Fear Itself

Fear has a powerful way of making you think
and do completely irrational things because it reduces your cognitive capabilities for
fight or flight. If you can’t do either like in the case of hell, the evil gay, feminist,
black, mexican Jewish or Muslim agenda, you are just afraid for fear’s sake and those
with less self control will let their fight instincts go in anger. The phrase “people
fear what they don’t understand” is very true, and that is true on both sides which
is why what sounds PC and hippie of learning and understanding leads to peace is actually
true and not just a nice sentiment. The only way to overcome your fear is to better understand
it. The fear of snakes or wild animals is overcome by studying them and understanding
them, and then you can handle them with great respect and care. If you don’t understand
the meme of religion you will not know how to mentally inoculate people against it, you
will just make them feel persecuted which makes the meme stronger because now its an
us vs them scenario. Park 51 and the growing Muslim “menace”
is a perfect example of how fear trumps logic because of ignorance. I kept hearing people
say “watch out or the Muslims will be taking over the US, its only a matter of time”.
Yes our 6% of Muslims who were born and raised in America will be taking over.
There seems to be a divide between the Liberals in the US and the rest of the west in the
views on Muslims. I think a lot of it is due to our constitution and our experience with
immigrants. America has been nothing but a melting pot of immigrants, and every new wave
of immigrants caused a new rash of fear and bigotry. Its hilarious to see people of Irish,
German, Italian or Jewish decent speak out against the Muslim or Mexican immigrants,
especially since just 70 years ago they had to go through the exact same thing. And you
want to talk about a religion that wants to take over? Anyone remember the Catholic Church?
That Church was the very reason why many fled to the US, because of religious persecution.
The Church wanted influence in everything and controlled much of Europe. The founding
Fathers knew this and to ensure that no religion was to be respected or set up by the government.
Did you know Guy Faulks was actually a Catholic Terrorist and was trying do a 9/11 on parliament
to restore power to the church?
Catholics who came over here were given the same reception for many years as Muslims are
getting now. Most of them just came to this country to practice their religion in peace
and reap the benefits of their hard work, but they were persecuted because they were
generalized with the agenda of the church. American Muslims are allowed to intermingle
freely with people of all creeds faiths and walks of life. They have had their standard
of living raised and have had their mind expanded beyond what they would have had in their homogenous
nation. The majority love the freedom they share and would fight to defend my freedom
to practice my beliefs just as much as I would theirs. It is the constitution that keeps
us free and would require 3/4th of the nation to vote to eliminate the freedom of religion.
I had an atheist extremist Canadian once tell me that America needs to pull its head out
of its ass and eliminate the freedom of religion. The freedom of religion is what allows me
to be a non-believer and speak blasphemously about it without fear of legal repercussion.
The bill of rights is one of the greatest documents and set of laws ever written. Sadly
because other nations like Britain do not have a Constitution and everything is set
on precedent, And there is not nearly as much precedent for immigration as there is in the
US, they are having many immigration problems we went through years ago. Dawkins recently
made a documentary discussing the major problem britain is having with religious schools that
receive funding from the government and now any religion can get funding from the government
to build a school. These schools can discriminate based on religion or background or if they
deem the person to be not religious enough. If it was truly a secular nation like the
US they would not be allowed to do this without a fight. The school voucher programs in my
home state. Religious schools that allow only people of their faith ensure that they kids
will grow up with no knowledge of people beyond what they know. Many of these school exist
because they don’t want their kids tempted by new ideas. This kind of isolation is what
is causing the rise in extremism in Europe and lack of understanding among the groups.
To eliminate the freedom of religion would be a horrible idea. The Soviet union outlawed
religion so their numbers of professing religious dropped significantly. The problem was that
they didn’t teach the thinking, reason and logic skills required to question religion
and not be swayed by it. The state dogma and propaganda was their religion that the USSR
despised so much, but blind devotion was encouraged and rewarded. So when the Iron curtain fell
and they now had the freedom of religion, suddenly there was a massive backlash. Europe’s
religions had been dropping steadily through great education and and increased standard
of living. Russia now has a much higher level of believers than most Europe has. Its like
instead of exposing a child to reality and building up anti-bodies you kept the child
in a bubble and then the bubble burst. Now the child is exposed more than ever. Russians
had found their state religion of their communist state was shattered so what do you do if you
weren’t taught to question? You switch quickly over to another religion.
So why is Islam more violent than Christianity even though Christianity has a slightly more
violent book? It is because Christians live in the west where they have luxuries and money,
education and freedom. Muslims live in poor or oppressive areas and the rise of the Arab
spring is showing them more and more that they can be peaceful and have power over their
lives. Just like with every new wave of oppressed dogmatic people, education, communication
and integration is the only way the end and reduce the fear they have of logic and questioning.
Or we can all just freak out, crawl in a hole or round them up and send them to special
camps like another group of hate and fear filled bigots.

