Fair World Making Of – parte 3 (Hiroshi)

YEAH weird noise.. hey, we’re here with Hiroshi today oooooooooooohhh (laughs) Hiroshi is a really cool dude he does some sick bass lines and the way he plays, he has a huge presence on stage and his chicken empanadas are the best…. JK He’s the quiet type of guy but he’ll always say something funny and make everyone laugh and that’s it. (weird Harry noise) Gonna track Crying in the Rain tities!! Fabio’s just eating as usual.. Ugh… He can’t even handle that shit What are you thinking about the songs so far?? are they good? It’s gonna be nice to put these new songs out since we’ve been playing them for a while and no one has listened to them yet that’s it man new songs that aren’t really new.. yeah, exactly! the song’s are new to people but we’ve been playing them for a while already Yeah HA

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