Facial Messages

sometimes your face says things that you don't have you ever looked at somebody and were able to tell how or what they were thinking or feeling without them actually telling you many people are able to do this and this is because of the facial messages that they give off in this presentation I'm gonna tell you about what facial messages are why they're so important the different facial messages and how to pay attention and read them firstly I will let you know what facial messages are facial messages are a nonverbal communication in which we see subtle signals on other spaces their emotions or positions of the muscles beneath the face that show an emotional state the signals can be either in involuntary or voluntary you have the typical facial expressions such as shaking your head smiling or scrunching your nose however there are also micro expressions which are the involuntary ones these are pretty much impossible to hide so they happen in the moment some examples of micro expressions would be surprised or disgusted interestingly an article on help guide org from 2019 says that facial expressions are actually universal this is unlike many other forms of nonverbal communication such as gestures eye contact or space they're different wherever you go now I will talk about why facial messages are so important it all starts with impressions and we get our oppressions from facial messages this is important because it helps us to see what their personality is like and if you'll click with them we can typically tell if they are friendly or unfriendly based on if they're smiling or not or if they just seem uninterested facial expressions are huge in us and for any others emotions it is important to note however that some people do have facial paralysis where they can't express emotions with their face and this can occur from injury or illness when people get this their face is no longer the primary way of showing emotion and they usually use other ways such as their bodies for nonverbal communication or they depend on their voices more facial expressions are also very important for actors when we are watching a movie and trying to figure out what's going on we typically watch the facial expressions of the actor pretty heavily if the actor is scared in the movie they need to show us that in their face usually by widening their eyes they do this in order for us to know that they are scared so that they can set the mood and we can be scared for them and enjoy the movie more facial expressions help us to show others that we are following and understand a big example of this is when we show empathy for others they can see this in our face that we are understanding and listening to them and this helps them to feel heard next I'm gonna discuss the different facial messages that people express there are seven main emotions that you communicate through facial expressions this would include joy anger content contempt surprise fear and disgust joy is the facial expression we give off when you're in a good mood or we're happy with life this would be like when somebody tells you you win a prize or something anger is what you use when you feel extremely annoyed or hostile like when a sibling won't leave you alone sadness is the expression we use when you're unhappy or sorrowful this is when somebody tells you bad news contempt is one people use when they disapprove of people's actions or behavior and sometimes you like they're superior to others surprise is what we show when we are caught off guard or when expecting something like when somebody throws you a surprise party here's here is the expression we show when we think that we may be in a threatening situation like if you hear a weird sound in the Attic and finally discuss is what we show when we disapprove of something or find it unpleasant or repulsive like a nasty smell lastly I will explain how to read different facial messages reading faces can be difficult but you get better after learning and practicing I'll explain how to read the seven main facial expressions when reading joy or happiness you will notice that the person will start to smile this can be with or without teeth they will have wrinkles up here from their nose to the lip their cheeks will be raised in their eyes will form wrinkles around them as well while reading an angry person you will notice that their eyebrows drop down and maybe come closer together they also may have wrinkles between their eyebrows as well as a card or cold stare and their nostrils may flare and the lips will press together firmly with the corners down with the expression of sadness the eyebrows are closer together and drawn up the skin below the eyebrow may become furrowed as well the corners of the lips go out as well as the lip pouting out contempt is pretty straightforward really the only thing to look for in this one is the side of the mouth being raised up as if they're smirking you can tell someone a surprise when they have their eyebrows raised they have wrinkles on their forehead eyelids are wide open and their jaw drops open when reading fear you can look out for their eyebrows being raised and brought together and then wrinkles may appear in the center of the forehead as well the upper eyelid will be raised but not the lower one and the mouth may be open slightly intense when someone is disgusted they tend to raise their upper eyelid and raise their lip they are bring clothes on their nose and their cheeks may also be raised in conclusion you can say many things about saying word you now know from this presentation of what facial messages are as well as why they are so important you also know that there are different facial messages and that they mean different things and how to look for and read them

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