100 thoughts on “Fear Itself

  1. Yes…..because your nation is more secular than the UK…… Remind me, which one has the issue with creationists getting BS into the science curriculum? Which has the greater number of nonbelievers? Which has avoided having religion embedded into it's politics?

    Whilst I agree with you on many other things I think that you might need to have a think about who lives in a more secular society. 😉

  2. It's the T.V. brother. The mindless slaves take T.V. AS FACT! That is why they regurgitate the same nonsense every time they situation presents itself.

    T.V. is the worst garbage for the human mind. If people are observant, they would know that many hollywood stars OPENLY say they don't watch T.V. for whatever reasons… My theory is… I strongly believe that Hollywood have a greater understanding of what's going on the world then the general public.

  3. @indignant99 How so?
    And yes, I got them mixed up.

    But why do I sound arrogant?
    They DID put those things in in to distance themselves from the "atheistic" USSR.
    Check the facts.

  4. @anubis2814 Is this true for Muslims who speak the language and become "French" and not Pakistani? I would understand the first gen not being able to do this very well, but second generation should have become "French" and the only way it seems that wouldn't happen is if their parents sheltered them from French culture, customs and laws. If you to move to France,move to a Pakistani neighborhood, get satellite TV so you can watch Pakistani TV, how can the kid become French? What's the point?

  5. @AngryWomble By definition, you have a state religion and some of your government backed faith based schools are now teaching creationism and that salt and fresh water don't mix. the US is by definition Secular, yours is not, however for the longest time yours actually acted secular while ours didn't.

  6. @Squiglypig They didn't progress like that because we armed religious extremists to fight the red menace. Prior to our meddling USSR had set up secular and stable governments in many areas of the middle east.

  7. @webhed003 He made a very strong video around the time I unsubbed from him warning the US to not let themselves be taken over by Sharia. Many of his followers share his concern that the constitution will be removed and be replaced with Sharia. They really don't understand our constitution.

  8. Awesome video! I made a series of comments in other vids about Canada's immigrant culture, and how the European experience is sort of a case of deja vu. I felt uncomfortable at the thought that I sounded like a patriotic Canadian telling the silly Europeans to be just like us, but one needn't be a patriot to say "immigration won't wreck your country, and my country is proof" which is all I was saying.
    Awesome vid, anubis!

  9. @VinnyMonster1 By definition, you have a state religion and some of your government backed faith based schools are now teaching creationism and that salt and fresh water don't mix. the US is by definition Secular, yours is not, however for the longest time yours actually acted secular while ours didn't.

  10. @TLSlayer1 I agree with you in part, but I don't think that government is pushing people to religion.

  11. @VinnyMonster1 Most of those came about between WWI and WWII, a large group of religious voters felt we need more god in the country based on all the troubles in the world. And even today we are seeing religious laws get enacted mainly against women. Once challenged in a higher court they will get thrown out as they violate our 1st amendment. And our freedom of speech means we don't have to say the pledge, but you're right we shouldn't have one at all.

  12. @BoxingPride ain't that the truth, Thank god Canada wouldn't let fox news be played in the country. seems we have laws against news programs outright lying.

  13. @christo930 There was a article about this in san diego a few years ago. Another place with immigration issues as its right on the mexico border. research found the immigrants probably won't speak much if any english, the second generation will be more fluent, and the 3rd generation will be more fluent in english than in spanish. As for the culture i think the immigrants take on the strong points of each.

