four times with people loved ones
from unity but also just people families that have asked me to do it for people
that have passed away and it’s not easy to stand in front of people that are
deeply mourning the loss of a loved one and just do that because for me I can’t
just lecture at people as soon as I stand up here I’m plugged into those
people so it’s a little bit almost empathic to where when they’re choked up
I feel it too sometimes I tell them you know that I’ve
told you guys you know sometimes when that happens I look up to for a second
you know and talk just for a moment because if I catch the man I’ll catch it
man I’ll see what she’s doing over there he’s doing over there I’ll pick it up
I’ll see that somebody’s choked up I can feel what’s going on and everybody here
which is why some people you know say well you tuned into what I would needed
to hear because it’s worth dancing together this this is that divine dance
meaning we’re connected and moving so those feelings I don’t think of them as
bad or wrong I mean I don’t say get over it
you know you just lost you lost your loved ones so what’s it’s an illusion
get over it that argument about
accepting those emotions be with them as long as you can remain the witness and
then be with them if you get lost in the emotion it’s dangerous not only is it
dangerous for your growth it’s dangerous spiritually chemically
neurologically it’s dangerous to get lost just like in what they call a bad
drug experience you must practice remaining the witness if you do shamanic
work there’s something of value to remain the witness instead of just
getting completely taken and lost in it there’s a certain IM that remains and
watches the experience the deepest Buddhist meditations there’s still a
certain I am awareness that you keep you don’t get lost and the same should be
true and lovemaking or anything else we do on this planet there’s a certain
amount of I am and I am allowing myself to seemingly get lost in the experience
the beauty of lovemaking the beauty of dancing the beauty of the song you’re
singing and music and wow the music just took me but you’re still aware that it’s
happening you’re still aware you’re still there that’s what they mean by the
witness so yes it’s valuable guys to to just go
with it accept it be with those emotions but the
balance would be be with them as opposed to totally control them and stuff them
no don’t stuff them also don’t completely release them remain the
witness and ask inside what is the right thing in this moment and sometimes it’s
to allow a little more because that helped me connect with you now I
understand what you’re feeling but not get lost in it now who’s going to help
you we’re both lost now it’s the blind leading the blind I’m going to do my
best to stay here in this moment and then there’s the shift the other
direction complete stoicism coldness and there’s people that totally believe in
that you take control of your emotions you put them in their place you are the
master there’s some value to that there’s value to this and they’re both
brought through the greatest value when they’re brought closer to here remain
centered goal here and a little here sometimes it is
important I noticed that I’m trying to have a conversation with somebody and
it’s really pulling me too far into emotion so I need to take a breath and
Center myself that’s where that wouldn’t kicked in a little bit or other times
you know I’m probably coming across a little cold let me let me you know feel
what you’re feeling and go this way a little bit that little dance but
remaining somewhat in the center so emotions have their place if we learn
from them if we learn to understand them if we see the dance that’s being danced
in and through us I will not have an emotion take me that needs to be our
attitude I will not have anything take me how could it take me I’m a Divine
Being if it takes me it means I’ve forgotten my divinity
I mean I’m allowed to do that but why would I
so instead oh I see that it’s happening and you know it doesn’t take much take a
breath and just ask yourself right now I’m feeling angry or I’m feeling happy
either human positive human or you know negative human emotions are still
emotions ask yourself what would be the divine feeling I would prefer to feel
right now and so again which one would I like it
could be trust see so that comes to my mind as soon as I think of being
conflicted between these issues human emotions and I don’t know how to bring
them in that’s why I went with trust instead of love or whatever I don’t know
how to bring them in why trust why did I spontaneously choose trust because I
don’t know what to do trust became my immediate word trust I’m
gonna trust in you but you’re yelling at me
but I’m gonna trust that you and I can figure this out on this level you and I
can calm it down but you’re not calming it down that’s what you’re thinking and
okay because it’s been proven that anyone in the room once they in their
mind decide to connect with everyone else and they do a breath on some level
it’s been proven mind you that the breath of everyone starts to change all
it takes is one person to change the energy
and the room can start to change you see so you’re yelling at me I just start
breathing differently now if you go and practice this don’t email me and say
