This video went viral. A lot of people watched this entertaining video. But the reason for the virality is not because it is funny. Neither because Kangana’s claim of horse-riding and sword-fighting were busted It is possible that some scenes were genuine and the rest were shot with a mechanical horse. The video went viral because it made one thing quite clear. In the world of Bollywood, whatever you see may not be true The video came at a time when Kangana was being vociferous in labeling anti-nationals She criticised Shabana Azmi and asked her to cancel her invite to Pakistan She also said that whoever talks about peace should be slapped on the streets She said, ‘I will come and destroy Pakistan’ What she did not tell the nation was that while these statements were going on, her movie was raking in profits in Pakistan on the sidelines. We don’t know how well it is doing in India because according to trade-analysts it won’t be able to recover its’ production cost of 125 crores. So the producers and Kangana thought of earning money in Pakistan. It becomes quite clear when someone is riding on the horse of nationalism one should check if the horse has legs, in the first place. This video represents one basic fact- Don’t believe everything at face value You should be looking at the entire picture for a hidden agenda. When I revealed this on Twitter, Kangana’s sister and manager, Rangoli got mad at me. Rangoli, through a series of tweets, tried to convince me that I know nothing about the shooting process in Bollywood. Sister, I don’t care if Kangana knows horse-riding or not. What I do care about is people giving us certificate of nationalism shouldn’t be doing business with Pakistan. Even after a week, Manikarnika is still screening in Pakistan. It is screening in Hyderabad, Lahore and even in the terror capital of Pakistan, Rawalpindi. One could easily watch this movie in Jinnah Park there. Some Kangana fans even said that it doesn’t matter if the movie is screening in Pakistan. This is helping our economy. We call this ‘Blood Money’ in English. We are mourning our martyrs and they won’t drop a movie after a week. When Kangana went into silent mode, we asked Zee Studios If they have a plan to block the screening of the movie? They haven’t reverted yet. But this fake nationalism isn’t the sole prerogative of Kangana. Anupam Kher is a veteran player in this sport. Anupam Kher has a solid game-play. When the time comes, he will profoundly abuse the liberals on TV. But he also earns money from Pakistan. When Accidental Prime Minister was screening in Pakistan, Anupam Kher tweeted and invited Pakistanis to watch his movie. Jayantilal Gada thanked Pakistan establishment and Prime Minister Imran Khan for letting him release the movie in Pakistan. When it suits him, Anupam Kher turns pro-Pakistan and promotes his movie Today the same guy is aggressively tweeting about nationalism. What does this prove? A few things. One, please take these Bollywood artists with a pinch of salt. Everyone has an agenda. Secondly, if everyone has an agenda, then don’t believe anyone. Be it a celebrity, or a Deshbhakt Scrutinize what people are saying. If his/her line of thought has changed within a few days? Thirdly, its been a week since Pulwama attack People like Kangana should also prove their nationalism. She couldn’t write a tweet demanding withdrawal of Manikarnika from Pakistan. Neither Kangana said anything, nor Zee studios. These guys are teaching us nationalism. So in these moments of distress, do not listen to these stars and decide what is right or wrong with your own judgement. Thank you!

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  1. Ye jo deshbhakti pe comment marte hai na sirf comment me hi deshbhakt hai riyalitty me sirf paise ke bhakt hai

  2. ऐसा माहौल बना दिया है…इन फर्जी देसभक्तों ने के…इनदिनों कोई देशभक्त बोल दे तो गली जैसा लगता है।। देशभक्ति के मायने ही बदल दिया है …इन रेंगने वाले प्राणियों ने

  3. main apke videos sara dekhta hoon..aur sab videos main apko support karta hoon…..aap bahut acha youtuber ho…asa hi aap apna kaam kara….But is video main disagree karta honn..film se uska kya lena dena..pulwama attack se…koi movie chal rahi hai to sahi hai…sayad main galat bhi ho sakta hoon…

  4. Targeting the nationalist because you have no balls to Target the jihadi people Mahesh Bhatt, akhtar Zoya, all d company slaves PROVES you are among those cowards who disown their mother if they see a jihadi . Typical benga—-

  5. Kahsmiri Ladkiy ki baare mein indian politician commenting bad…
    make a video on that…
    Why most indians are searching in google about kashmiri girl???

  6. धन्यवाद भाई सही जानकारी देने के लिये।
    इन दोगलो का असली चेहरा सामने लाने के लिये।

  7. Amazing info Bhai, Really good, these actors try to misguide the public. Good Research, I really like wat ur doing, Thumbs Up.

  8. 100 किताबें पीछे रख लेने से कोई गधा विद्वान नहीं बन जाता

    यह जितने भी वामपंथी हैं एक नंबर के गधे हैं किताब तो एक नहीं पढ़ते और सौ सौ किताब अलमारी में सजाकर रखते हैं

  9. वामपंथियों की ना तो कोई धर्म होता है ना कोई संस्कृति होती है ना कोई राष्ट्र होता है इनको पिछवाड़े पर लात मारकर जितनी जल्दी हो देश से निकाल दो

  10. Akshay kumar ke bare me ek video chahiya.. Canadian citizenship leke.. Desh bhakti dkhiate hain.. R bolte hai Reteayer ke bad Canada me bas jayenge.. Unka first home hain Canada.. Me unka fan hun lekin jab se asob pata chala mujhe dukh hota hain.. Ek video to banta hain.. Sob ko pata chale asal bath kiya hain.. Jai hind..