  14. @anubis2814 I don't' mean to be flippant, but this reeks of hypocrisy. When minorities do it, it's because of white oppression, but when whites do it, it's because they are just white trash and making every excuse in the book? The suburbs are by far the most expensive type of place to live in the us with the exception of downtown high rise luxury apartments and condos. "white trash" in the suburbs are usually people raised in ghetto or trailer park, but then earn enough money to more there.

  15. @sonvolt48 There are no laws against minorities living anywhere they want. Most of the European minorities in the US arrived at Ellis Island and some did what you said, but most went deeper into the US and didn't create little Italy and little Russia neighborhoods and were forced to learn English because nobody around them knew Russian or Italian. But even the ones that did that, did it so their kids could get a US education and be somebody and look how well it worked. Language is a HUGE prob.

  16. @recyard12x There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever that the second generation doesn't speak English as well as you or I, and it's what is driving so much of the poverty, crime and drugs in these areas. Even 1st generation adults should speak English well enough to get a good job within 5 years and it's an insult to the Mexicans that come here and immediately begin taking English lessons so they can better themselves or utilize the education they got in Mexico to be a professional.

  17. @anubis2814 Their kids are not allowed to attend school? If I went to Germany the first thing I would do is begin taking lessons in German because I know that not speaking the language would reduce me to menial jobs no matter how smart or educated I may be. As a matter of fact, I would probably take some German lessons here before I left so I could have a head start. Germany has the best economy in the Eurozone, there are no excuses.

  18. @anubis2814 the US may have the secular box ticked, but to deny the overwhelming judeo/christian influences on politics, media, education, is to live with your head firmly in the sand

  19. @LordOfNothingreally I'm not denying that at all, if you read the last note I wrote, we aren't acting secular at all even if we are defined as one and are supposed to be following it.

  20. @christo930 Its an issue of culture in both cases, mind you their cultures of anti-success evolved for different reasons. Psychological problems are the reasons though why both continue to maintain this anti-intellectual culture. Blacks problems of learned helplessness were caused by racial bias and hatred. White problems were caused by class warfare usually in areas where job security dried up completely because of either technological change or corporate layoffs.

  21. @anubis2814 I don't know how valid his links are, but fringeelements says that numerous studies show that US blacks have higher opinions of themselves and more self confidence than white people on average. I am not a racist and don't want to get into a debate and defend a position I don't hold, I am just pointing out that there is a great amount of hypocrisy on the left in general. For example, black pride is to be admired, but white pride is evil and racist.

  22. Excellent vid as always. Knowledge has always been the remedy to fear. It's disheartening to see atheists who embrace logic and reason give in to their fear and act irrationally and then defend their actions as reasonable.

  23. your claim that it is poverty makes a muslim radical is completely ungrounded and statistics seem to claim the opposite for example a survey done in 2005 claimed that 40% of uk muslims want sharia in the uk. im just saying….

  24. Great video. The key is to control our fear (as well as other emotions) as opposed to letting it (or them) control us. Keep up the good work!

  25. @christo930 Plus trailer parks are closer to the suburbs than downtown or the country usually, which is why I'm trying to explain it to a European

  26. @jacobpaprotskiy 40% is still not the majority though it is a high number than needed comprehensive reforms, as opposed to fear mongering.

  27. @christo930 Pride is something you need to counter humiliation and sidelining. Blacks were oppressed for many many years. Whites are a combo of many different ethnicity, and you could have a German pride, Irish pride day. Because African-Americans had their ethnicity destroyed by slavery all they have is their color to distinguish culture. Black is both their "Race" and their ethnicity. White is strictly "race" but we actually for the most part know our past ethnicity.

  28. @christo930 Look at it from the point of view of an extremely poor person. People do the bare minimum in some areas if they can do well in others. If an illegal is good at their job, they will enjoy all the comforts of their home nation that they can. Its a middle class idea to think, oh if you want to move to a different country you should assimilate. The poor are here to make money and came here out of desperation, they ziltch idealism when they moved here, survival was it, same in Europe.

