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watch out fat families it's time to get off your wobbly buns and melt that lard I'm Steve Miller no-nonsense fat buster I'm here to stamp out the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the UK one massive family at a time coming up I'm in the northwest to see just how much one Merseyside family can ferry into their cake hole don't they'll face the reality of what they're eating is doing to them food and realize there's a long climb ahead here on the laps this week I'm in Liverpool home of the Fab Four all you need is love all you need is lard more like I'm about to meet her right portly pear who've been eating enough to fill a yellow submarine well watch out you dumpy doughnuts the lard Buster's on his way meet the Brooks family Claire and her handsome hubby Andrew live alene they are the picture of health Ozzy in truth they look like this this couple of fatties weigh in at a breathtaking 41 stone between them you'll never walk alone the only walking going on in this house is straight to the larder for the daily truckload of junk food fizzy drinks and snacks and with each hefty sized helping comes a double sized portion of their favorite side dish chips I will homemade chips it's his chips gone for the same low and when they're not stuffing their faces with their own palm fruit Andrews momzilla feeds them up on Tati's as well ever say well I've got blows and chip to say no to up got Rallo made chips so I drew five pound bag of em a chick between them this colossal couple put away a mind-blowing nine and a half thousand calories a junk every day 34 year old Claire is five foot nothing she should weigh eight stone but she tips the scales at a flub ulis 14 stone my size affects clothes shop and confidence I think I look like now a fact graduated Kaylee on Palumbo Bobbi 32 year old Andrew is fully 16 stone overweight and tips the scales at a whopping 27 and a half stone am Drew's dad died in 2008 from obesity-related illnesses and he's terrified that he's heading the same way my main one is because my dad was overweight I'm basically gonna die the one that I want to run off a family and you know see them go come on I think if me and Andrew don't lose weight now you'll never lose it you're just stuck in a rut the pair of us this is it now you know this is the last row I'm Steve Miller ex-boy turn fat Buster the blobby Brooks have invited me to help to lose weight but before I can do that I need to spend a day and a night eating what they eat and doing what they do or don't do trainee teaching assistant Claire and hotel worker Andrew were both recently made redundant and it's certainly affecting their daily routine now I'm on my way round for brekkie but Breck here at the brach sees but doesn't start till midday I've got to find out exactly what's going on for myself hi Claire I am how you darling know you to meet you oh shut the door please hello how you doing Cassandra stick nice to meet you nice to meet you mate you're right yeah well good good good so what do we do first well Andrew just got off what well the park yeah he going somniorum no asses so who cooks the brunch then in Claire Fox the ranch that's right Andrew relax a bit more while we fix the brunch hope she's got a pretty penny for me oh the bacon mm-hmm tax and room he's gonna eat a whole pack of bacon yeah do you have this every day no no no whew that's unbelievable a full pack of bacon that starts the day with 528 calories and over half of his recommended daily fat allowance you might as well three pigs in the back guys and that's not all we're also having a tinder to martyrs each two fried eggs and half a loaf of white bread this is the biggest brekkie I've ever had honestly yeah I know for me oh it's not normal for me and nor is this pint of cherry cola with me massive fatty breaking cheers guys yes that's an interesting booty I'm gonna copy it so I've got me baked and I put your make on yeah bit of egg then just squeeze and have a good national oh you're a Dipper so how'd you feel about the way you look awful shame embarrass hideous the trail of gold do you ever go out at all no count from bed sit down on the couch just eat and just don't move the pasteurizer look at a little pop over to me mom's pop over to his mum's I hope it's a good few miles was a 1700 calories this bumper full English is going to take some burning off but first it's time for a heart-to-heart with this little lady after four years of marriage and 18 pounds gained the fat is now having a real effect on Claire's life tell me about you and how your weight has affected your confidence my confidence is just I used to be really confident and now it's just no what happened of life its non-existent there's nothing there just a bit of a kiss maybe requital what would you feel as you start losing the way that if Andrea doesn't do it my name's Gough and I'm off really do you mean that serious yeah told him yeah it's got to change yeah the way he's going and if it does carry on on this track I think I could be a widow at like 44 45 him because his dad did like pass away such an early age how old was his dad many time and I think you took two weeks off his 66th birthday hmm I can't believe she's thinking of moving out and they're both living in terror at the thought of Andrew dying in his forties what I need to do now is going to talk to Andrew tell me a bit about your dad cuz I know you lost you dad and he was quite young what tell me what happened it dad's up for pieces he