Family member speak after reset court appearance

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  1. Maleah is in Heaven with Jesus Christ who will truly love her for all eternity. She will receive the love she never got in this World. My heart and soul weeps for Maleah but I find comfort that she is in a better place with God.

  2. EVERYONE should be held accountable! From the Stepfather, Mother, Grandmother, biological father, to additional family members close to her, including the community, ER/Hospital, Court, and Media.
    THE MEDIA—-The Media, who of course report like muppets, pulled by strings and on to the next segment: THE ASTROS! Wonder if they’d report differently if, say, Maleah were one of their child?
    MR. QUANELL X—-He’s busy making excusing for the Mother, claiming she was also a victim of abuse. …Then at what point, Mr. X, is the adult held responsible for her actions?
    THE NANA—Nana has time to take long breaks to do interviews instead of frankly searching for her granddaughter. She tells the media she and Brittany spent an hour or so at the park, looking for Maleah.
    THE MOTHER—She stands behind Nana—NOT ONE TEAR, but crocodile tears, and walks away.
    THE COURTS—well, that’s a JOKE!
    CPS—They managed to remove Maleah from the HOUSE OF HELL yet somehow allowed her back into that HELL of IRRESPONSIBLE ADULTS?!?!?!
    THE ER—Never bothered to examine Maleah for sexual abuse.

  3. I feel like this baby didnt stand a chance at all seem like the biological father, the grandparents, mother or nobody gave af about this child at all just hurt me to my soul I really hope they find her 😔❤

  4. The police should be able to track his phone to find out the areas he visited after leaving his apartment. I saw on another video that this MF may have dismembered her body and if he did, he does not deserve to live. Don't waste tax payers money by housing and feeding him take his life just like he did Maleah's and make him suffer while doing so!

  5. First off you can tell Derion didn't give a 💩 about Maleah by how far he's walking away from her in the video. Second the biological dad and his cousin talking on his behalf is full of 💩. When you have a child 4yrs of age for that matter missing it's never to early to show up anytime anywhere. Wtf he's late already and been late 😡 he should've been trying to get custody when she had to get surgery for her head injury 😢. I just feel bad for the babies everyone else can go to hell on a rocket ship

  6. Hey the so called mother has done alot of weird things she is strange they need to lock her also this case very weird SMH 👀👀🤔🤔🤨🤨🧐🧐🚫🚫❌❌❌

  7. This is heart breaking everyone failed this baby Mom, dad, family, friends,cps , cop I don’t understand how you can let a animal beat and rape your child and all you cared about was a dick picture he sent to another man like I don’t understand

  8. Wearing glasses is a Classic hiding in her own comfort and from people knowing the truth well good seen every thing. They will get there Justice 🙏

  9. How come she's the only one messing and he has his other kids she walks in with him but doesn't come back on what does that tell you file play premeditated he knows where she's at he needs to come clean and clear his conscience Pretty Little Angel..

  10. she acting like she Hollywood the more I see her the more I get agitated she acting so nonchalant.

  11. Vence is an evil monster not Maleah stepfather. A good stepfather is highly respected. This monster is a thug.

    Father’s needs to man up and take their children where abused is continued.

  12. What I don't get is if she did loose her father & had to travel out of town. Why not take your child with you or leave her with her father. WTF would she leave her child with him? Smh

  13. My heavenly father Jehovah God we need some closure with this situation put your Holy Spirit upon those ones to help find her body what's in the dark will come to the light… my father we will leave all things to you because it's something that we can't handle….. but I know with all of my heart I leave this to you let it be late that shine on us and remove the darkness and help heal us with our mind our body and our souls my father let us come to some peace, he can fool human but Jehovah God we know he has to give you an answer face you when it's time for situations like this amen rest in peace…thi is sooooo sad…it hurts my hart to hear something like this I have five beautiful grandchildren… much going on in the world….. Satan is very busy… rest in peace.. she's so innocent… rest in peace


  15. Look at Quanell X's face. He knows this woman is guilty of something! He's trying to avert attention from the mother for her own protection but other mothers are going to keep on this lady about how she allowed her child to be harmed and staying with a man she knew was not a man to have a woman and kids.

  16. Why Tf Was Maleah Under Hes Care ? If The Stupid Mom Knew He Was Abusive With Her …Not Even That But Why Did The Boilogical Father Picked Her Up Too ? He Only Picked Up Hes 5 Yr Old Son But Not Her ? Wtf Theres Alot Of Questions With No Answers

  17. I’m so sick and tired of these mothers leaving their beautiful babies with anybody. Stop having babies if you’re not going to love them and take care of them the way that they should be taken care of. It really makes sad to keep hearing these stories😢

  18. His body language in everything about the pic look how far away she was from him and him from her smh

  19. My prayers go out to Maleiah Davis and love ones, JUSTICE PREVAILS IN JESUS NAME,however, just a suggestion, move the refrigerator, move the stove, look under the cabinets, behind the cabinets, check shallow areas like the walls etc. also, whatever happened to the laundry basket with the black trash bag inside? These are just a few suggestions Hypothetically speaking.
    Justice Prevails, God Bless

  20. The truth shall prevail🙏🏽🙏🏽 The mother is accountable she knew what the hell what was going on and you left your precious daughter with this devil u are sick just like his a‼️‼️🤬🤬

  21. I hate to say that you can see the neglect in the picture of this precious baby girl walking so far behind this man he didn't give to Rat fuks about that girl…. I never let a baby that young walk behind me either in front of me or in my arms I see major neglect in the photo

  22. It is deeply disturbing that the mother didn't leave him when he was abusing her daughter. It took 🍆 pics for her to call off the engagement. Yet she still leaves her with that monster, then calls him to break up.

  23. Who shows up to court with mf’ing sunglasses on? They all failed this child. Every single adult that was around her.

  24. You can see how he is walking so many feet ahead of her. This picture is very powerful! I have babysat cousins nieces, nephews, friends babies, and neighbors children, I always walked holding the hands of small children whenever we were outside. He clearly did not care about this baby, his body language shows the animosity he holds.

  25. Poor little 4 yr old girl. Mother is disgusting. This little girl was being abused for a very long time. Both need to be in prison.

  26. Judge amd judge ye not the mother it was said just just buried her dad maybe she grieve differently maybe she havent yet processed the situation JUST MAYBE

  27. I don’t even like how he’s walking sooo far in front of the precious baby and leaving her sooo far behind him 😡inconsiderate and uncaring 👌🏽

  28. Her biological father is dodgy af also.
    Did any of her family truly love her ? They all seem guilty of various levels of negligence to me.

  29. Torture should be legal in any situation having to do with the where abouts of a child.

  30. Why has none of this footage captured her mother leaving town with a suitcase??? I need a verified timeline for her

  31. I can't bare to look at her face! God knows all ,and the truth will prevail! This is beyond sad my heart hurts from this story!

  32. Let Us Pray Again:  God in Jesus’ name, please touch the heart or vex the spirit of anyone who knows where Maleah Davis is, and cause them to tell where she can be found. Give them no rest or peace until they tell the truth where this child can be found.  Thank You Jesus. Amen.  (Please Text This Prayer To Everyone You Know That Prays & Post It On Your Facebook Page).

  33. So he was with her,then all of sudden he was not seen with her,but he had his son WTF YOU THINK HAPPENED!!!

  34. QX mentioned her body being dismembered, he assumes that . He may be right but can we assume and teach that.? I wonder if the gas in the can was used . Or was the can still full. If he burned her body her bones are still out there in the site of God and the Angels. She will be resurrected in Gods time. The bible says so.

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