  29. @VinnyMonster1 Please watch Dawkin's "Faith school Menace" documentary. This is real and happening in the UK right now. There is a link I posted in the bottom bar.

  30. Good video. Education, opne mindness and free thought is everytthing.

    How ever remember most of Europe have true secular states. Only a few do not. UK being one of them.

    All love and respect

  31. muslims' stated goal is to take over the world. not fearmongering people say that, but muslims themselves, and their holy book.

  32. @bocckoka Some Muslims say that, the majority do not. Thats like saying all white people want to destroy the jews because nazi's wanted to. Their holy book says a lot of things, it was the bible that caused European "Divine right" that caused us to invade and slaughter much of the rest of the world. Every 5th word in the qu'ron has ambiguous meaning because some believe it was actually written in Syriac(a sister tongue)..

  33. @anubis2814 Most of the white people I know don't know their heritage accurately including myself. I know for sure of German and English with a possibility of Irish (but I'm not sure). I think of myself as a white American. White is my identity. My ethnicity is every bit as lost as any slave. Even if I knew for sure, it's at LEAST 2 European nations that I know virtually nothing about. My ethnicity, in my mind, is a white american. I don't think there is anything wrong with thinking that way.

  34. @recyard12x Can you please explain how my thinking that Mexicans who come to america can avoid poverty crime and drugs by learning the language and increasing their earning potential makes me a bigot? I live in Philadelphia which has a very large puerto rican community. Inside that community nearly everyone speaks Spanish.and it looks like a 3rd world nation with drugs, decay and violence. But PR's who learn English quickly are far more successful. Everyone wins.

  35. @christo930 A few months ago I watched a special on TV about a woman from Mexico. In Mexico she was a CPA, but when she came here, she worked as a house keeper until she could learn English because she couldn't find a job as a Spanish only speaker. Her life was improved tremendously by learning English. The degree she worked hard for was worthless without English. Maybe you don't care if people are doomed to a life of poverty, but I do.

  36. @anubis2814 The problem is, it's a fucking dream. You can't come here and make a middle class living without knowing the language. I'm sure there are some example proving that statement not 100% true, but it's true on average. IMHO, I think it's language that drives down the wages of Latinos and other foreigners who are non-English speakers. I would rather tell them to learn English and improve their lives than watch them live only marginally better here than home. It's empathy, not hate.

  37. @christo930 But will they listen to you? No. You will have to explain to them in a non-judgmental and non-patronizing way, why its in their best interest to learn English. Just stating angrily that people need to learn English is not going to fix anything, just like telling people they should stop believing in god. Working with their psychology is the only way to make a change.

  38. @anubis2814 I agree wholeheartedly, but our gov insists on telling them that if there language is a important part of their culture, they should keep it and speak it. Then the gov does everything it can possibly do to accommodate them not speaking English. It creates a cycle of poverty. The very people that tell them this shit, move as soon as 1 of them moves into their zipcode. It's almost as if they are saying "We know you are hopeless, so why bother? Want some handouts?"

  39. @christo930 That attitude is racist and creates poverty. How can you do anything but menial work if you can't speak, read or write the local language? Maybe a couple people might set up Mexican restaurants and make a good living serving Spanish speaking customers, but the community as a whole stagnates. We shouldn't angrily tell them to learn English, but it should be encouraged and explained how not learning English will hurt their chances of success.

  40. @christo930 did you even read what you typed? to paraphrase you "mexican's & puerto rican's who can't speak english are poverty stricken druggies who just want to rob everyone"

    I know you can't see the bigot through the bigots, but come on.

  41. @christo930 I agree wholeheartedly, but our gov insists on telling them that if there language is a important part of their culture, they should keep it and speak it.
    That first there should have been their, I HATE when people do that. Spell checkers can't always save your ass!