Michael I didn’t they didn’t do it I wouldn’t put expectations on it
because that already ruins the trust hi you know you and I are arguing but we’ve
already escalated a 10 being a really dangerous one and we’re at like a 38 you
know this has gone way too far I’ll understand if we don’t come down but I’m
going to try so I take a breath then I change the tone of my voice instead of
your the what mmm you know yeah all right Leah okay I can see what you mean
just words like that called bridging words like that all of a sudden it just
it connects with the soul of the person the ego could be so inflamed and so in
control that it won’t calm down it’s just gonna keep flaring but as soon as
you do this you just know and trust in the goodness of that person they’re
gonna get it now or later I’m not attached I already know we went too far
so I already accept that if you don’t get it right away I also contributed and
let it going letting it go too far so you grab the room again you grab the
situation someone has to and you when I say has to someone can if they choose to
but if you don’t if someone doesn’t choose to do it then who’s going to that
means we lost that test you and I have descended into pure ego and the pure ego
is going to bring about a reaction because human human emotions and divine
feelings are both a reaction or response they’re an effect of what a choice even
when you don’t choose a divine feeling I didn’t choose the negative when you
don’t choose a divine feeling you chose to not have it I never remember choosing
it see I’m sorry man when you don’t choose one the other kicks in
automatically there’s another unfairness you know the velcro Teflon brain thing
you know why can’t I have the brain that six to ten positive in when you rewire
your mind enough through healing and connecting with God it will become
attractive enough to turn positives into Velcro but most human beings that’s not
the case healing and love you know just the most
simple thing somebody says oh you did a great job at such-and-such oh you know
and you brush it off even little things like that is a false humility the real
you can say thank you for seeing that you know some of you have written kind
letters and sometimes I say that in my thank you for seeing that in me Michael
your this and that the other thank you thank you for seeing that in me and I
mean it I mean it not only am i grateful but I’m also aware that by your seeing
it you’re a better person but also by you seeing it in me and me acknowledging
I grow even from a compliment I don’t mean like oh yes I know that’s that’s an
ego acceptance of the compliment I mean where you’d like sit back and just go
wow wow you saw that thank you that’s pretty
cool and you have to get the brain used to programming positives first positive
human emotions yes if so many are negative
eventually positive human emotions but divine feelings so please remember as
we’re wrapping up here please remember divine feelings have to
be chosen or the default program in the human ego computer system the default
program is the opposite there are some programs you have to select them to
activate them the others run as default programs and the human ego is the
ultimate default program when you’re not choosing god overtly clearly consciously
choosing god you’re automatically running from the other okay you’re
automatically running from the ego and that will show itself how
course in miracles’ and all brilliant teachings and teachers they tell you
exactly the same thing they say you can tell by how you’re feeling
if you’re feeling joy and the higher the fee I’m talking about high feelings not
just human happiness excitement the more you can find yourself feeling divine
feelings like joy like happiness times 100 you know joy tranquility peace
inspiration is another word they’re not all just like soft feelings kick but
inspiration is a good one like you don’t plug in to the voltage of God and go you
know I’m just kind of chill today it’s your gonna plug in and just you’re like
wow a livewire maybe not all the time but that’s one of the options if that’s
what you’d like today you plug in and like wow painting painting paint you
know more and more paintings are coming through songs poems you just you plug in
it just starts pouring through you so it’s a very active energy and passive
when it needs to be passive so you’re plugging in how how do I get back to God
the simplest thing is plug in to try to plug into the vast universe that’s
beyond your brain how do I you know connect with God I’m gonna ask for the
divine being in the sky there he is old man with a beard you know No
then how do i plug into God the simplest thing God feelings since God is love and
love is God God is joy joy is God God is peace peace is God all I need to do is
work on feeling God feelings and I am closer to God than at any other time in
my life just get that one line if nothing else today and it’ll change your
life that’s why being and doing are so different doing you can still do
spiritual things but you’re still doing I’m doing trying to connect with God I’m
doing more spiritual work to become closer to God what were you going what
were you going to get closer to God just a feeling gets you there