  11. Fake nationalism is a phenomenon which is spreading like cancer around the world. Real love for the Country is proven through actions and not words.

  12. Bollywood people are the most tatti people you would ever see…… Paise k liye apni maa behan ko bech skte ye….. Sabse bade chutiye is list m he akshay kumar, anupam kher, kangana, ye madarchod desh bhakt hone ka dhong krte par saale yshi sab sirf desh k naam leke paisa kmaa eahe

  13. Both Kangana and Rangoli are suffering from psychiatrist problem. Don't take seriously on it. Otherwise how they can fight with everyone….

  14. Very important observations Akash. Kanga also triviliased the gang rape and killing of 9 year old Asifa in a show with Sadhguru. And she is a feminist.

  15. Is se sabit yeh hua k Kashmir samait sb territories me logon ki soch ko Azad rehne do ge Tau log apni Marzi Karen ge

  16. Before this video I thought you give as right opinion but you prove that you also have hidden target…..to prove modi wrong. this modi bhakt and anti modi just want to politicize everything they don't have any relation with the nation development.

  17. Agar yeh gerua org. certified nationalist log humhare sacred gita or Mahabharat or ramayan kabhi life mein padha hain(sirf suna nehi) toh jaan le ,
    ekdin Dharma phir se jitega ..

    "Dharmasangsthapanarthyay sambhabami yuge yuge "
    Jai sri krishna.

    *Khair choro , dharma matlab bhi yeh log dharm ya religion or hindu religion hi samjhenge.

  18. As a teenager you feel proud of deshbhakt actors like akshay kumar but when grow up and find that he is not even indian and starts understand he's love for money then that proud becomes anger

  19. I was a die hard fan of akshay Kumar since i was a kid but now after listening to his interviews after reading his n his wife's tweets after BJP came into power, I hate Akshay to the core of my heart. I hv stop watching his movies n even his commercials on tv. The moment I see him on tv I change the channel. I will not forgive him for dividing Bollywood into two parts.

  20. Previously national media used to set narrative.
    1) Terrorists have no religion. But the same group has coined the term , Hindu terrorists , Sikh Terrorists but for others terrorism has no religion.
    2) After every criminal activity , it is checked if the person is dalit or from minority , since it gives good TRP.
    3) Post Wani incident , valley was under Bandh for around 3 months , but now they are restless within 3 days .
    Nobody is perfect , atleast somebody is trying to resolve rather than maintaining the status quo to cater the vested interests.

  21. Kchh time bad ye log
    Chaddiya bhi desh bhkti ke nam pr bechege.
    .. Agr ap desh bhkt h to.. Phno ye chddi.. Nhi to Antinational to ho hi

  22. This channel is far better than any other news channel….atleast he shows reality!!!
    Great work man…keep going👏

  23. Politicians public ko bewaqoof banate or celebrities audience ko bewaqoof banate .matlab dono surto me public hi bewaqoof banti hindu , Muslim ke chakkar me . or aam khate ye janta ko bewaqoof banane wale .

  24. Make a video about sheila Rashid accusing indian army about violation human right in Kashmir.
    Interview her like you interview most of the political faces.

  25. आकाश भाई इन लोगो की वीडियो नही है क्या पैसे bjp से पैसे लेते हुए

  26. I must say kangana is inspiration but she is too much at sometime, she and her sister are thinking that they know everything and only nationalist recently she worn 600 rupees Saree with 1-2lakhs of hand bag and sandle and these women is encouraging people to encourage the national clothes or brand instead of international heights of hypocrisy

  27. Akash u have problem with Kangna riding horse ?
    What about arab who flew horse to moon !! give ur comment on that !
    That is if u have balls ?

  28. india aur pakistan mein dushmani hai ye baat tum jante ho lekin india aur pakistan mein bahut sara vyapaar bhi kiya jata hai ye baat tumko nahi pata hai.thik isse tarah se bollywood bhi sirf vyapaar he karta hai.samjhe samjhdaar aadmi.sasta nasha karke video mat banao acchi brand ka maal piya karo aur bharat ke logo ko galat baat mat sikhaya karo.

  29. Well said bro, unfortunately media was bought by crown , when I heard about operation 136 , I was stunned, but when I looked deeper , I understood how media is influencing rural people of India , to manipulate the opinion according to the will of government . May be this country might last as a democratic country for long , as we were always been slaves , guess it won't go away from our jeans I guess.

  30. tu bhi toh cngress k haath bika hua…tbhi unke baare mai kuch ni bolta…agar bjp desh kaa kuch acha nahi kr ski..aur naa hi kregi..toh cngress kya kia hai peechle itne saalo se..vo vhi btya kr naa apne channel pr…

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