  42. @recyard12x Do you deny that not knowing the language is an impediment to finding meaningful, good paying work, in most cases? If you were young and couldn't speak the language and relegated to the most menial jobs and you could make $2-5 hundred dollars a day selling drugs, that you would turn that down (you meaning the average Joe)? The neighborhoods are loaded with drugs. They aren't doing drugs, they sell drugs. Then the inevitable happens and they get arrested and are even more unemployable

  43. @christo930 I am not applying this to specific people, I am saying that this what happens to the community. I am also not implying that only foreign speakers sell drugs, what I am saying is that someone who can't earn money legally, but wants a good life, would be tempted to sell drugs. I personally make ZERO distinction between the clerk in 7-11 selling cigarettes, a bartender or a drug dealer. I also don't see drug dealers as bad people, it's just an economic voluntary transaction.

  44. @christo930 Go to google and look at the satellite photos and drive-by photos in West Kensington, Philadelphia, PA. You will see poverty you didn't think existed in the west. It's all language. There are other PR neighborhoods, but in those neighborhoods, English is spoken. Many of the people in these other neighborhoods came from W. Kensington after they learned English, got jobs and got out of that hell hole. It's empathy, not bigotry, as I told Anubis.

  45. @christo930 Do you deny sterotyping everyone who can't speak english as a drug dealer makes you a bigot?

    And yes you can find meaningful work without knowing english.

  46. @anubis2814 what makes you think that? did any muslim group ever condemn any terrorist attack? are you not aware of the religious wars that went on in Africa and the Middle-East? as we know, people do lie, so it is best to see what they actually do. i don't think i fear anything happening on the global scale, but it seems to me they are very well aware of what they are doing.

  47. @anubis2814 Where is this majority of Muslims who don't really want to be Muslims? Have any of them talked to you about hating half the things their religion teaches them and how glad they are not to be expected to take their religion seriously now they live in the land of the kuffar, The Great Satan?

  48. @MartinJWillett Many actually are preaching out these days seeing the Qu'ron as a more dynaimc book and changing for the times. Just like liberal to moderate Christians, the majority Muslims fit this definition. Sadly the loudest are the crazies, just like in Christianity. Liberals and moderates keep their religion to themselves.Who do you hear on youtube talking about religion? Atheists and extreme conservatives. Liberals and moderates have other things to do so you don't notice them

  49. @recyard12x First of all, I didn't say that every person who doesn't speak English is a drug dealer, nor do I think being called a drug dealer is an insult. Second, in this neighborhood, many studies have been done and the 2 top forms of income is selling drugs and welfare. I don't believe they are, by nature, drug dealers and welfare recipients, therefor, the natural explanation is the language barrier that keeps them from getting good paying jobs.

  50. @christo930 How do you even interview one of these people for a job that they could possibly do without knowing the language? Say you wanted to hire them for a factory job that didn't require them to read/write/speak (an unlikely proposition), how could you interview them? How could they even fill out an application? I am not denying that a small portion of them could get jobs in their own community where Spanish is spoken, but outside of that community, their opportunities are limited.

  51. @christo930 in a way your right, all the bigots who think this should be a english only nation needs to grow up and hire people who can do the job based on their skills, not their language. If you live in a place with a high concentration of people who speak a different language then the signs and work places should be bi lingual for that language. America as a whole should be a lot more inclusive of immigrants.

  52. @recyard12x "needs to grow up and hire people who can do the job based on their skills, not their language"
    I am dumbfounded by that statement. How can you hire someone you can't communicate with? Sure, a dishwasher maybe, but who wants to be stuck being a dishwasher all their lives? Let's say I need an engineer and a very experienced and educated Russian wants to apply for the position, but doesn't know english? What good is he to me? I can't even interview him.He can't tell me about his ideas

  53. @christo930 He can't read my forms, he can't operate my computer. Every single person he needs to work with (1 man usually doesn't design a machine, for example) can't communicate with him etc. His skills and education are USELESS to me if I can't communicate with him. Even if I already employ a bi-lingual Russian, every single communication with my employee has to go through the other.
    It's people like you who destroy the lives of immigrants by telling them they don't have to learn English.

  54. @christo930 says the bigot with no imagination who thinks a mans worth is based on what language he speaks.

  55. Well said sir, well said. Atheists who want to eliminate the freedom of religion are just as bad as any theist who wants to do the same thing.