so take anybody take them so called master
of any group religion system sit them down and show us how to connect with God
fold the legs up high hand mudras some chanting a bowl and what a you know
raising the vibration tranquility and pranayama and everything raising the
whole bar do you know connecting with God however long it takes him thank God
they still got there that’s very cool you can take another person a
five-year-old whisper in their ear what you want them to do and say now you
connect with God they’ll have it done in seconds versus the person that might
take minutes or hours seconds why because I would tell the kid just as I
would do for myself think of the well for a child I would
use the word happy because they may not know the word joy but I would say think
about being happier than you ever have been ever in your life and you just see
immediately you know they’d smile that’s what it’s supposed to look like plug
into a god feeling peace oneness bliss tune into a god feeling and you’re
anchoring God right here and right now not any in twenty more minutes we should
be there this isn’t like a subway ride you know or a train stop you know next
stop heaven it’s just it’s already here it’s not
something to achieve it’s already here I I can remember so many quotes and you
know no no race has ever you know been perfect all the time but there are some
races that have great sayings and understanding in most nations of the
Native American people’s the Wise Ones the Masters the the elders you know they
seem to know how to describe trying to embody you know there were some great
quotes from some of them saying you know it’s an amazing thing that when when the
white man arrived as they call it I don’t mean that a racist or you know
anti race time type of thing but they’re saying you know when the white man
arrives it was very interesting for us to observe observe you telling us how we
needed to find God because we were already experiencing it in day to day
activities but then you you were telling us no that’s not it you have to do it
this way and it became an app like a thing like some bizarre thing up in the
sky you taught us to not have a relationship with God forced us to not
have one we were wrong and bad for having one he
ashamed us murdered if we didn’t do it your way but your way isn’t even real
and it’s it’s it’s very very sadly true so just back to being like children why
did Jesus say that you must be as children you know what a great way he he
knew he was irritating the elders of the time he knew just what to say let’s see
they think the older and richer you are the more powerful you are the more you
wear the garb the robes as he teased them for that you and all your robes you
know it’s like your decor you know they’ll fancy it up and gems and the
kissing the hand of the altar of them he says don’t call any person on earth your
father and that’s why some people are you know oh we’re supposed to honor our
father and mother you know and no no God is your father and your mother
you rented the other two you borrowed them that’s all there was some genetic
neat material you preferred there was maybe some karmic stuff maybe some gifts
from them but they’re still rented God is your only creator
you channeled through the others big deal God is your only father and yet
some religions name the priests and said there’s called father they’re given
these places of high esteem when you when I introduce myself to you folks
what do I say I’m part of the spiritual leadership here I’m part of it because I
am part of it yes I know I’m hired and put in a role of um this uh spiritual
leader but my brain will not compute being the anything I’m part of something
well where the others are the board members no chaplains oh it’s everybody
because the talk is going to go in the direction that everybody is asking for
in here and in here so we’re all part of the spiritual leadership Disgaea meant
he’s gonna do a great talk it’s not he I’m standing here and I plug in to beat
wanting to do my best to be a good person wanting to serve these people
anybody watching and at the same time plugging in saying all right here we go
what would you have me do so it’s God self and others
in this talk experience so you can teach complexities and it’s just not gonna
serve the complexities still wow the human brain and the human brain is
hijacked by the ego why do I want to impress that so spiritual or divine
feelings get you there five-year-old yeah I’m gonna meditate
well how do I meditate oh not until you’re older cuz you got to learn how to
mess up your brain first and then approach God in a very intellectual
dragged-out boring kind of a self disciplinary kind of way I would say no
man not at all you tell the child well what’s the best feeling you could ever
have what would you really like to feel oh happy that’s a common one for
children happiness great so let’s meditate both of us will
meditate on happiness so all we need to do let’s look at the clock for one
minute keep a time limit for a kid you don’t want to say it’s got to be for an
hour and then they fail give everybody things they can achieve for one minute
now watch the clock see the needle when that goes back to the twelve we’ll be
done you just have to do this for one minute
