Families Can Be Together Forever

23 thoughts on “Families Can Be Together Forever

  1. I’m 17 and will be 18 soon and serve a mission as I become an adult I will miss my youth years and will never forget 1 moment of it😅😢

  2. I left the Mormon church I was raised in the lds ⛪ got married to a non Mormon man , but I really love this song.

  3. I love this song because it talk about people having good family but my family is hard but I'm happy that I have a family

  4. I get sad every time I listen to songs about family my family is broken and I am an investigator my parents hate me for it I dont want them with me which makes me sas

  5. I’m 15 and have never been to a mormon service or temple but this song makes me cry. Even though my actual family is terrible, I think of my friends and future family.

  6. It’s crazy. I absorbed everything I could find out about the Mormons with nothing but disbelief and a fair amount of prejudicial contempt. I still think their beliefs are ridiculous… but my sentiment about them has evolved to the highest level of respect. They are genuine and sincere.

  7. this song is very happy me because my families can be together forever very happy to me😍😘💓💕

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