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– Ariel was very independent. She just loved to bake and dance and draw and run. My four-year-old daughter was walking to school hand-in-hand with my mother June four, 2013 and there was a speeding driver who drive up onto the sidewalk and hit both of them. When I got into the emergency room, my husband was punching
all the hand sanitizers off the wall, and I knew what that meant. You know, they tried everything, and she just didn't make it. She was just too small. – The loss of a child is really just every parent's worst nightmare and it is worse than anyone can imagine. I lost my son four years ago from a reckless driver. He lived a few hours,
but they were not able to save him, so the last words he said to me were, "I love you, Mommy." I was just enraged, and I don't know where I got the idea, but
I borrowed a radar gun and I went outside and I clocked the speed of every car going by and in a two-hour period,
not a single one was obeying the speed limit. This is really outside of my comfort zone. I am not a comfortable public speaker. I am innately more of shy person, but, you know, another
mom in the group said to me, "The worst thing in your life "already happened. "What've you got to lose?" – When Amy Cohen reached out to me, she said, "I know your story, "I know about Ariel, and I was wondering "if you wanted to join us. "We're going to Albany
because we are demanding "that the speed limit in
New York City be decreased." Immediately I said yes. This is the right thing to do. When I speak to elected officials, I speak to them as a parent speaking to another parent. They all have pictures of their families in their office, and that's the bond that we have. And for the first time,
it's not just a number, just a statistic, but actually a mother with a picture of a child who was lost. – [Protestors] Our streets. Whose streets? Our streets. Whose streets? Our streets. Whose streets? Our streets. Whose streets? Our streets. – We're here tonight because
our hearts are broken. We are here tonight to demand action because these were preventable deaths and because these were not the
only children we have lost. – The rally in Park Slope, it was inspiring to see
so many children leading and it made me feel hopeful and it made me remember that the young people are our future. I will go out and I will advocate and educate and the drivers who I think
will really change are these kids right here. – [Protestors] Whose streets? Our streets. Whose streets? Our streets. Whose streets? Our streets. – Speeding, driving aggressively, people joke about it, but it is not funny. It is killing someone
here in New York City nearly every single day. – There's like a brand, there's like this cool image that goes with driving fast and driving violently. My husband, when he drives, he drives like his daughter died, right? Because she did. I don't wanna say drive
like your child died here, so drive like your child lives here. – [Protestors] Not one more! Not one more! Not one more! Not one more! – Here in New York, most bills take ten, 15 years before they pass. We went to Albany 20 times, busloads with children, with parents, and in
one legislative session, we passed a bill to lower the speed limit in New York City. People say it's unheard of. A year after my son died, we had lowered the speed limit, the signs were everywhere on my street to drive 25 miles per hour, and a five-year-old boy was struck in the exact same location as Sammy. That driver was going 25 and that boy lived. Five miles per hour is the difference between life and death. – Right now we are trying to get speed safety cameras in front of schools, because we got the speed lowered but now we need the
cameras to enforce that. Also prosecuting violent drivers and street redesign is a very
big initiative for us, changing the way the streets are to protect pedestrians. When everything first happened, I feel a little bit like I was the only person in the world who was feeling this huge gash in my heart. Meeting this other mothers, it really made me realize that there are other mothers who know this pain and who get up every day and put one foot in front of the other, not just to go on but to honor your child. – Mothers can make a difference. Mothers who are scary
and mad can come together and say, "Enough is enough." My name is Amy Cohen. – I am Sofia Russo. – And I am a scary mommy. – I am a scary mommy.

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