  56. @recyard12x Not if all the software is written with an English custom interface, which most highly specialized software is written in a single language. Not if he needs to communicate via email etc. At this point, I just think you are trying to be a smart ass. If you can't understand how big a language barrier is in the workplace, you are just stupid or being a jerk.

  57. @recyard12x Maybe you can explain, in detail how this works. How I can read his Resume', how I can interview him, how he can communicate with his co-workers, attend meetings etc. What, am I expected to hire a full time interpreter because someone who doesn't speak English applies for a job I have open?

  58. @christo930 for the resume, you put PDF's on your company web site written in all the languages explaining how to fill it out. he fills it out in his native tongue and checks the box for the language used. it gets ran through a translator program and anyone can now read it in any language. Who has meetings anymore? almost all business is done through emails. 1on1 chats there are numerous digital translators available. instuctions can also be translated to a languages he's most familiar with.

  59. @christo930 I know about language barriers, I worked in japan for 4 years and also in san diego for many years (high spanish speaking population) I also know all computers either run windows, or mac, both based in english. I mean really, your still on the email kick? I mean hell even google has translator programs up now. I think your just a BIGOT. and here's a news flash for you freedom of speech means freedom to speak any language you want as well.

  60. @recyard12x What if I don't want to go through all that expense? People still go to meetings all the time. I spend good portion of my work week in meetings. You have to remember that I am not talking about someone who is at least semi-bi-lingual, I am talking about a total non native speaker. I have to go through digital translators to interview someone and if I don't want to do that, I am somehow an evil racist person? Have you ever been a busy manager trying to hire someone?

  61. @christo930 Do you even realize how important language is just to human beings in general? A big part of what sets us apart from other animals is language. Our societal systems are all set up around language, our lives revolve around language. Language is what allows us to stand on the shoulders of giants and for those to come to stand on our shoulders. You act like it's trivial to do engineering work with a language barrier.

  62. @recyard12x Are you really that misinformed about computers? Some run OS's you have never heard of, some run unix and some are only available in certain languages. When did I say someone can't speak another language? What I said is that encouraging people to not learn English when they come to the US is to condemn most of them to poverty because of the barrier. Did your Japanese employers communicate exclusively with you through interpreters, digital or otherwise?

  63. @christo930 Didn't have room to list every one, nor did I think you'd recognize them since you don't think you can translate emails. In ever said anything bout not encouraging anyone not to learn english? I said you should be inclusive and not discriminate against non-english speakers. just admit that your a bigot (even if its just to yourself) and lets move on. if you're in the position to hire people and you don't because of what they speak, i'd sue your company for discrimination and win.

  64. @christo930 yes language is a trivial barrier, we are becoming a world society now, not just backwoods penn. And if your company is still holding many meetings through out the week you need to hire a six sigma specialist because your company is already throwing away lots of money, and a fraction of that could be used to make your job a bi lingual work place.

  65. @recyard12x I don't not hire people BECAUSE they can't speak English, I don't hire people because I can't talk to them, nor do they apply and that is probably because they can't read my advertisements. Why should I be forced, under rule of law, to hire the most expensive and difficult possible employee, especially given the number of resume's we get for every job opening. YES, people like you tell immigrants that they shouldn't give up their language. YOU are the bigot, not me.

  66. @christo930 so your a bigot and you hate america? why is that exactly? why do you hate freedom of speech? and just because someone doesn't speak english does not make them difficult or expensive, that's just your bigotry showing through.

  67. ABSOLUTELY agreed, the more religions you can expose to, THE BETTER. Only when you distant yourself from a particular religion mental frame you can see the fallacies of that religion. And seeing a religion standing from the point of view of another religion is the best way to be aware of the fallacies.
    Authoritarians religions demands isolation! Science is the only cultural activity that impose to distant oneself to all the possible “familiar” mental frames.

  68. A couple of points. The Pilgrim Fathers weren't fleeing the Catholics, they were fleeing their fellow Protestants as well. They were thrown out of England and fled to Holland, then, as now, extremely liberal. They were then thrown back by the Dutch. They then fled to America. They must have been the fundie's fundies.
    The Irish weren't hated because they were Catholics, they were hated, as were the Chinese, because they were cheap labour.

