constantly and constantly and constantly the certain person constantly and constantly beating up his butt and stuff issues like let's spill the tea you guys do the job who does it better ready I definitely today is the first day that we are without any kids I mean sometimes I get worried I'm with you though I know but it gets lonely and I hope I can get through very to peaceful but we do have a lot of errands to run so we're gonna go ahead and run those errands and we're gonna take you guys along with us is gonna be nothing boring it's all going to be fun first of all Luis bought some new shoes and they sent me the wrong one so now I have to take a picture send it to the app and I'm gonna show you guys my outfit my daddy my queen are y'all Game of Thrones tisk tisk and like it at all you forever my queen I leave on my trip in two days and I have that shit I think before we go we should show them another house because a law got done and it looks huge you haven't even seen it I went in there again oh you didn't ya look big enough Cory let's go see you guys look at all the countertops look at that guys please Kevin oh my goodness oh my goodness guys look how huge the kitchen is yeah they took everything out Wow well that looks huge right now we can like plan it out however we want so look at this guy's the kitchen is completely open I think doesn't make the house look bigger like I'm gonna show you guys from the entrance of the house so when you walk in this is what it looks like there used to be a wall there we're getting it taken out and then look at the kitchen though there used to be like a counter like a little island right here attached to that wall and we got it all taken out because we're doing like a floating island that's not attached to any wall it's just like by itself and then we got all that ripped out because we're like remodeled in the entire kitchen and then the arches that you see here got all taken out and then we're getting this over here taken out as well as well as these poles just because the house looks very like old like very I don't know not our style it's not modern so we're just like opening up every arch that you see so the house can look bigger we're gonna be breaking this right here so we're gonna get new doors and it's gonna be like super tall doors guys look at the trash it's overflowing so we have another one coming in tomorrow but I should give you like a little insight like how much is getting taking out over the house the house is looking so good like the fact that we took that wall out and we're like remodeling in the kitchen and the staircase you can now see it and we're moving the arches and it's looking so good like I'm really excited so I'm thinking around the same time next month the house is gonna be done with like fours and everything so Lois and I we definitely have to go like we got floors which we still haven't done yet but I don't think we're gonna do that today and we have to start like picking out cabinets and getting like kitchen appliances and just doing like all the spending we're like this is like where the money comes in like floors paint colors carpets like everything okay so I have an appointment at 3:30 to go to the dentist but we're 30 minutes early so I saw interest or I came here a long time I love my mom with you guys remember that one guy who's like accused me and my mom of like taking his things that like crazy dude give me the shampoo from you I don't have your shampoos they have shampoos yeah I called them and they can call the police do you see a shampoo on me yeah no you see a shampoo I'm over here looking at the ornaments and things I took the shampoos I find out whenever you we're here at the same thirst or yes oh yeah an old friend II was talking about bush I'm here at the thrift store how empty I was the place where this guy accused of speaking the shampoo you shampoo the place this is the place I hope I see the same guy do it he doesn't work here but maybe this girlfriend get additional five books right now at the drift or should I see the color of the day that's brandy you know it could be it could be like two cents and she'll try to get that discount I'm saying and if it's not close 75% off and if it is close and it has a red or pink tell you two dollars huh okay so uh nothing I still got Adobe I still get it Gucci Gucci yo how much is that Gucci cents but they have this bag $14 bro what oh my god when I graduated high school it's 249 oh my god a pocahontas belt look oh my god oh my god oh so people try to make it killing over here these dresses are 14 bucks and they get this all for free Freddie just told me I need to tighten up with these prices peg no I would not pay $2 that's maybe you know how many women I mean how many girls wear that that's wrong letting itself you won't believe how much of trying to sell in this restaurant how much oh it's my size too right how much do you think 14 bucks 99 you're lying 99 we are from victoria rowell still I'm looking at him I'm looking it up and I'm sewing I'm looking it up and I'm sewing I'm suing oh you better get it girl you better rock that pool oh oh you better rock it rock that bathing suit yes girlfriend oh hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I missed you I love you alright guys so we're here at this place and I'm about to get something done you guys mate I actually already got this done a while ago I just never mentioned it you guys may or may not know I don't think a lot of you guys picked up on it because I didn't see like all of you guys tweet me or anything regarding this new change I have but I'm gonna go back because I'm gonna get something fix on it and I'm gonna take you guys along with me mm-hmm and let me say look beautiful babe nobody noticed because like it wasn't a big difference but they do look really good on you thank you I want you guys to meet the bonus dentist are you guys doing he's really good really good so we're go to dental and those are temporaries gonna put our permanent ones on today and we're super excited yeah we're excited can't wait when I came here I'm like just please make them look natural like I don't mean to