made his heaviest weight was 20 25 and a half I think do you worry about dying don't worry a whole lot does it does it affect the relationship in any way likewise she I know let's all be with me I'm feeling like she she you know you don't deserve it's not like I do anything isn't really she does everything it's not a manager or something like hers there's been a lot to take in already today but my Brooks binge has only just begun two years mid-afternoon and yep it's time to watch TV and do nothing except snack and it's not healthy snacking either a few bags of crisps and another pint of cherry cola equals 700 more calories just two hours later and it's time for supper time Drew's mom drives oh well at least we walk in there let's hope it's a long way after everything we've stopped in today worrier Joanie lives in the house opposite not exactly a lot of exercise for these super-sized scousers mum Cilla's in the kitchen hope she's doing a healthy supper but the prize surprise do you ever cook on a nice salad oh yeah which it Cilla's making just been lit sighs helpings of chips rice and for eat mints whilst Andrew and Claire a static on the sofa this gargantuan meal comes in at a fat fabulous mm 170 calories per portion what's it all about Scylla I'm kidding I don't know really I think it's just being a harvest of cooking like that and I worked on the wrong thing over the years properly can you do any loss someone it's one thing loving your kids but if Andrews ever gonna lose the Lord Silla has got to stop feeding him all that fatty food and all those massive portions just two hours after tea and back at the Brooks bastion it's time for dinner number two what is that chicken chow mein chicken chow mein chicken chow down more like this little snack a home is coming in at a belly busting 500 calories ago just one date in the blobby Brooks's menu adds up to around four thousand seven hundred calories per person I feel so full you could literally roll me to my hotel the problem with this family is there's just no routine so what do they do eat eat eat and mum helps out with that well tomorrow things change because they'll start to live life the Miller way coming up the big belly Brooks faced up to their fat and I put a very personal stamp on the proceedings Andrew and Claire Brooks from Liverpool weigh in at a whopping forty one stone that's more like a fat for than a fab – it's my job to ensure that these guys get the weight off before their marriage hits the rocks I'm not pussyfooting around either I've summoned the whole family to meet me I've got a plan to shape them to the core this could scare the life out of them if Andrews going to avoid following his dad into an early grave it's what they need guys I love meeting you yesterday and we had a lot of fun I think you're such a lovely family I have to say though at the moment all you do really is sleep eat and pop over to Cilla's anymore I need more Andrew I want to show you something I want to show you this what do you say my death certificate with my lemon this is what will happen if things don't change me don't change Silla do you want to sign it as a witness this may seem harsh but Andrews dad died of obesity-related illnesses at just 66 it's tough love the Andrew and Claire need right now that is what we face if things don't change it's not good I don't let it beat me but this isn't just about Andrew Claire you know this is your future as well you can't stand yours no no Thanks are you sure yeah I'm sure thank you can you guys see why I've done this yeah no there's something else that concerns me and I want to address it now something you said to me yesterday remember what it was yeah tell Andrew not me if things don't change and you don't lose the weight I won't stick around because of money jack with all of ya I won over family yeah well if you carry on my carry on I'm not gonna do that I don't I don't want to be witness to this to me all you I don't want you mean when is too hard was the message gone in yeah come here come here do as a team the bulging Brooks know what I think but change has got to come from them and not from me if they're to do anything about it they need to realize just how fat they've become to help me show them I'll be using a tiny camera which will allow the couple to see parts of themselves they've refused to look at for years first up is Claire she knows what she's been eating is wrong and now it's time to see the damage it's been doing she looked from the side on what what are you seeing that's just horrible that's just I have got a shelf or emotions are you feeling I'm greet myself so obviously we won't to have children and I look like I I am I don't me give better twins now it's time for Andrew he's a hulking twenty seven and a half stone if you can just find the courage to face his fat it will be a real turning point for him well done well done they really respect you for that tell me what you see No horrific just just last dia model tell me a little bit about what's caused that laziness just eaten doing not just when we asked busy on all the time just do not what do you want to say to Andrew obviously upset about why cease but we're gonna get rid of it army together yeah I want parties no more fatty he's gone that's the outside examined time to get to grips with what's going on inside their big box I've booked Claire and Andrew into a day of intense examinations monitored by Professor David McCarthy they need to know how many years they could be shaving up their lives by being