  69. @colourmegone I don't think I discussed the pilgrims, actually Virginia Colony had more impact on American history and later government than the Puritan crazies.

  70. @anubis2814 When most people in the US, myself included, think of those fleeing religious persecution they immediately think of the Pilgrims, particularly when that is closely followed by the phrase "Founding Fathers" as in Pilgrim Fathers. I apologize if I misinterpreted your meaning. I still stand by my point about the Catholics, and about immigrants in general, being seen as cheap labour. The persecution of the Chinese is well documented (ever heard the phrase "Chinaman's chance"?).

  71. To compare the Italian immigration to the islamic one is an insult. Have an open mind I agree- but yours is a wind tunnel.

  72. @mucephi1 How it is any different? People hated Catholics because the church wanted to control everything and had hands in many European governments. There were crazy extremist Catholics at the time as well.

  73. @anubis2814 The Catholics didnt begin thier "immigration" by blowing up buildings. They came to work and be citizens not to take over and terrorize. The only moderate muslim is an uneducated one. Uneducated about what thier religion represents and its objectives. If Italians became 51% of the US population they would not remove the constitution rename the country Rome. Thats just insane. You think Islam in the majority would be as benign? We would all know islamic law then- and well.

  74. @mucephi1 Other than 9/11(which was done by non-Americans), there has only been one attempted bombing done in the US by an American Muslim extremist. There was also a shooting (fort hood) but crazy Christians do that too. The US kind of forces integration in its non-border foreigners. Please name an American Muslim preaching to change the constitution and I'll find you a radical christian looking to change the constitution.

  75. @anubis2814 I totally agree- fuck the christians too. In fact they are a much bigger problem. I dont even consider a bunch of rock throwing flag burning idiots a threat. All they can really do is yell really loud and get offended by everything. Christians on the other hand, Have made changes like our pledge in the 50's and money in the 1860''s(?). I think all organized religions are dangerous and all unorganized just stupid and misguided. One day we wont have false beliefs killing people at all.

  76. @anubis2814 However, the point was about islam and if they were ever as numerous as the christians we would all be in a LOT of trouble.

  77. @colourmegone The Irish were hated the same way the Chinese in terms of uncouth and unrefined and cheap labor. The Irish and Italians had their Catholicism, the Chinese had Racism against them so they were both pretty much equally hated.

  78. @realskpetic Brainwashed not to be racist? I agree that we evolved to be racist, our reptilian brain is really good at being afraid. The difference is that our more recently evolved frontal cortex is mailable to use mental constructs it wasn't evolved for like math, music and tolerance. Teaching and self-control is part of our advantage as humans. Just because we evolved a trait doesn't mean we should use it.

  79. @realskpetic Well I can tell you that bigots are dangerous to society and people around them. Social pressure can be used for good or bad, like when it was socially expected for you to be bigoted. Some people are naturally pedophiles, should we not at least try to "brainwash" them as you put it to help them live with the people around them without causing harm to others? and Yes bigots do cause harm to others, the psychological effects they can have on others is powerful.

  80. @hznfrst I was actually linking Condell's ideology to the American Japanese internment camps, but you are correct, the way I arranged those pictures during processing did make it appear that I was pulling Godwin's law. I shall make an annotation.

  81. Actually Religion in Russia became stronger under communism as it was forced underground, when missionaries went into the former soviet union to bring back Christianity most came back embarrassed because the Russian people turned out to be far more devout in their beliefs than the missionaries.
    I think what most atheist arguments leave out is the inherently evolutionary aspect to faith, that is beneficial to a group's survival. its ingrained in the DNA.

  82. @MagnusNielsenBewick Oh get over your Pat Condell man-crush. He's lost it. I used to watch his videos and he used to have a lot of valuable things to say, but something happened, and now he's this racist moron. The sooner you accept this and are able to cope with it, the better.

  83. Too simplistic. Russia's religiosity is very deep seated, and would take more than a comparatively short-lived national upheaval to destroy faith. They just picked up where that left off; but church attendance is still far lower than it was before the revolution. These matters involve far greater complexities than mere lack of only or education. America's fledgling culture is more to blame for its openness, not its constitution.

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