Fans Get Very Personal in ‘Spill the Tea’

But it’s not just any Friday. Today is National
No Excuses Day. And I didn’t write
a joke for that. And is no one to
blame but myself. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] More importantly,
today, I’m going to get to know some of
the people in my audience. Five of you are going to
reveal a secret about yourself to me and everyone
else who’s watching. It’s time to play my
new favorite game. It’s called Spill the Tea. Last time we played,
there was a clear winner. Take a look. [APPLAUSE] Yep, please raise the roof for
our returning champ, Carol. Come on out, Carol. [MUSIC PLAYING] The weather’s been nice lately. Any beach trips? [LAUGHTER] No, not yet, no. It’s so funny. Because that was– I
really did that is a joke. I put that on you
the very first time. And then I moved it. And I shouldn’t have. All right, let’s
meet your opponents. If you see your name on
the doors, come on down. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, ladies, hello. So spill the tea, you
know that’s an expression. It means gossip
or tell a secret. And I’m going to
reveal five secrets that we found out about you. And then I’m going to try
to match with the person. If I can match all
five, I’ll win a prize. And if I don’t, the
five of you are– you’re getting something. But I don’t know. You’re on TV. So that’s nice. [LAUGHTER] So the first one I’m revealing
is “I used to eat dog treats.” The next one is “I won a
piano on Let’s Make a Deal.” The next one is, “I flashed my
family at my sister’s wedding.” Carol. [LAUGHTER] “I snuck away from a day to
make out with someone else.” Carol. [LAUGHTER] “My husband and I brought
fruit into our lovemaking.” Carol! [LAUGHTER] All right, “I used
to eat dog treats.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “I flashed my
family at my sister’s wedding.” Who here has a sister. Raise your hand? [LAUGHTER] All right, very smart. I’m going to say
that is Jennifer. Just look a little feisty to me. [LAUGHTER] “I won a piano on
Let’s Make a Deal.” Let’s see, who would go
on Let’s Make a Deal. Lynette, I think you went
on Let’s Make a Deal. “Flashed my family at
my sister’s wedding.” I think Brooke did that. I think you may have had
some dog treats in your life. [LAUGHTER] Oh, no, that’s not– wait. That’s, you brought fruit–
no, you didn’t do that. No, I don’t think so. I think Carol might
have done that. [LAUGHTER] All right. All right, how many
do I have right? [DING] Oh, no. Maybe you won a piano. Maybe you did that. And I think maybe you snuck
away to make out with somebody. Can I see your hands? Can I see your hands. OK, you’re not married. So– [OH-ING] Oh, wait, but that’s not right. OK. I think maybe you
ate some dog treats. Yum. All right. Just looking at your chest,
who would be likely to– how many do I have right now? Do I get one more try? All right. Maybe your divorced
because of the fruit. What happened? Let’s see. [DING] Oh! [APPLAUSE] That’s pretty good. So there’s just
two that are wrong? Can I see your hands? Can I see your hands? I think I got it now. I think I got it! Let’s see! [DINGING] Yes! [APPLAUSE] All right! So you snuck away from a date! And it was obviously
not a good date. No. No. And then did it work out
with the other person you were making out with? Yes, he was actually
my boyfriend. Oh, for a while. That worked out. Yeah. OK. Carol, you won a piano. That’s fantastic. You are on Let’s Make a Deal. And then you flashed your family
at your sister’s wedding– on purpose? No. No, OK. And then you used to
enjoy a dog treat or two. Yeah. And you stopped that now? Yeah, I stopped now. Good. Yeah, my mom is vegan. So we couldn’t have meat. So– [LAUGHTER] Wow! Fantastic! My friends at Shutterfly
heard my story about getting people to
tell her secrets on TV. So Shutterfly wants to
give me a check for $15. Thank you so much, everybody. I get $15. And for sharing
your secrets, you’re each getting a 65
inch TCL Roku TV.

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