FACT CHECK: False claims about ‘secret’ Liberal housing tax

Couples who have had to switch jobs or move due to factors that mean they’ve only been in their home for a short period time know that under the Liberals They will have to pay to higher taxes It wasn’t said on stage but pushed on the sidelines the Tory war room set up this website Doubling down on a claim they’ve been making since the first week of the campaign that the Liberals plan to collect a tax on up To 50% of the profits on the sale of your home a claim pulled from a year old policy proposal document Drafted by the federal Liberal Ontario MPs There, it’s listed as another idea that has emerged from housing Town Halls an idea to target speculators who flip homes using a sliding tax scale Depending on how long the home has been occupied The Liberals have flatly denied it “it’s not something the Liberal Party has endorsed it’s not something the liberal party will endorse It is a bad idea and it is a lie” And it’s nowhere in their platform. Still that answer doesn’t satisfy Andrew Scheer. “Justin Trudeau says things aren’t true He has a track record of lying He has a track record of saying things that he knows to be false and he has a track record of breaking promises. That’s why. So I believe that Canadians are right to be concerned That this is something that the Trudeau Liberals will pursue if they are reelected” And his party is handing out flyers to voters based on a claim that has no evidence to support it Salima Shivji, CBC News, Ottawa.

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