this size the results are back and no wonder they're looking nervous Andrew I've got your results and for someone of 32 years of age they really are concerning 52% of your body is fat what that means is it's more than double it should be for a healthy man of your age that can lead to heart disease high blood pressure strokes there's all the bad news actually that the liver function test was abnormal can you explain what that means David you had your blood test and they showed that there was some damage Cheerleader already and this is a consequence of being so overweight I know that you dad had this didn't he I mean what are you thinking Scylla obviously cirrhosis of the liver was something that your husband had yeah just gonna face it and get the way yourself–all because there's no way I'm gonna have him gonna like Stas either way close him go like that I won't go we will fight it what was there shouldn't be done we're gonna do it yeah do it Claire Andrews body fat was 52% what do you think yours is probably the same you're right it's the same what are you thinking I've gotta do something or we are together we've got to do something about it the Brooks have spent years refusing to accept exactly what that gluttony has done to them but now I've made them face up to the flab it's time for step 3 of my fat melting plan intervention these poor key partners hardly ever move to watch Andrew going up the stairs at home you'd think he was climbing Mount Everest and he's only got 12 steps to manage not like Liverpool's world museum there's three times as many now Andrew one of the things you said to me is at home you get out a puff even when you're going up the stairs yeah obviously I brought you here to the museum why do you think we're here well of the stuff do it do it in a rocky now the good news is that I have checked with the doctor and your heart is strong enough to be able to do some good rigorous exercise what you reckon Andrew just try it go home on that note let's get walking now I'm not setting them a target I just want them to get used to moving after all it's been a while right time we go how you feeling Andrew consumer good thing to remember is what goes up must come down come on and again marching up and down stairs can melt up to 1,000 calories an hour if you've a brook sized belly come on guys I want them to see the exercise doesn't have to mean go into the gym come on it's not even further than your mom's eyes on the road again would you believe it these guys are really going for it considering they do oddly any exercise I'm seriously impressed that's three times we've done it how you feeling your sights feel a bit knackered oh you can still thought so we can do it again this God fella I still don't know what is thinking on this but we've done it four times now this is what I like to see don't we go how'd you feel knowing you can do that mate ecstatically the good man that's not you what about you Claire yeah happy at the same time I've never seen you smile so much she's fantastic you actually did five times and genomic steps that is three hundred and thirty steps yep a lot of steps right career well done coming up time's running out for our double size duo shoppers announcement is 15 minutes to go Brooks's Claire turns green as the fat it's the table got it for me and Liverpool gets marching with the master of fat melting the bouncing Brooks is from Liverpool II way too much and do farting little they spend their weekly food budget 250 quid on ready meals takeaways and chips they need to learn that fifty quid a week can buy them plenty of healthy food that will fill them up and keep the weight off how often do you two come the supermarket or play loser oh you do it all yeah what I want you to do today is go around this supermarket and get three days worth of healthy food breakfast lunch and dinner three days on your budget is 22 quid you've got half an hour off you go salad over there I believe the guys know exactly what healthy food is but I don't think they know how to make three days worth of exciting meals so while Andrew takes Claire up the aisle I'm off on a trolley – of my own I'll show them what I mean at the end of the half hour lots of green stuff so far but nobody can live on salad forever in general packet chicken what's wrong with a nice young fresh bird shop as announcement I don't know about them but I'm nearly done time to check out and compare our baskets it's all looking very colorful and green you know very good shoot and blimey you like you – no don't ya how much of this spent yeah you've got changed well done now they've bagged everything up I want to see Claire and Andrew make up a complete healthy and exciting read a menu for them both I want you to prepare three meals for three days breakfast lunch dinner although these two have tried to shop healthily their choices look pretty humdrum with a few greens thrown in for good measure I'm picking all right that you're starting to think this looks a bit boring yeah I mean you know based on what you have been eating this is a massive improvement guys and you know it's easy for me to stand here and be overly critical and I'm not going to do that but I think I think it just looks boring but it doesn't have to be over here now what do you see first of all much later the key thing for me was I've got to do something every day that's different and I've managed to keep in here some of your favorites I know you like a bit of bacon so guess what bit of a Kanaan toast alternative beans for