Family Dollar Couponing EASY! All Digital Coupons $5/$25

what's up LCC gang today we are at Family Dollar you guys have been asking for another Family Dollar 5 off 25 video and I thought why not do one so I'm here and I'm getting ready to do this deal but ladies oh I have some news I got a break to you today's deal I'm gonna focus on men's products now don't get mad just yet I'm putting a twist on it so it's not gonna be all stuff for men but it's gonna be stuff that men would like also we're getting a lot of men don't like to do this too and I don't think we should leave them out so let's get into our first item for our first item we're gonna be getting suave men's body wash is priced at $2 and we have a $0.50 off coupon on the Family Dollar app so I have my app pulled up and you guys know what I like to do I like to scan the product to make sure I'm getting the right item and the right coupon so I'm just gonna scan this just like this and boom that coupon pops up and I'm gonna click right here where it says clip coupon and it's just that easy when you pick up your item always scan it with your family dollar app and it'll let you know if your item matches your coupon and that is so important because you don't want to get the wrong thing and not save any money so take that extra few seconds to just scan it it's so simple they make it easy for you okay so the next item we're gonna get is right over here we're gonna get the suave men's two and one or three in one their shampoo conditioner body washes or different other combos they're priced at 3 dollars and 15 cents but we have a coupon on the family dollar app so I'm gonna grab this one and then we're just gonna scan it together so let's go ahead and scan that I pulled up my family dollar app and I'm just scanning right now boom a coupon pops up and tells me that I can save a dollar on this bottle so I'm gonna get this and I'm going to clip the coupon now if you've already clipped it it'll say clipped right up here in purple but if you need to clip it down here at the bottom it'll tell you to go ahead and clip it so make sure you have it clipped and add this to your transaction so the next item we're gonna get is going to be the suave men's deodorant it but of course it's gonna get even better so I'm gonna go ahead and scan mind on the family dollar app and check this out it brought up two coupons and we're going to clip both of them now usually that's not possible but we're going to clip both of these because there's something pretty awesome about these check this out this first $0.50 off coupon is a manufacturer's coupon that means it comes from Unilever the company that owns swab so they're giving us this coupon for $0.50 off so thank you to them for this one so we're gonna clip that one now this coupon is a store coupon which means this one was given to us by Family Dollar so we can use them both together now if that doesn't make sense to you don't worry about it just make sure that you get one swab deodorant and clip both of these $0.50 off coupons make sure you get one of the deodorant and clip both so for those who are wondering and kind of wanted to know the explanation behind it basically family dollars policy says that they will allow you to use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item that means you can get one item and use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon now that doesn't happen very often but when it does is best to take advantage of it and so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna get this one deodorant and use both 50 cent coupons because this one time it is allowed okay so we don't want to leave out the kids and this looks like something that boys would love it's a three-in-one called watermelon wonder by suave kids it's only three dollars and we have a digital coupon on the Family Dollar app for a dollar off so I'm gonna pick this up and I want you guys to get in the habit of always scanning things I'm just going to scan it just like that and it tells us that there's a coupon for a dollar off of this so it's three dollars but we'll save a dollar so that's really awesome get one of these and add it to your cart okay so this is what my cart is looking like so far and if you're following along then your cart should look just like this we're gonna start over here with the suave kids priced at three dollars and we have a coupon or $1 off then we have our suave men's body wash priced at $2 and we have that coupon for $0.50 off then we have our suave mins three-in-one priced at 3:15 and we have our coupon for $1 off last but not least so far we have suave men's deodorant on sale for only $2 which is already a great price but we've decided to clip to $0.50 off coupons don't forget to click two of those if you have all of this then you're ready to go on to the next items let's keep going okay so the next item we're going to get is gonna be the Gillette razors we're going to Gillette sensor 2 plus it's priced at $5 but we have a coupon on the Family Dollar app so I'm gonna pull one down and as usual we're gonna go ahead and scan it because we want to be absolutely sure that it matches our coupon boom check it out save $3 on Gillette disposables this is a match so it's priced at only $5 but we are going to save $3 so go ahead and get a good look at that item and at that coupon and add one of these to your transaction we're almost done ok so the next item we're going to get is going to be the Kellogg's family size cereals they're priced at 425 but there's a coupon on the Family Dollar app for buy one get one free so we're going to go ahead and use that so I'm pulling down my family dollar app right now and I'm just going to pull down one of these boxes of cereal and let's turn it over on the side and see if we can scan that barcode there it is there's that coupon by Wayne Kellogg's Apple Jacks frosted flakes Froot