look like cheek glaze like guns make them look like my teeth and then we like work together to like come out with these teeth and I like I didn't say none of you guys know because it looked so much like when I'm with you so I was originally gonna go in there only to get like my temporary teeth just looked at and fixed because since I'm gonna be going away for a couple days I'm not gonna be near my dentists I was just scared like something would have happened so we're just doing like a little checkup and I went in and he's like hey you're like teeth actually came in like let's put him on so he just like tested them on and we ended up like doing four little alterations to my teeth because he wants me to be really happy with them and of course it's not just being us perfect teeth by the way my mouth is numb so like a lot of saliva coming up there's all this thing has perfect teeth but there's like perfect teeth for me so we made little alteration then Lewis look at them and then we had like so I you seem like directions so I'm actually gonna get like the real tip like permanent teeth in next week but for now I still have a temporary so now we are at a thrift store Brenda says she has to Puri badly but you know she can't give up the sales how do you know I have kids I thought you say your baby daddy I have more girls and twins thank you she was saying she likes my Gucci sales and then she's like look you got Gucci right here – yeah he bites did they sell them we saw um so love viagra I'm kidding did you find anything good here at the store look what she found guys this is so cute are you gonna put on me like perfumes or something perfect that's cute you should spray paint unless you like that I might you you like yours Oh that'd be so cute spray painted like gold or something thank you bye nice to talk to you guys gonna find anything it wasn't even that good and they were closing in like five minutes but it's okay we're gonna probably go to another one nearby and if we can't find a we're just gonna go home look a cute little slushy show me teeth moving oh well I can get you why I'm gonna go to the gym later today That's not me I told her to get some water you haven't drink water all day you need a hydrate and she goes I need a slushie I love you and I miss you welcome don't forget I'm your mom I'm your mommy don't forget about me my big boy Mikey told me you hide something Luis he like smells with his lips closed oh my god are the babies good are the babies good you know that my rock that grandma rock being a grandma guys excuse me I look like poop but I just got out of the gym and we have some tea to spill some big T's be going on for a while but you know we didn't really think it was a big deal but after like literally constantly and constantly and constantly the certain person costly and constantly beat up his butt and stuff it's just like let's spill the tea so a lot of things always happen behind the scenes but we don't really say anything just because you know it's behind the scenes but it's time to put people on the back but first we're gonna shower and the most ability we're doing our first time ever it's not your the most ideal dinner but it's a quick dinner you know it's I think it's you know convenient someone didn't come and go go shopping or cooked because you know we're out at the gym lay yeah but it's like I think you should drive the a don't say a but I so Brent fat we just came from the gym you know about to get it so a little bit with them Robin didn't come for Coke but I know I have some protein yogurt on the way back from the gym right lewis's on instagram and this girl Deanna Tim once again can we count how many time she has been do you actually oh sure I didn't bring the receipt I'm so bad at receipts in mud buns and you know a few times you let me bring these receipts over how I want to know cuz I have no idea but I just know it's multiple more than twice what do you know my phone was a person did you accept Iraq did you know you're right who am i looking at my game sure thing you got worried didn't you got worried so I guess I feel like have you accepted her messages than it would have been like okay that's why she's still message do you know well another fine no you got a diaper in there we're doing this how do you know how to do it because I know you got to go on her Instagram and then message her okay over here message wait where's other ones oh all right what the heck did you do how can I believe him I never accepted me oh my she believed me mothers you wanted to leader them they should lead it all them that she met they do delete something every time that almost empty every time you don't look at them she did it some so you never see it again oh it's the first time messaging you Oh probably I was in the shower I was literally thinking like okay I'm gonna show them the receipts and I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna edit it like this and we it's smarter I guess like if you're trying to get somebody you trying to get them to mess you back if it looks like you're thirsty is telling you have like 10,000 messages and I'm I sit back but you probably erasing every thought every time you don't message back yeah but I'm not kidding you guys I promise you she's message them six times maybe no I feel like literally more cinemax reason like I don't remember how long but I know that remember I mentioned – yes for admissions were hey this group always message me cuz literally how many times she's message 10 or more really 10 or more times I just remember like the last time you told me I like went and looked at the messages and there was like a bunch and they always say the same exact thing and the only reason that I even told her about like what let this girl is message me was because like oh yeah right I stole their mother because I always taught her popping up him like first time ID and now my DM when I have a question GM I guess there's a filter that like put people with more followers on top I think we meets like first only if you have certain amount of followers these filters for you I don't know because I don't have the filter on mind DM messages