you darling he's smiling losing weight I've also put together some other interesting alternatives chicken or egg sarnies for lunch and maybe chilli con carne for supper if the Brooks's can eat three interesting and healthy meals a day and start snacking on fruit not junk they can turn their lives right around so already is losing weight starting to feel a bit more exciting yeah really like like to the individual the other thing guys is the motor calories in these meals is roughly half what you guys normally eat and if if you're eating this stuff what does that mean exactly or you lost I can see you now we've all got a few guilty pleasures aren't we well I've brought the Brooks's down to the Liverpool one shopping center to show them that their favorite plate full of chips really is a lifetime on the hips each year 277 million portions of chips are sold in the UK but do we have any idea how many calories are in them I've got an accomplice today my v is Bob the butcher yeah I'll be showing you his meet later all right how many of your other chip can be faxed you are between maybe seven seven bags of chips a week let me show you some chips would that fill you up no what do you reckon of that portion Zilla don't need to kill a boss here not a man what you reckon Clare they gone in a minute less than two seconds how many calories do you reckon are in this portion of chips ninety cleats more than that she wondered we're getting there what do you reckon 215 spot-on 250 calories in that small portion of chips have you ever thought about how much weight you'd put on if you were eating 250 calories a day for one month over your recommended daily intake and that could be a little bit of chips it could be a chalky bar show a bob how much fat they'd put on two pounds of fat every single month could you imagine putting that on that lovely tummy yeah let's throw it on the tray would you like to see how much fatter you'd put on over a year if you were doing 250 calories extra a day than what you should do go on Bob 24 pounds of extra fat where I'm gonna find that you she's gonna bomb me slap your meat on the tribe oh okay so how many calories do you think are in a normal-sized chip shop chips 750 B can I have an advance on that Islander 900 it's actually around a thousand calories so imagine how much fat you'd be putting on if you were out with a thousand calories on top of your recommended daily allowance the six months but yes the resistance show us Bob lift it off for us Bob that guy's is three and a half stone of pure watch your wrecking player this one ironic imagine that that's why you've got to cut down on your calories guys warm out and what do you become if you've got an extra three and a half stone on yeah exactly and just how do you post a belly full of chips well to start with to burn off just 250 calories you would need to do half an hour of military marching I've had a cracking week with the Brooks and while we've been getting our chips out for the lads my team have turned Andrew and Claire's house from the chubsters Paradise into a temple of fitness as well as my face looming over them I've got rid of the sofa and replaced it with a spanking new treadmill hi guys you're home what's that Scylla I'm drew and Claire tell Scylla what it is and no big turn it's big indeed big boy try it on for size I feel it it's gonna what I want you to do you two guys I want you to do one hour's exercise every day what I've also done is arranged for you to have access to a personal trainer what about me I'm sure you can tag along Scylla as far as their food goes their kitchens been filled with fresh produce and I've left them scales special plates to help them get their portions right I've also left them to planners want to organize food and the other for exercise what I want you to do is to pre-plan the days you think you'll find that useful very relational yes Scylla yes stearic Oh Sheila pas over the road to your ice there's gonna be big start steaming instead of frying that's for you sweetheart thank you very much I'm giving them a published manual which is chock full of great recipes and tips for staying on track and I'll analyze their every move when I'm not here using state-of-the-art activity monitors so three things I want you to remember guys eat less eat better and finally move more it's our last day together for a few weeks but I'm not quite leaving you because if you look up there from the corner you get we can't do not enough thank you mommy steamer are minding your steamer sir what are we I just hope they both learn something about the Battle of the Bulge but what I'm really concerned about is the moment I leave they'll be back over to Mum stuffing themselves senseless and if that happens their futures not worth thinking about over the next four weeks Claire and Andrew go for it like never before a long while since I've see you do something like that they're using my plumbers daily login every minute of exercise and every mouthful of food and talking to food instead of greasy whites honest it's healthy brown bread nutritious fillings hey new egg bosses and their daily fight pints of cherry cola have been replaced with gallons of good old h2o when I think of Cola now it's like down at the gym their personal trainer bill is putting them through their paces but good on the golf I will set him on fire pushing them further and harder than they've ever been before nothing come on guys last couple of weeks we leave educator fitness him and then really push them a little bit