let’s do it ready and when we start we’re gonna think of the happiest thing
we’ve ever done ready go happiness and oh yeah and I remember
when we had my birthday party and that’s the child’s version and it comes around
and all they did was think of something happy positive that’s meditation now if
you can just add two words like happy that are kind of human even for a child
it’s a human concept can you deepen it tranquility peace oneness because we’re
told those feelings are you you are peace and happiness you just won’t be
able to remember them as fully it’ll be work to try to get there I’m gonna be
happiness peace and so you’re a peace and joy and so on you’re gonna get there
with some work you can do it you work it and it’ll work but a shortcut the
simplest way is start remembering your true value as a child of God you are an
innocent holy child of God if you can remember that it’ll be easier to
remember sublime feelings God feelings if you’re still in the human trying to
get the God feelings it’s still going to be some work you’ll get it
but it’ll involve more work can I just stop for a minute and access the other
why because it’s your deserve ability if I think I have to earn joy it’s still
gonna push it away and keep it a little bit of distance and make it work when I
recognize wait there’s a part of me that existed before all this other stuff that
part that’s never been wounded never took on false identities that’s who I
really am and we’ll take that into meditation please take a few centering
breaths centering and setting aside all stuff of
life all stuff of the world become aware of at least a couple of the
most consistent negative emotions you have in your life the ones that
organically pop up are probably right and ready to use distrust fear anxiety loneliness whatever it happens to be
doubt sadness rejection be aware of them and be aware of how you may have felt
these now and then throughout your life other recurrences of it just objectively seeing it and then the
seemingly positive human emotions where have you had them where have you seen
them where have you felt them happiness excitement whatever type of positive human emotion
even love calmness we can clearly see the distinct
difference between the positive and negative human emotions look at these positives as a pattern
you’ve probably felt them before but look at how both are still usually
related to something outside yourself what someone else did or what you
achieved what you were given or what was taken if it’s a negative emotion someone
took your time your commitment someone took your faith in people look at
positives and negatives and how they were related to something outside of
yourself now let’s shift gears and see if ever in
our life we felt divine feelings God feelings and if not just imagine feeling
them now a God feeling like feeling inspired joy absolute tranquil peace
oneness notice how they actually were stirred
inside notice how a divine feeling a God feeling was happening inside of you and
even if any of these by words seem to be stimulated by something outside just own
that that’s possibly still a human emotion even if you call it joy or love
it’s probably still a human version of it so try to find God feelings that came
up inside of your own being more than one would be fine if it’s
peace and joy love and oneness more than one is fine but become aware of how
different they are than the human emotions and become aware of how they
arose within you not came from someone else and lastly pick one or two of those
emotions those are those feelings those God feelings pick one or two of them
love and oneness whatever it happens to be peace and wholeness pick your two
that most resonate with being important to you breathe them in make it like it’s
expanding within your being not I’m thinking about a divine feeling like
it’s out there somewhere but really breathing it feeling like it’s expanding
in your being you are becoming more of it and do this every morning and night
for a few minutes I’m swelling up with love and oneness
and if you’re still thinking of love and oneness you’re still missing it
try to imagine feeling what it’s like to be the presence of love and oneness
peace and wholeness I am I am this thing I am these feelings and in so doing
because those feelings are synonymous with God you’re becoming one with God and if I’m one with God then I am as God
created me I’m back to my divine feelings as best I could for this moment
and then just imagine in your life your day-to-day life how would you apply
these God feelings so that they become practical grounded but when you apply
them that’s when they most integrate into your being they could still remain
sublime concepts in meditation when you live them they become manifested so look
at that for just a moment see yourself making decisions based on these feelings
how just ask yourself I have a decision to make which decision would most be
congruent with these feelings which job would I take should I or shouldn’t I
date this person every decision you have to make just ask the check the compass
in your heart does this resonate with peace and happiness and use that as your
guide the spiritual version of GPS but it’s a god system and relax and slowly stretch out nice job hmm

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