Fair World Making Of – parte 4 (Fabio)

Here at Audiobox to record.. Amp is all hooked up ready to go just gonna fire it up some shredding heheh some tech problems Guitar is not working Fuuuuuck it, I have another one yaay…. He’s our built surfer boy… I haven’t known him for a long time but… as soon as he got back in the band I noticed that things really had changed just by the way he plays took us to a whole new level.. like, the dynamics of the band during gigs, or even during rehearsal and with the new songs as soon as he got back we wrote a bunch of new songs Even though we haven’t put them out yet We always play them live and that’s it I guess.. He’s a funny guy I like him a lot What? crybaby? (wah pedal) yeah, crybaby.. I think we got it now Stay tuned Subscribe!

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