harder and now's the time when I really start to kick down a little bit more three two one in Colma it'll really good nap time they buggy naked eye sore but you just seem to just get over after so long that it's so nice to see Andrew and Claire happy together and having fun stick into my fat melting master plan but can they hit my target of over three stone weight loss between them in just nine weeks coming up cam the Brooks face their Midway challenge and get set for a grunts ton finish and will they melt that lard before their makeover moment of truth you shaking before I met them the blobby Brooks is spent their lives gorging on chips chips and more chips but it was out with the fryer and in with the steamer because there's no room for greasy rubbish my weight-loss plan they haven't seen me for a month so I'm heading back to Mercy side with a surprise challenge I want to see how far they've come and for these red-blooded Liverpool supporters it's a mental challenge too I'm bringing them to Goodison Park home of arch rivals Everton but we're not here for the football we're actually here for the stairs and this impressive 40,000 seater stadium it should be just the ticket to find out their fitness levels have improved that's always Brooks's brilliant to see you how you getting on really really well yeah pretty good man yeah do you feel you've lost some weight I think so and if you think back a few weeks ago I asked you to walk those steps yeah well today guys you're gonna walk just a few more steps I don't how about many if you look at this grandstand right along here yeah I want you to walk every step in this grandstand not once not twice three times you're on the laughs off you go now I'll move then walk Olivos this is quite some challenge especially if you're looking spare tires like the Brooks's you they're doing amazing I have to say still early days an average person walking upstairs the 10 minutes will burn 102 calories if your auntie proxy size you burn over twice that amount and gain a bit worker and your nicest moving slowly come on Andy Brooks you mount that large one more up and down and the grandstands done then you got to do it twice local but as they approach the final laugh Andrews flag it and it is going to finish this boy needs a song to put some fire in his belly whoa card with the hole in your heart we're nearly there one more to go and I think we should do it together yeah yeah are you smiling Oh yeah well the guys that is fantastic I have to say seeing you do that I was in complete admiration just four weeks ago you guys were able to do 330 steps today are you ready for this no you did nearly 3,000 steps a mess that's nearly 10 times the amount you could do just four weeks ago oh my God look you should provide an achievement guys it is an achievement what felling off because I'm always crying well they're definitely fitter but are they less fat when I'm at Claire four weeks ago she weighed a wobbly 14 stone you know weigh 12 stone 13 pounds that's a lot of one stone one pound in just four weeks well done coming up thank you in celebration I tell you what what a brilliant result now it's Andrews turn just one month ago he weighed a monumental 27 stones seven pound now weigh 25 stone 5 hands you have lost two stone 2 pounds in just 4 weeks may that is a great result neither thank you Steve I'm really hard here I mean it's just fantastic come here thank you as soon as I leave my liven lovebirds go back to my plan with a passion we seem to be happier which is good because we feel more closer and do things together than me just socialize which is a good thing once we go out with him been playing for his being doing walks his confidence as well it's gone it's gone that little bit stronger but I've seen more weeks he loses along the way the more confidence you again like seen from evil it's more of about for him than it is for me but all the glitters is not gold and it's not long before things begin to slow down slacked off as in exercise we're not doing as much of it we did do up to five weeks we have still belong in the gym and doing what we should sort of do but I think we could be I said we could have done a bit more with their final makeover only a fortnight away will they get up off that sofa in time after a momentous nine weeks the Brooks family have finally reached the end of their journey with me so I've asked them to come down to London for a five-star makeover with celebrity stylist Richard ward I can chop into this fringe and try and take this hard line away that's gonna really improve your haircut after Richards buffed and beautified the Brooks I'll invite them to step on the scales for the last time I am so excited about seeing Andrew and Claire but I am a little bit nervous I'm just hoping they've continued to melt it and they haven't started to munch again first up is Claire a little over two months ago she was chomping chips by the bucketload and washing them down with half a gallon of cherry cola or what a luscious Liverpudlian latin you look like oh yeah there this good grief you champagne what you're nervous about and seeing yourself you are gonna love what you think darling coming put your hands over your eyes for me Claire come with me Claire Brooks your reveal oh my god from me this year what what thoughts are going through your mind now is obviously you really this is really stunned realizing yeah conscious crap I can't it's just too many words it's just it's like something the magazine you'd say nigga I wasn't she looked