Loops Honey Smacks or raisin bran steer it whoa and get one free so it has to be the big size and there's tons of varieties to choose from so go ahead and pick out two of those make sure you scan them to make sure they're an absolute match and add them to your cart we're getting two boxes and clipping only one coupon okay so get two boxes and clip just one buy one get one free coupon now most of us only have one of those buy one get one free coupons so we're going to get two boxes and call it but some people have to buy one get one free coupons on their account so if you're one of the people that has two of them to buy one get one free coupons they look exactly the same if you have two of them thing you need to get four boxes and clip two of those coupons okay I don't have those and if that went over your head don't worry about it the basic way to do this is just to clip one coupon and get two boxes and that's what I'm gonna do okay so the last item that we're getting today is gonna be the game detergent it's right over here it's on sale this week for only 395 and that's a pretty good price 395 is a great price and you can see on the tag right here they're already telling you about that coupon its 395 and that coupon is gonna take off two dollars leaving us to pay only 195 but you know me I like to scan everything so I'm taking this down and we're gonna scan it so its 395 let's scan it to find that coupon it says get two dollars off so if you have this coupon go ahead and clip it you'll get two dollars off on this game detergent we finally have our last item and we're ready to checkout but there's something very important that I need to tell you first okay so this is the most important coupon that you wanna clip and I'm gonna go ahead and click it it says get five dollars off of your purchase of $25 or more this coupon is going to take an additional five dollars off of what you've already saved on today so we have all of this stuff in our cart and each of the things that we have in a car already has a really nice coupon for it but Family Dollar is so awesome that they're gonna take another five dollars off just because we're shopping and spending twenty five dollars so you'll save an additional five dollars on top of everything that you're already saving that is so cool so make sure you click this one because this is the most important one of all okay so if you're following along with me this is what you should have in your cart this is what your cart should look like ok so we have our two Kellogg's family size cereals and we're using our buy one get one free coupon we have our gained detergent and we're using our $2.00 off digital coupon on that we have our suave men's three and one it's priced at 315 and we'll be using $1 off coupon for that we have our suave men's body wash priced at $2 and we'll be using a $0.50 off smart coupon for that we have our suave men's deodorant and we'll be using to $0.50 off coupons one $0.50 off coupon as a store coupon and that other $0.50 off coupon is a manufacturer coupon and because one of them is a store coupon and the other is a manufacturer's coupon Family Dollar lets us know that we can use them together so make sure you have both of those clip because we'll be using both to save even more okay we have our Gillette razors priced at $5 and we've clipped our $3 off smart coupon last but not least we have our suave kids and we've clipped a $1 off coupon for that so if you have all of your coupons clip and you have all of these items in your cart you are ready to go to the register and check out let's go so I'm just scrolling through all of my smart coupons right now making sure I have the right ones clipped I have my buy one get one free Kellogg's I see my swab coupons they're two of the 50 cent coupon tests imagine let coupons lots of coupons there that I won't be using but just make sure that you have the right ones clip so this is what I like to do when I'm in line and you guys should probably do that too it lets you know if you're prepared or if you might have forgotten something what do you want to do when you come to shop is put your number right here in the pit pass and that's how you get your digital components I'll cut off just come right here to the pin pad and you type in your phone number it's that simple or you can even have them scan the barcode that's on your phone but I like to put my number in here so that's it guys I got all of this stuff and more that I've already put in my truck and my grand total was ten dollars and forty-five cents for all of this take a look at my receipt check this out my subtotal was only ten dollars and forty-five cents for all of that stuff and we got some pretty good stuff too so I'm pretty proud of it this is the entire receipt if you want to see everything and how much everything cost everything rang up exactly like it said it would on the show ten dollars and forty-five cents for all of it I think we did amazing anybody can do this all you have to do is go on your phone and press a couple of buttons and you can get stuff for cheap too it's really easy to do it anyone can do it alright guys that's it for this video OCC gang I'm out okay so I just got home and I opened my Finnish rewards app and I scan my receipt on fetch rewards and I really want to see if I can actually get any points back so I'm just gonna click Submit oh my gosh I got so many points back for scanning my receipt on fetch rewards and those points will earn me gift cards so if you're not signed up for fetch rewards go ahead and do that and this receipt is going to earn you so many points in fact if you're not signed up just by scanning your first receipt you'll get a three dollar gift card so guys if you do this deal whether you have fetch rewards or not skim your receipt they are giving back a lot of points on this receipt

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