Family’s new kitten turns out to be a bobcat

100 thoughts on “Family’s new kitten turns out to be a bobcat

  1. The "eyes" on the kitty's ears are also another telltale sign that you are dealing with a little wild thing. It's camouflage against raptors.

  2. I am laughing my Aoff about these mistaken identiy comments!!! I know people are well-meaning – but also stupid; luckliy the little animals cut us a lot of slack; they are happy to find a mamma, no matter how strange "mamma looks."

  3. How do you look at it and not see wild cat written all over it? It looks nothing like a domesticated cat.

  4. Hmmm… a kitten with a loud, annoying screechy voice.
    I think I would have named it Bobcat Goldthwait.

  5. is this a joke? A vet doesn't notice the kitten was a bobcat? Like I mean there were a major clue to it being a bob cat…the fricking bobbed tail!!!

  6. One time I found an elephant, but it turned out to actually be an octopus. It turns out elephants only have 1 trunk.

  7. Why couldn’t they keep her? It’s not like it’s a lion that would eat the family! It would be domesticated just like a cat!

  8. How can we be sure this baby was an orphan? I wonder if Mama Bobcat was out hunting. I'm not knocking this good Samaritan….just curious. I hope this little one has a long, happy life and develops a healthy fear of humans which is a wild animal's greatest defense.

  9. "Awww, look, a cute little kitten.".


    "Something's not right with that cat. It's a — "


  10. Funny thing is, I can actually take care of a bobcat my only concern is the neighbors private livestock if he goes for a hunt.

  11. Success stories of people co-existing with wild animals in their homes are few and far between. Something we should remember.

  12. They took her to a VET the next day?. Apparently the VET neglected to tell them or, worse still, failed to notice it's a BOBCAT?.

  13. The story sounds contrived the VETERINARIAN should of known it was a bobcat, or the veterinarian should get a refund for his tuition from their school expeditiously.

  14. You can tell a bobcat cub???? by the white stripes behind the ears. Another way you can tell is with the tail.

    They will make good pets though. They can but they are not domesticated cats. They are totally different than even coyotes f you raise one of them from an orphan.

  15. I once saved a puppy that turned out to be a coyote. A friend adopted it but as I told her, it did not turn out well.

  16. I was working as a landscaper roughly 11 years ago and while I was mowing in an industrial park a fledgling red tail hawk crashed into my chest. A bit freaked out and confused I stopped my mower and collected myself. The hawk was in serious distress. I picked it up and rode my mower back to the work truck where I found a large box. After about an hour the bird still was acting strangely, so I decided to bring it (what I now know was a she) home. Once home I called my local animal control center and was informed that there was nothing that they could do and to call my local police. So I called the police and got the same response, they referred me to my state ENCON office. All the while the hawk was regaining its senses.
    I decided to empty out an old 55 gallon fish tank and turn it into a make shift enclosure for the hawk until I could contact the proper authorities. I called the ENCON main number and got transferred about half a dozen times. Finally I was transferred to the proper person. After a brief conversation and explanation as to how I had acquired the bird the man on the other end asked me for my address and phone number and if he could call me back within the hour. I obliged. Roughly an hour later he called me back. The conversation that ensued floored me. First he asked if I wouldn't mind taking care of her until he could contact someone who specializes in birds of prey, I informed him that I wasn't properly trained or equipped to care for "her". He then referred me to a website on how to care for birds of prey and assured me that it would be temporary, a few days tops. So after a run to the market for some organic chicken and a few more supplies I was ready. Little did I know that she would take a liking to me. After about a month had passed I contacted the man I had previously spoken to and he apologized stating that he couldn't find a vacancy for her at this time. I politely reminded him that keeping a bird of prey without a license was illegal and he assured me that everything was ok and if need be he could get me a temporary "handlers" license. Two weeks later unbeknownst to me I recieved a package in the mail. The package included a temporary license and a packet to fill out as well as weekly health forms for her. So I called him back (at this point I had him on speed dial).
    I informed him that I was not a veterinarian and couldn't fill out the forms properly. He assured me that all I had to do was monitor her overall appearance and weight, so again I agreed. About a year later and now she is basically a family member. She still can't be without me and she's literally my shadow. She has since learned to fly…..and stalk me from the trees. A trip to the mailbox is like dodging a kamikaze plain at this point. Thankfully she is gentile when landing on me. Fast forward three years. She has since found her independence (as well as a beau I suspect) she still comes "home" from time to time, still comes inside as I still keep her 55 gallon home waiting for her. She'll stay for a bit enjoying the free food and hopefully my company…..

  17. How in the hell did the VET not know it was a bobcat??? I wouldn't take any animal of mine to them!

  18. Lol damn he looks like a kitten but that sound coming out of that little mouth wow yeah definitely not a tabby have seen ppl on Animal Planet channel think they took in a stray kitten turned out to be an ocelot it’s a good thing they found out quickly before they got attached too attached to the little fella 🐱

  19. bob cats are good pets if raised from kittens and this one wont be able to cope in the wild now that it's keen on humans might as well make it a pet but the government rule-makers and cat-phobics are morons.

  20. When I was little, we had a bobcat hybrid. I'm not sure how we got him but he was pretty awesome. Definitely an outdoor cat, and we wouldn't see him for months at a time. He'd come home for several days then leave again.

  21. I don’t understand why bobcats have to go to the wild life center and be locked up but cats and dogs are free? Smh bobcats don’t hurt or eat they’re smaller then average dogs

  22. I found a lost dog………..turned out to be a bear lived with me for seven years turns out it was a bear I thought it was a supper big dog but I was wrong

  23. They saved someone, not "something". And it's they if you don't know the gender, not "it". Animals and kids aren't objects.
    Also, you'd have to be dumb to say that bobcats aren't cats. They clearly are. BobCAT.

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