pretty do you think you've lost weight judging like that I was starving so do i Hulu yeah that's a magic Meredith the sixth up is Andrew nine short weeks ago his portions were well out of control and he'd spend his days and nights devouring anything and everything he could get his hands on I'm true how are you see you put your hand over your eyes and with me mate Andrew take a look as you look in the mirror would you feel you've lost the weight I think I was that bit Yeah right to her hopefully uh-huh one of the things we talked about early on as well was the possibility of Claire walking out let's like 'i'm we've just started going out with each other again no everything's like brand-new and named Shoop Shoop topping like nowhere else a row smile and happy and confidence in yourself as well you know do you feel more confident now you've lost weight a little bit you know it's still still got a long way to go and and this is really really helping and to start a new life and and I will come home to over there Andrew and Claire is certainly looking happier and healthier but have they managed to hit my weight loss target of 45 pounds between them in just nine weeks this fantastic Cilla's joined us to see if a son and daughter-in-law have passed the mucket mark oh you're fantastic first asset forward is Claire nine weeks ago she weighed 14 stone exactly you now weigh 12 stone one pound that's a loss of one stone 13 pounds in just nine weeks well done Claire has gone from being a chip eating chubster to a slimmer fitter attractive young lady she was past my weight loss target and the pretty girl hiding behind a plump exterior is blossoming in front of my eyes next on the scales is Andrew who weighed in at a massive 27 stones 7 pounds you now weigh 23 stone 13 pounds you have lost three stone eight pounds in nine weeks well done andrew has lost six inches from his waistline and his face is so much slimmer the shy quiet lad I met in Liverpool nine weeks ago has been replaced by a man who's growing in confidence he should continue to lose weight and get his life well and truly back on track together the Brooks's have melted an incredible five-and-a-half stone and this is just the start of that fat melting adventure I honestly didn't think you do and the app Mandy just proved everybody that they can't do it nine weeks ago tides were a bit fragile and I remember Claire saying look it's now or never users gotta lose some weight what you want to say to him today I'm just so proud of them and I love them and and you've proved me that you can do it and no going back man and I think you deserve a drink to celebrate water something stronger Silla what a fantastic result Andrew and Claire and not only if they begun to melt their jelly bellies they'd fallen in love all over again and if you're sitting on your sofa thinking that we melt the lard like the Brooks's did of course you can well done Andrew and Claire that was a pretty good effort and from our tips encouragement and inspiration Steve Miller we'll be back next Monday at 8:00 with all new fat families teenage wives is up next

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  1. "what can you do when you love someone" @9:14 – omg..? really? how about cut down on portions and sneak in some veg! And what a carbo load! You're killing them!

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  5. I think Andrew needs regular psychotherapy to deal with deep-seated shame and grief that has turned into depression. The psychology and emotions need addressing and the rest will follow. Although, for survival, getting rid of most of the fat is priority. Psychology has to happen for healing. Also, for the mother – she needs therapy, in my opinion. You don't claim to love someone and then feed them like that – there is a disconnect. This tells me she is hurting. It's possible he needs medication for clinical depression. He may not be diagnosed. I wonder for how long and how much his family has dealt with depression the wrong way – with food.

  6. Serial feeders are so common these days. The older generation has been trying to provide the food that they couldn't eaten back when they were children and starving. They want to make absolutely certain there children and grandchildren are always satisfied. So much so that they haven't been able to exercise control over healthy food for others. Its a deep internal fear that there loved ones go hungry. My best friend's mom is like that. She is thin and eats horribly. Her children(my life long friends and family) they are overweight. Ever since, i went through my weight loss journey 4 years ago they kept getting bigger and I reached a very healthy normal weight. Sometimes, It has to be a matter of death for their family for them to change their eating habits. Now, I am trying to help them to desire to change. Although if they never want to change nothing I can say will help them do it.

  7. My favourite episode definitely, lovely couple and I love the host. I miss this show so much!! There's so much shit on tv now!!

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  9. They are so sweet and just needed one person to offer to help them achieve what they wanted to achieve . Sadly this is exactly the citizen who Barack Obama started targeting to cannibalize

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    And Americans are always correct and weirded out when things don't meet with their American way.

    Idiots abound.

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