but Penelope has it arteries hmm like when you get new messages they tell you the people who messes you with the most followers like their message gets put to the top mm-hmm like I'm a little question who recently you guys like messages so if I see her first and I'm like dang they over and over over and over just kept senior I kept see even that one her profile and she has a crap ton followers like she had a lot of polish mom you say right so we're obviously not gonna put this girl blouse but I won't give you guys one clue about her because Lewis have no idea who she was but I know I knew who she was I know you this day I'm gonna give you guys when vine was really huge and vine was like a big thing she was one she was like popular in vine that's not the only clue yeah she wasn't she wasn't like huge like someone like the biggest finders but she was pretty big I remember like watching her vines and that's how I knew who she is but no she guilty she died down Oh like engagement and everything just like really bad like she's basically if I were to tell you guys your name you'd be like who is that like no shade no tea but just like speaking like Instagram wise and statistic and engagement and like all of that she's like really dead so I feel like maybe that's why she's trying to slide in Indian so I had no idea what she was you know Mimi and guy you know guys like don't really look into like I don't know at least me I don't follow too many social media people like I follow boy follow could I like them other than that we'll look around and like no people like that you know so I had no idea like Bolivia's he doesn't know who a lot of people are and I always have to like tell him like oh this person's this and this person is this so when noise first showed me the message like did I get mad and I get jealous that I get anything the answer is no because I mean first of all just to put it out there Louis told me right away so it's something else if you were to hide it and like reply to her or open her message up and didn't tell me I found out myself I feel like oh who is that like who's that girl you know but in fact like he told me right away like that's why I wasn't jealous or anything oh and besides that like what are there to be jealous about Jim except they're they know I feel like jealous is not the word of how I feel like if I have to pick a word of how I felt not even a word not even emotion the only thing I can describe it is just like I kept my eyes open like after you told me I'm like okay so I just kept my eyes open for her that's like the only thing I did no jealousy no emotion just me everybody also hosts at one point you did of all the throw the whole thread there and you could see how she measured me over and over the same exact thing almost except for like a little emoji like a happy face you just tell them what so she would message me saying hey they're like hey there with emoji like happy face so like I would be an emoji one time be nothing would say be an exclamation one time you'd be like just like J just adds like little things and you know what it's like a little why the reason why I have my eyes open up for this girl because because what because she never misses you exactly because one she never messaged me I checked to see if she messaged me and she didn't message me because I first I was like okay maybe she wants to like hang out or like collab with us or something maybe she watches our videos and she's a fan so I checked in one she'd never messaged me in two she doesn't follow me she does not follow him but messages I must be in a head because if I don't follow anybody I don't seem like like feed I have like actively think I'm little messages person they go on their profile like message so that's why I just have my eyes open for her I'm not I don't feel threatened okay would you like no eyes not they're just I have my eyes open in case next time she tries to maybe sound like a different message or send a picture because you guys know now with all the social media girls are thirsty as hell don't do anything for Klout and like I mentioned no shade no tea but she needs some help with like her engagement and her legs and stuff so what do you guys think like you guys let us know of course the comments are disabled we'll go to you know my Twitter so we can talk there and let us know what you think why do you think she's messaging him tell us what you think like what it is because in my head like I said I'm thinking like this girl she doesn't follow me but she's thinking about messaging me so what is that could that possibly mean that so boys thinks she she has something like she likes you look she thinks about me if you thought about us in general she would message you she message Penelope but she's like just thinking about me because she's involved so do you think it to that or do you think she's just doing it straight for the cloud if the girl we're talking about happens to be watching this video you know back off a little bit if you want some followers or something like the best advice I can give you is just Google like how to buy followers how to buy engagement use hashtag like for like you have to time to follow for follow like do one of those things and we're gonna pray for your engagement I think we're in the video so there's been instances where we've been with family members that are subscribed to our channel and we've been like actively uploading that show all right next to our family members exactly and they say oh I haven't got the notification and then they go check their notifications and it's turned off so with that being said if I'm go taking a notification right now because you're probably happy to do that so YouTube I feel like it's like just like turning off notifications first I don't know they're like sabotaging our Channel I want to say too much because you know YouTube you probably watch it know we love ya I don't don't you know don't cancel us but you're saying to ourselves you know we're good people you know we love we are we donate with that being said thank you guys so much for watching I'm a man

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